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  • Sri Lanka: Escalating war fuels rising prices
  •    [ Feb 29, 2008 13:19:20 GMT ] [ WSWS ]

        Since December, the Sri Lankan population has faced another sharp jump in the price of daily essentials, including rice, wheat flour, bread, milk powder and fuel. Many working families are now struggling to have three meals a day. According to the Sri Lankan Central Bank, the annualised inflation rate for last year was 21.6 percent—the highest in South and Southeast Asia. Last month, Colombo’s Consumer Price Index (CCPI) jumped from 5,955 to 6,302— an increase of 347 points, the highest ever monthly rise. [ Full Report ]

  • Apollo Hospitals exits Lanka after hostile bid
  •    [ Sep 15, 2006 0:53:55 GMT ] [ Times of India ]

        Healthcare-major, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd (AHEL) on Thursday decided to exit from its Sri Lankanoperations after failing to stave-off a hostile bid from a local businessman.In a BSE filing, Apollo said that it would tender its entire holding of 52 million shares or 33.22% stake in favour of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd (SLIC) at Sri Lankan Rs (SLR) 28 a share. [ Full Report ]

  • Unable to achieve peace, Sri Lanka returns to war
  •    [ Aug 20, 2006 12:25:23 GMT ] [ Reuters ]

        Both Sri Lanka's government and Tamil Tiger rebels might still say they want peace despite a return to large-scale fighting, but in reality they may have got the war that they wanted after four years of ceasefire. Hopes had been high after the Norwegian brokered truce was signed in 2002 -- aid flowed in and most diplomats and analysts judged a two decade war that had killed more than 64,000 people to be over for good, with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) running a de facto state across a seventh of the island. [ Full Report ]

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