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  •    [ Apr 02, 2019 14:33:09 GMT ] [ Surfer ]

        In late 2018, the Aragum Bay Surf Club became the first officially-registered female surf club through the Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka, and there's a chance that, in the future, its members might actually be able to create job opportunities for themselves teaching tourists how to surf. "The guy who had basically told me to buy the girls sewing machines instead of teaching them how to surf has seen that this has been a beneficial thing teaching the girls to surf,” says Carothers. [ Full Report ]

  • President refers to Ampara incident:‘Reconciliation need of the hour’
  •    [ Feb 28, 2018 15:23:07 GMT ] [ CDN ]

        President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday stated that incidents such as the one in Ampara on Monday were detrimental to the reconciliation process of the country. The President said that such incidents stand as challenges to the government’s reconcilliation programme. “While we launch the Sri Lanka National Policy on Reconciliation and Co-existance, we have to overcome these kinds of challenges in the process of reconciliation,” President Sirisena said. President Sirisena was speaking at the launch of the National Policy on Reconciliation and Co-Existence Sri Lanka and the premiere of the film “Thundenek” at the Regal Cinema yesterday. [ Full Report ]

  • Buddhists, Muslims clash in Sri Lanka
  •    [ Feb 28, 2018 14:00:30 GMT ] [ Reuters ]

        At least five people were wounded and several shops and a mosque damaged in a clash between majority Sinhalese Buddhists and minority Muslims in eastern Sri Lanka, police said yesterday. Renewed tension has been growing between the two communities since last year, with some hardline Buddhist groups accusing Muslims of forcing people to convert to Islam and vandalising Buddhist archaeological sites. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka's first Special Agricultural Zone to attract foreign capital
  •    [ Oct 07, 2014 13:39:21 GMT ] [ Asia News ]

        The project should be up and running within a year. The area, which covers 3,000 acres, is located in the eastern part of the country where 80 per cent of the population works in agriculture. The project will also provide an opportunity to upgrade the local infrastructure.The government also plans to invest in new technologies, build new infrastructure like roads and irrigation schemes, improve farming equipment, and open new food processing facilities. To do so, the authorities plan to attract foreign capital. [ Full Report ]

  • Eastern Provincial Council in crisis: Members boycott sessions
  •    [ Jun 02, 2013 12:17:51 GMT ] [ Island ]

        The Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) has run into a crisis with 20 members of the ruling party (UPFA), including the four Ministers, boycotting sessions demanding the postponement of the Northern PC polls until the Governor and the Chief Minister are replaced and the administrative infrastructure restored. "We are talking of inefficiency and indifference which are an impediment to the working of the Eastern PC", Deputy Chairman of the Council, M. S. Subair said yesterday. [ Full Report ]

  • Muslims in Sri Lanka protest arrest of politician
  •    [ May 09, 2013 10:09:50 GMT ] [ Xinhua ]

        Muslims in eastern Sri Lanka staged a protest on Thursday against the recent arrest of an outspoken Muslim politician. Shops in the eastern town of Ampara were shut and public transport came to a standstill in support of Muslim politician Azath Salley. Salley was arrested recently over allegations that he had made statements which could create communal disharmony. State media later reported that there were reports he had links with terrorist groups. [ Full Report ]

  • More room should be given in the Eastern Province to the TNA - Says NFF; TNA embarks on an official tour of India
  •    [ Sep 26, 2012 13:55:41 GMT ] [ Hiru News ]

        National Freedom Front member Jayantha Wijesekara, who was elected to the Eastern Provincial council states that more chances need to be given to Tamil public representation in the Eastern provincial council. He further stated that at least the post of deputy chairman of the Eastern Provincial Council should be given to a member of the TNA and he also requested from the government to give more such opportunities in the future. [ Full Report ]

  • Tamils need not worry - Pillayan
  •    [ Sep 25, 2012 13:40:38 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        Former Chief Minister of the Eastern Province Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan said the Tamils in the East should not be worried about their future as he would be playing a leading role in the development of that area since he had been appointed as the Presidential Advisor on Eastern development.Addressing a press conference in Colombo, he said there wouldn’t be any issue with the Muslim Chief Minister or with the SLMC as all three communities could work together in the East under present circumstances. He said this was practical as there were members representing all three communities in the provincial council. [ Full Report ]

  • Eastern Awakening For The Opposition
  •    [ Sep 20, 2012 12:44:16 GMT ] [ Sunday Leader ]

        The formidable rise of ethnic parties in the East is a backlash against the rise of Sinhala Buddhist nationalism in the post-war period. Once again the people of Eastern Province have rejected the government’s policy of development as THE PATHWAY to reconciliation and lasting peace in the country. The eastern awakening of the opposition parties is a consolation amidst the resounding wins of the ruling coalition in the other two provinces. [ Full Report ]

  • Majeed sworn in as Eastern CM
  •    [ Sep 18, 2012 10:28:55 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        UPFA Provincial Council member Najeeb A. Majeed was sworn in as the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province, before President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the temple Trees a short while ago, sources said. They said, following the SLMC's decision to support the government in the Eastern Provincial Council, the government had named Majeed for the post with the approval from all the stakeholders. It was also decided to offer two Ministerial Portfolios to the SLMC. [ Full Report ]

  • More contenders seeking CM’s post in East
  •    [ Sep 17, 2012 13:50:42 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        The battle for the chief ministerial post of the Eastern Provincial Council has become intense with two Muslim parties, The All Ceylon People’s Congress (ACPC) and National Congress aligned with the ruling coalition at the last election and the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) which contested alone, asking for the post, party officials said.The Governor shall appoint as Chief Minister the member of the Provincial Council who in the Governor's opinion commands a support of a majority in the Provincial Council. [ Full Report ]

  • The landscape after the PC elections
  •    [ Sep 16, 2012 11:09:57 GMT ] [ Lakbima ]

        It is the 51% that it secured in the Batticaloa District to the UPFA-Pilleyan 31% that settles the matter of Tamil allegiance and is harbinger of what to expect in the Northern PC elections, if ever the international community can get Rajapaksa to cease his shameless breach of the Constitution. He dare not allow NP-PC elections because an autocrat knows not how to deal with even one PC that is prepared to defy him. Hence the last broad conclusion that I draw is that very likely Rajapaksa will use every subterfuge to thwart NP-PC elections because Batticaloa District voting (in Padiruppu poling division the ITAK took 77% of the vote) has shown that the TNA will score a substantial victory in the Tamil majority North. [ Full Report ]

  • Threats and intimidation have already started: Sumanthiran
  •    [ Jul 20, 2012 10:27:00 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        Last time we did not contest. We went to the Supreme Court and filed a case and said that the Former Chief Minister belonged to a party that was still carrying arms and in such a situation we cannot contest. This time round we are contesting, I would not say that the situation is conducive for a free and fair election, but it is better than the last time. Last time we would not have been able to even get candidates to contest because the level of intimidation and threat was that great. However this time it is better, but it does not mean when I say better, that it is easy for the TNA to contest. [ Full Report ]

  • Eastern Sri Lanka reeling from weather extremes
  •    [ Sep 28, 2011 18:05:43 GMT ] [ AlertNet ]

        Eastern Sri Lanka is experiencing wild swings in rain patterns, a change experts link to climate change. Because the eastern and central regions of Sri Lanka are considered the island’s granary, the changes could have a huge impact on rice production. Government authorities and specialists have discussed the possible impact of climate change on national agriculture, Centre For Poverty Alternatives (CEPA), an independent Sri Lankan research organistion's Balasuriya said. However, the lack of an implementing agency to coordinate activities among different ministries is hampering quick action, he said. [ Full Report ]

  • Navy accused of land grab in Ampara
  •    [ Jul 04, 2011 16:33:25 GMT ] [ BBC Sinhala ]

        Villagers in the eastern Sri Lankan district of Amapara have been protesting against the moves by Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) to acquire their ancestral land in order to establish a new camp. Panama, Kumana, Helawa and Ragamwela residents who have tried to resettle after the war say they were prohibited by the SLN, which the villagers charge of land grabbing. Residents of Ragamwela who were chased away by an armed group almost a year ago say they are now helpless and no progress has been made in investigations over the attack. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka falls behind in Mothers' ranking
  •    [ May 09, 2011 17:06:58 GMT ] [ BBC Sinhala ]

        Sri Lanka has fallen three ranks below in the 2011 Mother’s index compiled by Save the Children (STC). However, Sri Lanka which ranks 43rd among the less developed countries in 'the world to be a mother', is ahead of India and Pakistan in the region. Cuba remained at the top of the eighty less developed countries. European countries along with Australia and New Zealand dominate the top positions in the twelfth annual Mother’s Index of STC whist countries in sub-Saharan Africa dominate the lowest tier. [ Full Report ]

  • Appeal for help the Flood victims in Eastern Sri Lanka - Medical Institute for Tamils
  •    [ Jan 17, 2011 23:13:09 GMT ] [ Monsoon Journal ]

        Floods in Eastern Sri Lanka has affected over a million people. Over 300,000 have been displaced and the United Nations has called upon the international community to help the victims of the flood recover from this devastation. Eastern Sri Lanka has been victimized by the brutality of war since 1983, and was severely affected by the tsunami of 2004. The needs of the victims are immense and evolving daily. The Medical Institute for Tamils was registered in 1998 and has undertaken many projects in Eastern Sri Lanka. The organization is well equipped to assess and distribute funds as required to local NGO’s working in the area. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka floods toll hits 18
  •    [ Jan 12, 2011 12:03:43 GMT ] [ AFP ]

        At least 18 people have died and nearly one million have been made homeless by flooding in Sri Lanka after days of heavy rains, officials said Wednesday. Central and eastern regions of the island have been worst hit by the monsoon rains, with frequent mudslides and rising water levels. Continuing bad weather forced President Mahinda Rajapakse to abandon a tour of flood-affected areas. [ Full Report ]

  • TNA removes its only Sinhala MP from party
  •    [ Nov 22, 2010 10:59:26 GMT ] [ PTI ]

        Sri Lanka's pro-LTTE Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has removed its only MP from the Sinahala majority community, Podi Appuhami Piaysena, after he supported the government on a key bill in Parliament. TNA political bureau decided to remove Piaysena as he backed the government of President Mahinda Rajapakse at the parliamentary vote on the 18th amendment to the Constitution, party sources said. Piaysena was the only Sinhala national who won on a TNA ticket for Digamadulla district in the East in the general election held in April. [ Full Report ]

  • Uprooted Tamils trying to resettle driven out by Sinhala men in Ampaa’rai
  •    [ Sep 29, 2010 10:23:09 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        With the withdrawal of the Special Task Force (STF) camp in Oo’ra’ni in Ampaa’rai district 30 August, the Tamil families uprooted in 1990 by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) which had begun to resettle in their own places have been driven away by Sinhala men, sources in Ampaa’rai said. The affected families blame the Chief Minister of Eastern Province, Sivanesathurai Chanthirakanthan alias Pillayan for allowing lands of Tamils being appropriated for Muslim and Sinhala families in the name of creating amity between ethnic communities in Eastern Province and ask as how he is going to stop the Sinhala men chasing them from their own places. [ Full Report ]

  • Lankan government acquiring lands in Tamil areas
  •    [ Dec 01, 2009 3:34:43 GMT ] [ Express News Service ]

        Even before resettling the Tamils in their traditional areas, the Sri Lankan government is in the process of acquiring lands in the northern and eastern regions of the country to attract foreign investors. Sri Lankan Deputy High Commissioner Vadivelu Krishnamoorthy said that with the eradication of terrorism most areas in the north and east of the country have been opened for tourists and invited Indian investors to build tourism-related infrastructure such as theme parks. Nilaveli in Trincomalle district and Pasikudah, Vakarai and Arugambay in Batticaloa district had been identified as potential areas for investment in tourism. [ Full Report ]

  • When life’s a minefield
  •    [ Nov 18, 2009 21:33:59 GMT ] [ Developments ]

        There are millions of mines and munitions buried worldwide – a lethal risk to people’s health and livelihoods. In the wake of the Sri Lanka conflict, Kate Wiggans reports on the work of the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Landmines and explosives remain hidden long after the conflicts have ended. It is believed that at least one million landmines have been laid in Sri Lanka alone during the 27-year-long civil war. [ Full Report ]

  • Tamils return home blocked by encroachers
  •    [ Nov 01, 2009 21:52:36 GMT ] [ Nation ]

        More than 1,486 Tamil families are unable to peacefully resettle in their homes in Trincomalee, Vavuniya and Batticaloa due to unlawful and widespread occupation of state land by members of the majority community, according to Tamil politicians. “There are more than 500 families of the majority community who have set up houses and are cultivating paddy in areas that were previously occupied by Tamils before the war intensified,” said Packiyaselvam Ariyanethiran, a member of Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK). [ Full Report ]

  • CIDA, P.E.I. company in legal fight over tsunami aid
  •    [ Oct 28, 2009 20:01:38 GMT ] [ CBC ]

        A P.E.I. company working to rebuild part of Sri Lanka following the 2004 tsunami is involved in a legal battle with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) over hundreds of thousands of dollars. Canadian Agro Sustainability Partnership (CASP) secured a contract to plan out the reconstruction of the Ampara district of Sri Lanka, one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunami on Dec. 26, 2004. It's a contract that was worth millions of dollars. Court documents show that the relationship between CIDA and CASP broke down after the agency conducted an audit of the project. CIDA stopped issuing payments, and CASP filed a lawsuit for $462,032.29, plus further unspecified damages. [ Full Report ]

  • 17 Tamil youths abducted, gone missing in Trincomalee, Ampaa’rai
  •    [ Apr 06, 2009 14:51:43 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        Seventeen Tamil youths have been either abducted or gone missing in the past two weeks in Moothoor East in Trincomalee district and Thirikkoayil in Batticaloa district, according to complaints made by the youths’ relatives to Trincomalee district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian K. Thurairatnasingam. Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers and paramilitary military men who operate with them come to the houses of the youths in white vans and forcibly take the youths away, the relatives said in the complaint. [ Full Report ]

  • The Department of State warns American citizens traveling to Sri Lanka
  •    [ Dec 25, 2008 12:46:42 GMT ] [ United States Department of State ]

        The Department of State warns American citizens traveling to or living in Sri Lanka about the continuing danger of terrorist attacks throughout the country. The Department of State urges American citizens to evaluate carefully the risks of travel to Sri Lanka and specifically warns Americans against travel to the Northern Province and most of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Non-official travel by U.S. Government personnel to the Eastern Province, other than the A6 road corridor and Trincomalee Town in Trincomalee District, and areas in Ampara District south of the A4 road and west of Maha Oya, is prohibited. Americans are also advised to avoid government buildings, military installations, and government vehicle convoys. [ Full Report ]

  • 4 STF killed in Ampaa'rai - LTTE
  •    [ Nov 28, 2008 12:08:41 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        Four commandos of a Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) unit that launched a search operation into a jungle area in Poththuvil in Ampaa'rai district were killed and one wounded in a counter-attack carried out by the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Friday around 11:50 a.m., according to LTTE official Nilavan in Ampaa'rai. The Sri Lankan Police has not released any details of the said clash. [ Full Report ]

  • SLA soldier killed, 4 injured in mortar attack in Akkaraipattu
  •    [ Aug 18, 2008 10:45:44 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier was killed and four wounded Saturday night when the SLA camp at Ka'n'nakipuram in Akkaraippattu of Ampaa'rai district came under mortar fire, according to Sri Lankan police sources. Meanwhile, residents in the area said that the SLA and police launched a cordon and search operation Sunday morning around 8:00 during which men and women, regardless of age or gender were assaulted indiscriminately. [ Full Report ]

  • Government Forces Attack Pastor In Sri Lanka, Christians Say
  •    [ Jun 24, 2008 20:35:52 GMT ] [ BosNewsLife ]

        An evangelical pastor in eastern Sri Lankia was receiving treatment in hospital Tuesday, June 24, a day after he was attacked by militant government forces because of his Christian activities, local believers and investigators said. Reverend Fernando from the Methodist Church in Ampara, a remote city 200 kilometers east of the capital Colombo, was apparently attacked in the area while returning home from a church group meeting in the suburb of Uhana. "He is currently receiving treatment for his injuries in hospital," said Britain based rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW). The attackers are believed to be members of the Gramarakshaka Niladhari, or 'Home Guards', an auxiliary force established by the government to assist the police and military in security duties. [ Full Report ]

  • SLA appropriating Tamil IDPs' properties in Ampaa’rai district
  •    [ Jun 02, 2008 2:42:03 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        The appropriation of the properties of the Internally Displaced People (IDP) and a Non-government organization in the Tamil areas in Ampaa’rai district by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Special Task Force (STF) Friday is a premeditated government plan to prevent the displaced from resettling in their traditional villages, K. Pathmananthan, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian for Thikaamaduva in Ampaa’rai district, said. SLA troops and STF commandos breaking into the houses of the IDPs have taken away valuable properties from the houses and the telecommunication apparatus from the NGO's office, in 20 tractor trailers to their camps in Kaanchirangkudaa and Changkamaankandi, the MP said. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lankan Elections Tainted?
  •    [ May 13, 2008 10:10:02 GMT ] [ Vatican Radio ]

        Sri Lanka's opposition said today it would launch a mass campaign calling on the government to restore democracy in the island nation after tense Eastern Province elections that it says were tainted by vote tampering and intimidation. Sri Lanka's president yesterday hailed his party's election win as a mandate to push ahead with the war against Tamil Tiger rebels in the north. Archbishop Oswald Gomez from the Archdiocese of Colombo says that while the Government is claiming victory, it remains for the courts to decide whether the election was valid… [ Full Report ]

  • Govt. confident of safety of Ampara, STF sent to North
  •    [ Mar 21, 2008 5:51:25 GMT ] [ Island ]

        The Government has decided to replace the Special Task Force in Ampara with the Army with immediate effect. The shifting of 40 STF camps in Ampara will commence today (21).The STF has been providing security to the district for the past 22 years and has over 2,000 men posted there. They would be shifted to the Vavuniya and Kebitigollewa areas in three groups, sources said.After the shifting of the STF the army will occupy their camps. Director General of the Media Centre for National Security, Lakshman Hulugalle said civil administration in the district had been restored and the police could take over from the STF. [ Full Report ]

  • 3 arrested in Ampaa'rai priest murder
  •    [ Feb 19, 2008 9:29:55 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        Two members of the civil protection committee established by the Sri Lanka government and a trader were taken into custody by the Ampaarai Police in connection with the killing of a Christian clergy Rev Neil Samson at Ampaarai town on Sunday night, media sources reported. Two members of the civil protection committee are alleged have committed the crime at the instigation of the third who is a trader, according to media sources quoting Ampaarai police. [ Full Report ]

  • SLMC Leader asks govt. to control paramilitaries
  •    [ Feb 06, 2008 20:52:24 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        SLMC Leader Rauff Hakeem yesterday charged that the government is trying to hand over the Eastern province to paramilitary forces in the area. Speaking at the emergency debate in the House yesterday, Mr. Hakeem said this is a part of state terrorism. He warned that there could be a question mark on the future of the government if it does not ensure a free and fair election in the East. Rights of the Muslims cannot be thrown away, he said. Mr. Hakeem also warned that the actions of these paramilitary forces will disturb the relationship between Tamils and Muslims in the East [ Full Report ]

  • Bakmityawa STF camp attacked
  •    [ Feb 04, 2008 9:42:26 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        The Liberation Tigers have attacked and destroyed a Special Task Force (STC) camp in Bakmityawa in the Ampara District in the early hours of Monday, according to initial reports from the south eastern town. The Tigers launched the attack on the STF camp around 4.30 a.m and took control of the camp within an hour, the sources said. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka fixes dates for elections in war-torn east
  •    [ Jan 25, 2008 15:41:19 GMT ] [ Reuters ]

        Sri Lanka has fixed dates to hold local elections in the recently recaptured east for the first time in 14 years, a day after the government unveiled a home grown peace plan aimed at giving more autonomy to war-torn areas. "The elections will be held on 10th of March," said an official at the Department of the Elections Commissioner, asking not to be named in line with policy. [ Full Report ]

  • Floods displace more than 30,000 in Sri Lanka
  •    [ Jan 10, 2008 11:31:41 GMT ] [ ABC News ]

        Monsoon flooding has forced more than 30,000 people in east Sri Lanka from their homes, with many taking refuge in temporary shelters like huts, schools and mosques. Flooding and ensuing mass displacement are common in Sri Lanka, fuelled by monsoon rains. In December, 175,000 people took refuge in welfare centres and temples in the eastern and central parts of the country following flash floods. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka goes for local polls in troubled east
  •    [ Dec 24, 2007 15:31:46 GMT ] [ Xinhua ]

        The Sri Lankan government on Monday announced its plans to hold local council elections in the island's troubled Eastern Province. "Today I have issued the gazette notification which will allow the Commissioner of Elections to hold elections for nine local councils in the Eastern Province," Janaka Bandara Tennakoon, the minister of Local Government told Xinhua. He said nominations for the local administrative units will be accepted between Jan. 14 and Jan. 21, 2008 while Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake would decide on the elections date later. [ Full Report ]

  • Is the Eastern Province under military rule?
  •    [ Dec 20, 2007 16:30:02 GMT ] [ LeN ]

        250,000 civil defense personnel have been recruited for the security of the Eastern Province in addition to the three armed forces, police and home guards, said Media Minister Lakshman Yapa at the cabinet press briefing today (20). The Government provides salaries, firearms and ammunition to these personnel who work attached to temples and village offices etc. As Lanka-e-News learns, almost all the Buddhist temples of the Eastern Province have been used for military purposes. Such temples have been provided a pick up vehicle and a walkie-talkie and 40 armed personnel of Civil Defense Force are attached to the temple. [ Full Report ]

  • War More Traumatic Than Tsunami
  •    [ Oct 04, 2007 10:35:08 GMT ] [ Science Daily ]

        The long-running civil war in Sri Lanka is causing more mental health problems and social breakdown than the catastrophic 2004 tsunami, according to research published in the International Journal of Mental Health Systems. The study, conducted by Professor Daya Somasundaram, currently at the University of Adelaide, is based on published data and qualitative research methods including participatory observation, key informant and focus group interviews, highlights the importance of the family and community in maintaining good mental health. "In fact, having lived through a prolonged war situation has meant that Tamil communities have learned skills and strategies that make them better able to cope with disasters." [ Full Report ]

  • Cultural Triangle project to restore Buddhist shrines in east
  •    [ Aug 28, 2007 12:01:44 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        A cultural triangle project is to be launched to restore all Buddhist shrines in the districts of Ampaa'rai and Trincomalee by the Sri Lanka's Cultural Ministry. According to the proposed project Digavapi in Amparai district, and Thiriyaai Girihandu Seya Vihare in Trincomalee district are to be restored under the first phase, ministry sources said. Several Buddhist shrines identified by the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), a political ally of the government led by President Mahinda Rajapakse, would be later restored, media reports said quoting ministry sources. The project has been formulated as a part of the Rise of East development programme launched by the Sri Lanka government, sources said. [ Full Report ]

  • STF ambushes released underage youth en route to parents - LTTE
  •    [ Aug 28, 2007 10:43:28 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        Fourteen underage youths, 9 boys and 5 girls, who were being taken to be handed over to their parents in Amparai district by the political division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) and the members of the Child Protection Authority (CPA), dispatched from Vanni to ensure the release, were ambushed by the Special Task Force (STF) commandos at Thaa'ndiyadi in Amparai district Monday around 6:00 p.m. The underage youths were being taken to a civilian populated area in accordance with an arrangement for handover reached between the LTTE and the UN children’s agency, UNICEF, LTTE District Political Head of Ampaa'rai, P. Kavaiyarasan told TamilNet. [ Full Report ]

  • East-the lost battle for survival
  •    [ Aug 09, 2007 20:24:48 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        The people feel angered by the recent celebrations of the capture and liberation of the East. The freedoms so obtained escape them. They charge that the benefits of such liberation have not come to them. They question the validity of the celebrations when they have long lost the battle for survival. There is nothing on ground to even suggest that the government has even begun a proper re-settlement programme. Aside from merely dumping the people whereever it suits them politically, there is little to prove the government’s ambitious programme on paper. [ Full Report ]

  • Four Sri Lankan commandos shot dead: rebels
  •    [ Aug 09, 2007 14:37:20 GMT ] [ AFP ]

        Tamil Tiger rebels killed at least four police commandos and wounded several others in a confrontation in eastern Sri Lanka, the guerrillas said Thursday. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) said they launched counter attacks Wednesday against the police Special Task Force units in a jungle area known as Westminster Abbey. "More than four STF personnel were killed and several others were injured in the one-hour confrontation," a statement said. There was no immediate word from government forces.However, the defence ministry said a soldier and a paramilitary trooper were killed by the Tigers in the northern district of Vavuniya on Wednesday. Five security personnel were also wounded in the same incident. [ Full Report ]

  • Pre-Condition for taking war from east to north
  •    [ Aug 07, 2007 14:37:15 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        It is still early after the liberation of the totality of the east, so the best may be still to come in the form of the government's eastern rising program. But on the ground, the reality is different. Instead of security and democracy ther is a continuing high level of insecurity, little democracy and no evidence at all of economic development. Belying the government claims on political platforms and in the government controlled media that normalcy and reconstruction are, and will soon be, the features of the liberated east... [ Full Report ]

  • 'Karuna group' threatens TNA MP
  •    [ Jun 11, 2007 20:28:09 GMT ] [ BBC Sinhala ]

        A Tamil parliamentarian complaints that he received death threats whilst police looked on. The incident happened in Thirukkovil when Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian Chandranehru Chandrakanth visited the area with Urban Development Board officers. Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya Chandranehru Chandrakanth, MP, criticised the way police handled the incident when members of Karuna faction threatened him. [ Full Report ]

  • SriLankan Airlines to suspend domestic air service
  •    [ Jun 01, 2007 13:49:49 GMT ] [ Radio Australia ]

        Sri Lanka's national carrier is suspending its domestic air service due to deteriorating security and a drop in foreign visitors. SriLankan Airlines will operate the final domestic flight on Tuesday to the eastern town of Ampara, leaving the island with no regular internal service. Last month, Sri Lanka announced the closure of its only international airport where the check-in counters and the runway now shut for six hours from 10:00 pm local time. More than 5,000 people have been killed in the past 18 months in escalating violence between government troops and Tamil Tiger rebels. The Tigers have been fighting for more than 30 years for a separate state for minority Tamils. [ Full Report ]

  • Armed Karuna faction running its writ in Pottuvil
  •    [ Apr 16, 2007 10:08:14 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        The Karuna faction is said to be creating havoc in the Muslim-dominated Pottuvil town in Ampara, moving around freely with weapons in government-controlled areas while law enforcement authorities are allegedly turning a blind eye, the Daily Mirror learns.Some Muslim youth in Pottuvil are threatening to take up arms for self-protection if Karuna cadres are not brought under control, according to sources from the area. This comes amidst allegations that the group is now playing the role of the police by urging residents to bring their concerns to the faction’s office in the area. “They go around with weapons on motorbikes and are said to be threatening people on the streets. They have also extorted money from people. [ Full Report ]

  • Bus bomb kills 15, wounds 20 civilians in Amparai
  •    [ Apr 02, 2007 11:09:24 GMT ] [ TamilNet ]

        Fifteen civilians were killed and more than 20 wounded when a bomb exploded inside or at the side of a bus at the Sri Lankan military checkpost at Kon'daivedduvaan, 4 km west of Amparai town Monday around 12:30 p.m. Police officials in Amparai said. 14 dead bodies have been brought to Amparai hospital, medical sources said. Further details were not available at the moment. [ Full Report ]

  • 5 killed as British minister tours Sri Lanka
  •    [ Feb 14, 2007 12:10:45 GMT ] [ AFP ]

        Three rebels, a policeman and a security guard were killed in Sri Lanka's restive eastern province as Britain's junior foreign minister Kim Howells toured projects in the area funded by the former colonial power. "The minister also met with officials from UNICEF and Save the Children UK to discuss the effects of the conflict on children," High Commission (embassy) spokesperson John Culley said. Howells was to meet government, diplomatic and civil society representatives in Colombo before departing late Thursday. [ Full Report ]

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