A Tamil cultural debate

[ TamilCanadian ] - [ Jan 03, 2011 15:58:42 GMT ]

The Kanthamurukesanar Tamil cultural center and certain patrons of the Murugan Temple at Birchmont Road in Scarborough Toronto recently backed efforts of the Karunanidhi administration in Tamil Nadu in 2008 to shift the date of the Tamil new year from April, as observed for centuries, to January to coincide with the Indic harvest festival called Thai Pongal in Tamil or Makara Sankranti. The political sub-text behind the move is unnoticed in Sri Lanka where Tamils continue with the traditional reckoning of time that begins with the month of Chitterai in April. It is unlikely that many in the Sri Lankan Tamil community in Toronto are even aware of the debate. This article is intended to provide the Tamil literary evidence and recount the politics in Tamil Nadu behind the move. [ full story ]

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