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December 05, 2021 - Memory of the Day

In Gotabaya’s Lanka: Many fear the rise of majoritarian sentiment in Sri Lanka

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Gary Anandasangaree

Important Incidents

  • 1995 | Sri Lanka army raises the National Flag over the center of the Jaffna city
    Sri Lanka army raises the National Flag over the center of the Jaffna city, captured after a fierce 50 day offensive, having flattened much of the populated areas between Palaly airport and Jaffna.
  • 1996 | 9 Tamil Tamil civilians killed in Kiran, Batticaloa
    They all were killed deliberately by Sri Lankan army when soldiers went on a rampage.

    Hundreds of Tamil homes were deliberately set on fire by the Sri Lankan army and caused more than 1200 families to flee to the neighbouring villagers.

  • 1993 | Jaffna Town was bombed: 26 people killed!
    Sri Lanka airforce carried out heavy bombing of Jaffna town. The bombardment which was directed to several parts of the town resulted in the deaths of 26 civilians. 71 others were injured. It is learnt that the air raid was carried out between 8.30 and 9.00 by the Sri Lankan airforce Puccara planes. Gurunagar, Pasayur and Chinn-akaddai were amongst the areas that were attacked. The vicinity of the St.James Refugee Camp where persons had sought refuge from earlier bombardments was also attacked during the Sunday raid.
  • Human Rights Violations

  • 1993 | Jaffna Town was bombed: 26 people killed!
    Sri Lanka airforce carried out heavy bombing of Jaffna town. The bombardment which was directed to several parts of the town resulted in the deaths of 26 civilians. 71 others were injured. It is learnt that the air raid was carried out between 8.30 and 9.00 by the Sri Lankan airforce Puccara planes. Gurunagar, Pasayur and Chinn-akaddai were amongst the areas that were attacked. The vicinity of the St.James Refugee Camp where persons had sought refuge from earlier bombardments was also attacked during the Sunday raid.
  • 1998 | Black day for human rights
    The Consortium of the Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Jaffna will mark International Human Rights Day as a "Black Day". This will be done as a protest against the Sri Lankan government's attitude towards human rights violations.
  • 1999 | Young mother gang-raped and murdered
    A young woman was gang-raped and murdered by unidentified gunmen near Kannakai Amman Temple in Punguduthivu, an islet off Jaffna peninsula, Tuesday night, residents said. Her body, covered with Palmyrah leaves, was found yesterday morning, about 100 metres from her house, they added.
  • 1999 | 350,000 people in Wanni starving
    The Bishop of Mannar, Rt. Rev. Rayappu Joseph, who visited the Wanni area at the weekend, declared yesterday that most of the 350,000 people living in the district are starving. The Bishop has requested the Governor of the North-East Province, Major General Ashoka Jayawardena to take immediate action to send food to the Wanni area.
  • 1999 | Fact Report on Arrest, Detention& Arbitrary Killings
    This is the first of a series of monthly fact reports over the application of the PTA with regard to arrest, detention and arbitrary killings.
  • 1999 | Report of the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances
  • Innocent People Killed

  • 1996 | Alfonso Yoganathan [ 45 M from Nachikudda, Mannar ]
    These fishermen were found with gun shot by the Sri Lankan Navy!
  • 1996 | Christopher Sebastian [ 37 M from Nachikudda, Mannar ]
    These fishermen were found with gun shot by the Sri Lankan Navy!
  • 1996 | Ponnuthurai Collington [ 19 M from Nachikudda, Mannar ]
    These fishermen were found with gun shot by the Sri Lankan Navy!
  • Thirukural - திருக்குறள்

  • Kural: 1007 | அற்றார்க்கொன் றாற்றாதான் செல்வம் மிகநலம்
    பெற்றாள் தமியள்மூத் தற்று.
    Like woman fair in lonelihood who aged grows,
    Is wealth of him on needy men who nought bestows.
    - 101 101
  • Dec 05 TamilCanadian News Archives

  • 1) Dec 05, 2017 16:48:19 GMT |  + Mahinda Rajapaksa blames Sri Lanka president for breakdown of party unity talks
    Former Sri Lankan leader Mahinda Rajapaksa, who leads a rival faction of the ruling SLFP, has blamed his successor President Maithripala Sirisena for the breakdown of unity talks between the two sides. The two factions of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) have held talks to try and unite to face local council elections, now likely to be held in mid-February. "The efforts failed because they (the Sirisena faction) did not want to leave the government. We cannot ag .. more ...
  • 2) Dec 05, 2017 16:47:22 GMT |  + Demand for justice for murdered blogger continues
    The start of August saw silent vigils in Male – the capital of the Maldives – to mark the 100th day since the death of liberal blogger Yameen Rasheed, who was assassinated in his apartment building on April 23, 2017. No less than 37 stab wounds had been recorded on his body at the time of death. “I don’t want to believe that the murder of my brother Yameen is politically instigated, but actions of politicians speak otherwise”, Aishath Rasheed, Yameen’s sister who also worked for the Maldivian Police, said. more ...
  • 3) Dec 05, 2017 16:46:07 GMT |  + RK Nagar bypoll: Vaiko's MDMK to support DMK
    Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam chief Vaiko on Sunday announced his party's support to the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in the R K Nagar assembly bypoll scheduled on December 21, the first such gesture after over a decade. After a high-level party meet in Chennai, Vaiko said his party has unanimously decided to support the DMK in the by-election. "It is a well thought-out decision considering the interests of Tamil Nadu and the Dravidian movement," he told reporters. Asked if the alliance will continue, he said, "This can be taken as a starting point" in view of the cordial atmosphere between the two parties. more ...
  • 4) Dec 05, 2017 16:44:19 GMT |  + A year after Jayalalithaa's passing, 'Amma' still looms over Tamil Nadu's political future
    On this day last year J Jayalalithaa died. The six-term chief minister had singularly dominated Tamil Nadu's political landscape. In the void that she left behind, Tamil Nadu witnessed many things that make her presence felt even in death. To understand the post-Amma state, we look at some of the events that shaped Tamil Nadu in the last one year. Jayalalithaa, known to her adoring cadres and supporters as 'Amma' or 'mother,' breathed her last at Chennai's Apollo hospital on December 5, 2016. more ...
  • 5) Dec 05, 2017 16:42:11 GMT |  + Why does India want to buy the world’s emptiest airport?
    Geopolitical rivalry between big powers sometimes yields odd results. The latest development in growing strategic competition across the Indian Ocean region is India’s purchase of what has become known as the “world’s emptiest international airport” in Sri Lanka, maybe just to keep it empty. The small fishing town of Hambantota, near the southern tip of Sri Lanka, has long been Exhibit A for those who worry about the strategic impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. more ...
  • 6) Dec 05, 2017 16:38:38 GMT |  + Tropical storm kills at least seven in Sri Lanka
    A tropical storm has killed at least seven people and left five fishermen missing in Sri Lanka, bringing down trees across main roads and on houses, officials said on Thursday, warning of landslides and flooding in severely hit areas. Heavy winds hit the island’s southern, western and south-central areas. “At the moment, there are reports of seven deaths, five missing, and more than 20,000 affected,” said Pradeep Kodippili, spokesman for the state-run Disaster Management Centre. The government declared a holiday for schools in the rain-hit areas on Thursday.
  • 7) Dec 05, 2017 14:17:22 GMT |  + Conservative MP Questions Government on Human Rights of Tamil Community
    Garnett Genuis, Deputy Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, issued the following statement after requesting information on what the Liberal government has done to promote human rights in the Tamil community and other minority communities in Sri Lanka through the reframed Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusions: “The previous Conservative government worked hard to promote principal-based foreign policy and human rights as a priority. Unfortunately, since the Trudeau government came to power, it’s not at all clear what, if anything, the reframed Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion has done to actually promote the human rights of communities like those in Sri Lanka that face discrimination and increasing human rights concerns. more ...
  • 8) Dec 05, 2014 13:33:02 GMT |  + Sri Lanka: Release or Charge Human Rights Activist Balendran Jeyakumary
    Ms. Balendran Jeyakumary, a prominent Sri Lankan human rights activist, has been detained since March 13, 2014 under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), which allows detention without charge or trial for years. Ms. Jeyakumary came under scrutiny for demanding the truth about her son's disappearance. Hundreds of people in Sri Lanka, like Ms. Jeyakumary, are languishing in prison without charge or trial under the repressive PTA. more ...
  • 9) Dec 05, 2014 13:30:33 GMT |  + Book review: Sri Lanka's Secrets, by Trevor Grant is chronicle of genocide
    Sri Lanka's Secrets is a must-read, particularly for Australian politicians and officials involved in the formulation of foreign and immigration policy toward Sri Lanka.The author, Trevor Grant, details the final cruel days of the thirty-year civil war in Sri Lanka during which the Sinhalese armed forces murdered tens of thousands of innocent Tamil men, women and children. The tightly written and moving text is supported by graphic photographs conveying their own reality of the horror. more ...
  • 10) Dec 05, 2014 13:12:44 GMT |  + Complaints lead to removal of controversial ad for skin lightening treatment seen on TTC
    Ads for a skin lightening treatment seen on the TTC have stirred up so much controversy in recent days that the advertiser has asked to have them all taken down immediately. The ads for, which appeared on the Line 1 Yonge-University subway, show split frames of a black woman and a South Asian woman, whose significantly lighter skin tones are the supposed result of the treatment. more ...
  • 11) Dec 05, 2014 11:23:16 GMT |  + Sri Lanka: President Rajapaksa returns gold, jewelry
    Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has personally returned the gold and jewelry to the people in the north allegedly taken by the LTTE during the time of their parallel administration, reaching out to the minority Tamils ahead of crucial presidential poll next month. The northerners whose valuables had either been stolen or deposited in the parallel banking set up of the LTTE were invited to Rajapaksa's official residence yesterday to take possession of the valuables. "I have given them more valuables than gold. I have ensured their freedom (by ending war with the LTTE)," Rajapaksa told PTI here. more ...
  • 12) Dec 05, 2014 11:21:28 GMT |  + Sri Lanka’s Next Step
    Mr. Sirisena promises major political reforms if elected. Noting that Sri Lanka was “moving towards a dictatorship” under Mr. Rajapaksa, Mr. Sirisena wants to abolish the Presidency. He also plans to restore the judiciary’s independence. But the campaign period may expose Sri Lanka’s darker side. Election-related violence has begun, including five non-fatal shootings. There are also allegations of government employees postering for Mr. Rajapaksa, which is illegal under Sri Lankan law. If Mr. Rajapaksa does win another term, the President will have to do considerably more to secure the peace. more ...
  • 13) Dec 05, 2014 11:18:26 GMT |  + Sri Lankan Catholics Urge Pope Francis to Put Off Visit
    A number of prominent Roman Catholic priests and laypeople in Sri Lanka are appealing to Pope Francis to put off a scheduled visit, saying the government is using the occasion as propaganda to imply the pope’s support for President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is seeking an unprecedented third term in office. The pope is expected to arrive in Colombo, the capital, on Jan. 13, five days after an early presidential election declared by Mr. Rajapaksa. Francis is expected to canonize Joseph Vaz, a 17th-century priest and missionary, as the country’s first saint. more ...
  • 14) Dec 05, 2013 19:01:58 GMT |  + Sri Lanka investigates Colombo runaway train
    An "out of control" train engine in Sri Lanka moved a distance of about 12km (7.4 miles) through the capital, Colombo, without a driver, railway officials have told the BBC. No-one was hurt despite several road crossings in its path. It was only stopped when a technician jumped on board, a Sri Lanka Railways (SLR) official said. An inquiry has been launched and two staff alleged to be responsible are reported to have been suspended. Engine drivers have responded by going on strike. more ...
  • 15) Dec 05, 2013 13:41:54 GMT |  + Dispatch: Sri Lanka’s 17 Murdered Aid Workers, Unforgotten
    The tribute prefacing a new report by the international aid agency Action Contre la Faim (ACF, Action Against Hunger) is heart-wrenching: 17 black-and-white photos of fresh-faced, mostly 20-something men and women. Most are humanitarian technicians. And all were shot and killed execution-style in Mutur, in northeastern Sri Lanka, on August 4, 2006. Later that month I visited ACF’s Colombo office, where everyone was in shock. It was unclear who was responsible for the killings: the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who had briefly occupied Mutur, or state security forces who recaptured the town after heavy fighting. more ...
  • 16) Dec 05, 2013 13:39:45 GMT |  + Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) Begins its 2nd Parliamentary Term. Inaugural Session on December 6th
    Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), which was formed after the mass killing of Tamils in the final months of the Sri Lanka war in 2009, completed its first Parliamentary term and begins its second Parliamentary term on December 6, 2013. After completing the first term in office, the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam’s (TGTE) Prime Minister Mr. Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, dissolved the Parliament on October 1, 2013. The TGTE Election Commission then took over the responsibility to hold elections for the 2nd term of the TGTE Parliament. The Chief Election Commissioner Mrs. S. Sridas along with her other Commissioners around the world organized elections in twelve countries.
  • 17) Dec 05, 2012 22:09:15 GMT |  + Tow-back policy to apply to Sri Lanka
    A COALITION government would tow boats back to Sri Lanka to help stem the flow of asylum seekers bound for Australia, immigration spokesman Scott Morrison says. Mr Morrison, speaking from Nauru, said Australia should bolster Sri Lanka's maritime resources to prevent people from leaving. ''We believe the more effective way to deter [arrivals] here is firstly to support the Sri Lankan government with their interceptions at source whether at sea or land … more ...
  • 18) Dec 05, 2012 21:45:56 GMT |  + ‘The government made several attempts to kill me’: Tamil MP wants probe of assassination claims by Sri Lankan army deserter in Canada
    A Sri Lankan opposition politician said Wednesday he wanted his government to investigate allegations that an army officer now in Canada had been ordered to plant a bomb at his residence during the island nation’s civil war. M.K. Sivajilingam said he had no trouble believing the former Sri Lanka Army captain, who has told Canadian immigration authorities his colonel had instructed him to leave explosives at the home of the controversial Tamil parliamentarian in 2008. more ...
  • 19) Dec 05, 2012 21:44:32 GMT |  + Army lets Major quit to wed Lankan girlfriend
    After a prolonged legal battle, the Indian Army has decided to relieve a 35-year-old Major in the Corps of Signals to enable him to marry a Sri Lankan national. However, the officer will have to refund the entire cost of his training at the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Indian Military Academy (IMA), and also furnish his marriage certificate. The decision to accept Major Vikas Kumar’s resignation was taken on November 22, a day after the Karnataka high court criticised the Army for repeatedly contesting the case despite two different benches of the court ruling in favor of granting discharge to the officer.
  • 20) Dec 05, 2012 19:09:25 GMT |  + Tension rises in Jaffna as TID arrests more people under anti-terror laws
    The counter terrorism unit of the Sri Lankan Police on Tuesday night have arrested at least ten young men, including 'rehabilitated' former Tamil Tiger cadres, who are now resettled with their families in northern town of Jaffna, amid fears of fresh series of state violence in the war-ravaged areas."The next of kin have been given documents relating to their arrests by the police and it has been specifically mentioned that they have all been arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA)", Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission’s (HRC) Northern Regional Co-ordinator, Kanagaraja has said in Jaffna. more ...
  • 21) Dec 05, 2012 18:34:04 GMT |  + Learning from Nepal’s search for the missing
    Nepal and Sri Lanka share few similarities in their post-conflict experiences. The former has a peace deal, a government ministry overseeing post-war reconstruction, a national programme to trace missing persons and an NGO to advocate for their families - none of which exist in Sri Lanka. But the two do have something essential in common: grieving relatives of the missing who are now searching for answers. more ...
  • 22) Dec 05, 2012 18:31:49 GMT |  + China Left Out as U.S. Waives Iranian Imports to Seven Countries
    The Obama Administration has provided exemptions to purchase Iranian crude oil to India, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey, Taiwan and Sri Lanka without incurring sanctions. But, China, its largest importer, was not grant an exemption. U.S. sanctions against Iran have crippled imports to the seven countries as they were not able to transport crude on their flag lines or chartered oil tankers.
  • 23) Dec 05, 2012 18:28:41 GMT |  + On Sri Lanka, UN Tells ICP Deputy SG Eliasson to Head Petrie Review, Silva in Lebanon?
    Three weeks after the UN released a redacted version of the delayed report into the UN's actions and inactions in Sri Lanka in 2009,Ban's spokesman Martin Nesirky said the review group is being set up under Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson. One hopes it might be a credible review and lead to accountability. Now Sri Lanka General Shavendra Silva(Ban's Senior Advisory Group on Peacekeeping Operations), despite his past, is reported to be inspecting the troops in Lebanon, in the UN peacekeeping mission. more ...
  • 24) Dec 05, 2012 18:23:10 GMT |  + Sino - Lanka ties have gone from strength to strength - Prof. Li Junru
    Sino - Lanka relations have even become closer since China adopted economic reforms and opening-up policies more than three decades back, said Prof. Li Junru - a famous theorist of the Communist Party of China and Vice President of the Forum of Reform and opening up of China. Prof.Li currently in Sri Lanka, predicted that China-Sri Lanka cooperation will continue to grow further in numerous spheres in the aftermath of CPC’s 18th National Congress.
  • 25) Dec 05, 2012 16:55:13 GMT |  + Federal government busts human smuggling ring, 85 arrested as ‘irregular arrivals’
    Canadian border guards have busted a human smuggling ring and rounded up 85 people, including some 35 children. The bust, involving Roma from the same village in Romania, is thought to have occurred overnight and the individuals are being questioned in the Greater Toronto Area.The group will be labelled “irregular arrivals” under the new Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act. The designation means the smugglers could face mandatory minimum sentences and increased fines if convicted.Irregular arrivals who obtain refugee status also face a conditional permanent residency for five years and are barred from sponsoring family members for five years. This will be the first time the new designation has been used. more ...
  • 26) Dec 05, 2012 16:05:16 GMT |  + Rob Ford stay decision: Mayor wins, keeps his job for now
    Mayor Rob Ford has won the right to remain in office at least until mid-January. Ontario Superior Court Justice Gladys Pardu granted Ford a stay of an earlier decision that would have forced him out of power early next week. Pardu’s Wednesday decision allows him to keep his job until a ruling is issued on his appeal, likely in January or February.Clayton Ruby, the lawyer for Paul Magder, the resident who sued Ford, spoke in favour of the stay in court. more ...
  • 27) Dec 05, 2012 14:36:27 GMT |  + Bowen agrees to process reprieved Tamils' claims
    IMMIGRATION minister Chris Bowen has agreed to process 57 Tamil asylum seekers' protection claims a day after they were due to be deported. High Court Justice John Heydon granted the asylum seekers a last-minute injunction to their deportation on Monday, after they alleged Mr Bowen was trying to send them back to Sri Lanka without any proper inquiry or any cause. more ...
  • 28) Dec 05, 2012 14:23:56 GMT |  + Sri Lanka placed 79 among 176 nations in Corruption Index: TI
    Sri Lanka has been placed 79th position among 176 countries in the annual Global Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released by Transparency International (TI) today. Sri Lanka, among south Asian countries ranks second above India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Only Bhutan has fared better than Sri Lanka. In Asia Pacific region Sri Lanka is ranked number 11. Transparency International Sri Lanka believes there is a need to strengthen the anti – corruption mechanisms in Sri Lanka, TI said.
  • 29) Dec 05, 2012 14:20:35 GMT |  + Sri Lanka opposition urges fair trial for embattled chief justice
    Sri Lanka's main opposition said on Wednesday the chief justice, facing an impeachment motion moved by the ruling party, must be given a chance to cross-examine witnesses amid a standoff between the judiciary and the government ."The chief justice or her lawyers must be provided an opportunity to cross-examine witnesses and documents collected," John Amaratunga, a legislator in the main opposition United National Party and a member of the impeachment committee probing the charges told reporters. "It is only then that the select committee has to determine whether the chief justice is required to disprove the charges."
  • 30) Dec 05, 2012 14:17:55 GMT |  + Neerparavai: Soaring high
    Nuances, ironies and strong messages subtly put, stand testimony to the expertise of acclaimed director, Seenu Ramasamy. Neerparavai (U), his latest, has a story chiselled with care, screenplay crafted to sustain interest, and dialogue (Jayamohan joins hands with Seenu for it) that’s at once simple and intelligent. Yet, after having developed the murder angle to a crescendo, when eventually the truth unfolds, you feel slightly let down. more ...
  • 31) Dec 05, 2012 14:09:59 GMT |  + China warns India against South China Sea oil exploration
    China has said that it “opposes any unilateral energy exploration” in the South China Sea, in response to Monday’s statement by Navy Chief Admiral D.K. Joshi saying that the Indian Navy was prepared to protect its interests and deploy its forces in the contested waters.“China opposes any unilateral energy exploration and development activities in the disputed areas in the South China Sea,” he was quoted as saying by the Communist Party-run Global Times newspaper. more ...
  • 32) Dec 05, 2012 14:05:05 GMT |  + Persecution claims ignored, say deportees
    ASYLUM SEEKERS who were forcibly deported from Australia say the federal government ignored their claims of persecution, granting them only one brief interview in detention and knowingly sending them back to danger in Sri Lanka. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says their forcible deportation and subsequent imprisonment raises ‘‘troubling concerns’’ with Australia’s asylum processes. more ...
  • 33) Dec 05, 2012 5:00:18 GMT |  + Norway court jails Indian parents in 'child abuse' case
    A court in Norway has convicted an Indian couple for abusing their seven-year-old son. Chandrasekhar Vallabhaneni, a software professional, was sentenced to 18 months in jail. His wife Anupama was sent to jail for 15 months. The couple were charged with "gross or repeated maltreatment" of their son and found guilty of burning and hitting the child with a belt. The couple and their family have denied the charges and said they would appeal. more ...
  • 34) Dec 05, 2011 16:54:12 GMT |  + Trincomalee war displaced 'won't go back'
    Sri Lanka's war displaced from several areas in the eastern district of Trincomalee will not be allowed to resettle in their ancestral lands, the government has confirmed. Trincomalee Government Agent, Maj Gen TTR de Silva, said the resettlement of internally displaced people (IDPs) from Sampur has become "an international issue." "People can not go back nearer to the thermal power plant," he told journalists in Trincomalee on Sunday.
  • 35) Dec 05, 2011 15:45:58 GMT |  + Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo appears at ICC in Hague
    Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo has become the first former head of state to appear at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. He faces four charges of crimes against humanity, including murder and rape, in the wake of Ivory Coast's disputed presidential elections a year ago. The 66-year-old has also rejected accusations that the elections were rigged and accuses former colonial power France of plotting to topple him. more ...
  • 36) Dec 05, 2011 14:15:59 GMT |  + Over 700 Children Reported Missing Since End Of War
    A total of 707 children have to date been reported missing from the Northern Province since the end of the conflict. Of the total, 374 of the children are boys, and 333 are girls. Thus far, 116 of the children reported missing have been traced. Thirty one of these children have been reunited with their families, while reunification is in process for another 22.
  • 37) Dec 05, 2011 14:14:04 GMT |  + Members of SJC87 Initiative Rebut Claims
    Last week, members of the SJC87 Initiative rebutted claims made by the Founder of the Point Pedro Institute of Development, Muttukrishnan Sarvananthan that their operation was less than aboveboard. Sarvananthan, however, maintains that the Initiative is not being upfront about their dealings. This week, he fired back at the charity, who have themselves written a rebuttal.
  • 38) Dec 05, 2011 13:11:41 GMT |  + Law to take over private lands in Tamil Homeland
    Whilst the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has been in the past taking over lands in the Tamil Homeland under the guise of High security Zones (HSZ) they have now surreptitiously introduced a Bill in the Parliament to amend the ‘Town and Country Planning Ordinance’ in an effort to take over even private lands belonging to Tamils in Tamil dominated areas under various religious and historical pretexts, writes a legal practitioner and human rights activist in the Eastern Province.
  • 39) Dec 05, 2011 2:05:20 GMT |  + Latest abduction suspicion on Govt
    "When I was pleading with them not to kill my husband, I was told to visit the hospital," said Ms Shamali, weeping. She said she overheard one of the abductors in the vehicle saying that he needs to take a call to "Gotabhaya Sir," in an apparent reference to Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. "We only know about one Gotabhaya Sir. We can only suspect the government," she added. more ...
  • 40) Dec 05, 2011 1:58:15 GMT |  + India approves repair of Tamil houses in Lanka
    The Indian cabinet has approved reconstruction and repair of 49,000 houses for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and for Indian-origin Tamils in Sri Lanka. According to an official press release, the decision will result in an expenditure of Rs13.19bn. It said the project will primarily be implemented under the owner-driven model as part of which beneficiaries will undertake reconstruction work and funds will be released into their bank accounts based on certification of work.
  • 41) Dec 05, 2011 1:56:13 GMT |  + War crime litigations reach crucial phase in US courts
    Civil cases against Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapakse and Shavendra Silva, an ex-army commander and currently Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) are waiting next round of decisions from the District Court of District of Columbia and District Court of Southern District of New York respectively, legal sources monitoring the progress of the cases said. The Rajapakse case awaits decision if the court can "force" Rajapakse to answer and engage with the Court. Shavendra case awaits decision from the SDNY judge on Silva's Motion to dismiss.
  • 42) Dec 05, 2010 15:25:06 GMT |  + Sivanayagam of Tamil Eelam - A wreath from a Sinhalese ‘traitor’
    This is not an account of one of the greatest Tamils I have had the privilege of knowing – ‘Aiyah’ to countless Tamils, ‘Siva’ to me. It is not even a tribute but just ‘a bunch of flowers’ picked from ‘my garden’ and belatedly sent for Siva’s funeral on 2nd November 2010, in blood-drenched Sri Lanka, where this disarmingly quiet and unassuming man chose to spend the closing years of his extraordinary life. more ...
  • 43) Dec 05, 2010 15:23:52 GMT |  + IF YOU CAN’T SPEAK, THEN LEAK
    While The Sunday Leader is encouraged to see WikiLeaks picking up where the Western media fell off, we wonder where the leakers are in our own island. America, the country exposed by the latest leaks, is already one of the most transparent in the world. What of Sri Lanka, where so much goes on behind closed doors, or worse, everyone in the Colombo elite knows who is giving and whose is taking.
  • 44) Dec 05, 2010 15:03:36 GMT |  + WikiLeaks document exposes US complicity in Sri Lankan war crimes
    One of the diplomatic cables from the US embassy in Colombo released by WikiLeaks this week shows that the Obama administration was well aware of the war crimes committed by Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse and his regime in the final stages of its war against the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Rajapakse restarted the war against the LTTE in July 2006, which culminated in its defeat in May 2009. During the final months, the Sri Lankan military pounded and strafed the remaining LTTE-held pockets, killing thousands of Tamil civilians.
  • 45) Dec 05, 2010 6:09:26 GMT |  + Sri Lanka: Deported asylum seekers face torture, jail
    Part of this “complexity” seems to be that even in the “improved situation”, the Sri Lankan government continues to persecute deportees and returnees. It’s also noteworthy that Singhalese have also faced persecution from the authoritarian Sri Lankan regime. Moreover, the UNHCR’s “improved situation” doesn’t address the growing anti-government feeling among Singhalese, who used to support the regime’s war, let alone Tamils. Nor does it account for the fact that the government of Sri Lanka continues to fight the ghosts of the LTTE. more ...
  • 46) Dec 05, 2010 2:11:06 GMT |  + Mahinda Under Siege In London
    The day following the last Presidential Election 2010, the Cinnamon Lake Hotel where Sarath Fonseka was staying was laid siege to by the Army and the Police, and Fonseka was kept confined within it. President Mahinda Rajapaksa too faced a kindred experience when he was at the Dorchester Hotel in London last week. When the pro Tamil Tiger Diaspora surrounded this hotel and staged demonstrations against him, the UK security division advised the President and his delegation not to leave the hotel. more ...
  • 47) Dec 05, 2010 2:10:47 GMT |  + Refugee bill: Ignatieff’s principled stand
    Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has taken a principled stand against Bill C-49, the so-called “Preventing Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act.” The Conservative legislation is deeply flawed and likely unconstitutional. Bill C-49 was triggered by public anxiety over the arrival on the West Coast of two boatloads of Tamil refugees. That anxiety was stoked by government suggestions that some of the refugees were terrorists. more ...
  • 48) Dec 05, 2010 2:08:03 GMT |  + WikiLeaks? Rajapaksas Can Keep Cool, Unless…
    President Rajapaksa’s London visit with his historic second address before the Oxford University Student Union handled by the London based Bell-Pottinger group’s PR outfit, in a bid to boost his rusty international image, ran into massive “war crimes” protests from Heathrow Airport to Oxford, compelling the Oxford Student Union to cancel the oration on December 2, “on security reasons”. more ...
  • 49) Dec 05, 2010 2:01:40 GMT |  + A struggle for all of us
    I came to England to see my friend Reg Goodwin, Dean of my college at Cambridge. His son Mark who visited me several times in Lanka, wished to have a function on behalf of his father who will be 88 in December. Even for gold I could not refuse and I faced this terrible weather to come here. When I arrived, suddenly I was invited to address Heroes Day. The remembrance meeting was held at the Excel auditorium in London. more ...
  • 50) Dec 05, 2010 1:59:02 GMT |  + Oxford fiasco: Who misled the President?
    Last Monday evening, London's Met Office issued severe weather warnings. Mostly cloudy, temperatures had hit near zero. Many couldn't go to work; some were trapped in trains for hours because the tracks were covered with snow and ice. The city's Mayor Boris Johnson was in Zurich trying to win the FIFA World
  • 51) Dec 05, 2010 1:52:14 GMT |  + Bad luck and more luck for Rajapaksa
    Did Jayalath Jayewardene connive with the diaspora protesters in London who eventually made the Oxford Union decide to cancel president Rajapaksa’s lecture engagement last week? Whether he did or did not, the whole confrontation between the so-called nationalist forces anti national forces is playing out again into full public glare, this time more in the nature of a farce. This government seems to be still under siege by those who are frothing at the mouth and burning with anger because the LTTE was defeated.
  • 52) Dec 05, 2010 1:20:57 GMT |  + Karuna group behind more abductions, cash demands for release
    The desire of ordinary womenfolk in the war affected areas to talk about their loss and grievances was more than obvious at the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) sessions in Trincomalee. Despite the heavy rains and the fact that many villages, including Thambalagamuwa and Kappathurei, had not received information about the LLRC sessions and venues hundreds gathered to give submissions at the first session held at Trincomalee Kachcheri. more ...
  • 53) Dec 05, 2010 1:20:13 GMT |  + WikiLeaks on Lanka: Real confirmation of US sabotage
    It is only the tip of the iceberg. So far, we have access to just four cables of a cache of 3,166 cables related to Sri Lanka. These are amongst 251,287 US State Department secret communications, which would be made public in the coming months. WekiLeaks has released 677 cables as of Friday night. After its American hosting company removed the site on Friday, the WikiLeaks set up several new domain addresses - such (in Switzerland) and (Germany); both lead to a DNS address.
  • 54) Dec 05, 2010 1:12:27 GMT |  + No Solution In Sight
    M.A. Sumanthiran is a prominent Tamil rights lawyer, and a member of the Tamil National Alliance. Elected into Parliament this year via the National List, Sumanthiran has often spoken on the rights and urgent needs of Tamils in the North and East. The Sunday Leader met with Sumanthiran in Parliament to discuss Budget 2011 and other issues with him. more ...
  • 55) Dec 05, 2009 20:50:23 GMT |  + And… The White Vans Are Back!
    As we heaved a sigh of relief thinking the chilling white van menace was over, BOOM! It’s back… or so we thought, until Friday, when we were told that the Special Task Force (STF) appeared to have its own unique style of snatching people from the city of Colombo. The alleged ‘abduction’ on Wednesday night sent chills down many in Colombo who assumed that the kidnapping was yet another ransom taking incident or was connected to the one time white van menace, which had fizzled out in recent times. But an announcement by the police on Friday morning, has raised many an eyebrow even within the high ranking law enforcement unit, over the appalling style in which the STF conducted itself.
  • 56) Dec 05, 2009 20:43:29 GMT |  + Tamils need to rebuild self-confidence
    The defeat and destruction of the LTTE has been a psychological blow to the Tamils, even the neutral and the anti-LTTE. They were left exposed and vulnerable and the sight of 300,000 locked up in concentration camps was of no help. Fortunately, the triumphal mood among the Sinhalese did not spill over into anti-Tamil violence, hence fears subsided but hope and self-confidence has not returned yet. Within Lanka, Tamils have been afraid to openly espouse political demands other than voice human rights concerns about the IDPs; this they felt comfortable to do thanks to the support of the international community. Hence, anything that restores the unity and self-confidence of the community is welcome, even if practical achievements are small.
  • 57) Dec 05, 2009 20:39:50 GMT |  + Rajapaksa vs.Fonseka: Which way India?
    When dealing with neighbouring countries, India's main predicament is to choose between two options, both of which are uncertain and without hassle. Sri Lanka has thrown up the same challenge again. President Mahinda Rajapaksa and former Army chief Sarath Foneska are contesting for the highest position. Rajapaksa has constantly looked towards New Delhi. Foneska, too, has said he would cultivate the best of relations with India. Therefore, the only choice for New Dellhi is between a known devil and the unknown one. So far New Delhi has backed Rajapaksa, not because he was the best but because none else had the popularity he commanded or the general acceptance required.
  • 58) Dec 05, 2009 20:39:14 GMT |  + Interesting, the General’s ‘war-crimes’ call
    In the political discourse of this country, any call for an investigation into alleged war crimes in the final phase of the Eelam war is blasphemy. Any word in support of such a probe is the ultimate act of treason as per government speakers in endless political talk shows and other political events. Such pronouncements, asserted ever so often have set the limits of the political debate, in which any reference to a war crime probe is a taboo. But, last week, none other than the architect of the military victory against the Tamil Tigers, former commander of army and the chief of defence staff Gen Sarath Fonseka said he would investigate the allegations of war crimes if elelcted President. more ...
  • 59) Dec 05, 2009 17:35:56 GMT |  + Two potential dictators in Sri Lanka’s presidential election
    As the LTTE fighters have silenced their guns as promised to the world in May 2009, the war between the Sri Lankan executive president and the army general has reached a critical stage. Political events are changing in Sri Lanka. As the leading two candidates for Presidency, Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sarath Fonseka, both of whom are responsible for the mass murders of tens of thousands of Eelam Tamils, in addition to unaccountable human rights abuses for which the international community keeps on demanding to be brought to trial, are now facing real war with each other.
  • 60) Dec 05, 2009 16:46:16 GMT |  + 'Tamil Eelam independence and Indian security is inseparable' - Eelaventhan
    The present setback may seem very unfortunate but, that doesn’t mean the story ends here. In any freedom struggle there are ups and downs. It not only affects me but every Tamil who had built up hope of achieving Eelam early. However, we don’t blame the Freedom fighters or the Tigers for that. It should be noted that the Tigers were up against the racist policies of the Sinhala regime and were fighting to free the Tamil nation from Sinhala subjugation, whereas the Sinhala regime took undue advantage of the post September 11 anti terrorism trend to get the entire world to move against the Tigers. In the name of wiping out terrorism, they were determined to wipe out the entire Tamil race in Sri Lanka.
  • 61) Dec 05, 2009 15:30:53 GMT |  + Lankan troops kill illegal emigrant
    Sri Lankan soldiers shooting at a group of people planning to flee to Australia killed a young man on Saturday on an eastern beach, the military said. Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said the army did not kill the man intentionally, but he was shot while allegedly trying to grab a weapon from a soldier. Christian Sulojini said her 22-year-old son was among a group of about 30 people planning to take a voyage from a beach in eastern Santhiveli village when the army intercepted them early on Saturday.
  • 62) Dec 05, 2009 15:27:13 GMT |  + Children among 11,000 Tamil ‘fighters’ held in rehabilitation
    Sri Lanka is holding more than 11,000 Tamil prisoners without charge in closely guarded “rehabilitation centres”, despite the Government’s claim that it released all Tamil civilians from detention centres this week. The Times can reveal that the group of prisoners, whose exact number has been unknown since the Sri Lankan Government blocked access to them from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in July, is allegedly a “combatant category” that includes former Tamil Tiger (LTTE) fighters. However, the definition of “Tamil Tiger” is unclear. more ...
  • 63) Dec 05, 2009 15:23:10 GMT |  + The president and the general (Sri Lanka)
    The Sri Lankan military won the war against the Tamil Tigers over six months ago. But since that time, the island has been steadily losing the peace that the people – Muslim, Tamil and Sinhalese – so deserve. The main hurdle towards lasting peace has been the continuing war mentality and ultra-nationalism on the part of the Rajapakse regime – for this is what we have to call it. Those elements that had been the regime’s main strengths in fighting the war – the dangerous mix of militarisation and Sinhala Buddhist mobilisation – are now not only undermining peace, but also creating instability in the government hallways of Colombo. more ...
  • 64) Dec 05, 2009 15:22:15 GMT |  + Justice Sachar goes to Dublin to probe Lankan ‘war crimes’
    Retired Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court Rajinder Sachar has agreed to serve on a “People’s Permanent Tribunal” meeting in Dublin to investigate allegations that the Sri Lankan government and Army are guilty of war crimes against the Tamil community. Individual witnesses, as well as legal and human rights groups from Sri Lanka, India, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations have been invited to testify before the tribunal which will convene on January 14 and 15 . Its provisional findings will be announced on January 16.
  • 65) Dec 05, 2009 15:13:49 GMT |  + "Never Again? What the Holocaust can't teach us about modern-day genocide",
    "Genocide" is too limiting a term in any case. In recent years, governments have not necessarily been exterminating entire subgroups en masse with crystal-clear intent. Yet some governments show no qualms about shelling huge numbers of ethnic minority civilians trapped in confined war zones, as we saw in Sri Lanka earlier this year. More common still are governments that kick one ethnic group off its land and force the people into displacement camps where they become permanent wards of international humanitarian agencies -- think Darfur, for example, to mention just one place commonly labeled a "slow-motion genocide."
  • 66) Dec 05, 2009 15:06:23 GMT |  + 'Claims on resettlement of Tamils a farce'
    Punching a hole in the claims of the Sri Lankan government on the resettlement of the displaced Tamils, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M K Sivajilingam on Friday said a majority of the people are still in camps. “The displaced people have actually not gone to their homes and they are lodged in schools, corporation and other state buildings,’’ he said. In Jaffna Peninsula alone, more than 30,000 men and women are in transit camps besides people in other locations totalling over a lakh. On December 1, only 7,000 people left the Chettikulam camp and the government’s monetary assistance of Rs 5,000 is too meagre to do anything.
  • 67) Dec 05, 2009 15:05:29 GMT |  + Bhikku Front to support General Sarath Fonseka
    The National Bhikku Front (NBF) said yesterday that they will be supporting General Sarath Fonseka in the forthcoming presidential election and will not extend any support to the President as he has not kept his promises to the people of the country. The Bhikku Alliance’s General Secretary, Aththanale Samitha Thero said that when President Rajapaksa competed in the last presidential election, they supported him on the basis of five conditions that the President was expected to fulfill. However, he has not kept his promise as expected, he said. “Before we extended our support to the President in the last presidential election we asked to end the war, to eradicate terrorism, to prevent barriers between races and religions, to implement the 17th amendment, to abolish the Executive Presidency,” he said.
  • 68) Dec 05, 2009 15:02:07 GMT |  + West using Sarath Fonseka to bring regime change in Lanka: Minister
    Former top General Sarath Fonseka, who led the army to victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), has now become a pawn in the hands of some western nations "conspiring" to bring "regime change" in Sri Lanka, a top minister has alleged. The general secretary of the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and agriculture development minister Maithripala Sirisena also alleged that many of the foreign dignitaries who visited Sri Lanka during the last phase of the Eelam War IV tried to save the slain LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. "Certain Western nations were trying to bring about a regime change here since the government have never given into their pressure in its fight against terrorism," the Daily Mirror newspaper quoted Sirisena as saying.
  • 69) Dec 05, 2009 13:35:35 GMT |  + People’s Tribunal on the war in Sri Lanka and its aftermath in Dublin in January 2010
    The Permanent People’s Tribunal (successor to the Bertrand Russell Tribunal) will be conducting a People’s Tribunal on the war in Sri Lanka and its aftermath in Dublin in January 2010. The People’s Tribunal will investigate the allegations that the Government of Sri Lanka and its armed forces committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during its final phase of the war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The Tribunal will also examine the local and international factors that led to the collapse of the 2002 Ceasefire Agreement. The People’s Permanent Tribunal has a long history of carrying out independent investigations of human rights abuses ranging from Vietnam to Guatemala.
  • 70) Dec 05, 2009 10:57:38 GMT |  + ‘He Said The Army’s Too Strong, Sri Lanka Will Become Like Myanmar’
    Five days after we won the war, at a meeting of the (president’s) security council, he said he’d stop recruiting new people in the army because it’s too strong and too big, that Sri Lanka would become like Myanmar. Such statements demoralised me. I thought they were disgusting. I will not be able to speak of a solution right away. There will be consultations among the political parties in the opposition fold. Those who were involved in terror activities will have to be dealt with by the laws of the land. Also, 10,000 LTTE combatants who surrendered in the last stages of the war will be rehabilitated.
  • 71) Dec 05, 2009 5:18:13 GMT |  + Blake here next week to discuss post-war reconciliation
    A senior US envoy will head to Sri Lanka next week to encourage post-war reconciliation, days after the island nation allowed Tamil civilians to leave detention camps, officials said Friday. Robert Blake, the assistant secretary of state for South Asia, will visit Sri Lanka on Monday and Tuesday in the highest-ranking US trip to the island nation since it ended a 37-year guerrilla war in May, the State Department said. Blake, formerly the ambassador to Colombo, will meet with "government officials, political leaders and civil society," it added in a statement. A State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that detainees' freedom of movement was "critically important" to reconciliation in Sri Lanka.
  • 72) Dec 05, 2008 12:30:50 GMT |  + Tropical Cyclone to hit North-East of Sri lanka!
    Sri Lankan Metrological Department said possible cyclone to East part of Sri Lanka within next few hours. At the moment it is 600 Km away from Batticaloa. The depression which was in the Central Bay of Bengal has intensified in to a Tropical Cyclone. Fairly strong winds and thunder showers expected areas of Northern, North Central and Eastern areas. Showers or thunder showers can be expected at times elsewhere too. Rough seas are also expected in the sea areas off Eastern and Northeastern coasts.
  • 73) Dec 05, 2008 12:09:41 GMT |  + No Calm After the Storm
    The only good thing about tropical storm ‘Nisha’, that lashed northern Sri Lanka in the last week of November, was that it brought a lull to the fierce fighting between Tamil separatist rebels and the Sri Lankan army. During the week that followed little fighting was reported and Nisha seemed to have achieved what the international community failed to do -- bring about a break in the bloody hostilities. But the respite in the fighting was all too brief. As Nisha waned the bullets and the artillery shells resumed and the ministry indicated that troops were gathering around Kilinochchi.
  • 74) Dec 05, 2008 12:06:14 GMT |  + GRAMMY NOMINEE: Still just a rebel at heart
    Though M.I.A. has been hailed by critics since she made her debut in 2005, her fiery lyrics, which speak against corrupt political systems and talk of revolution and violence, have always ensured her a place far outside of music's mainstream – until recently. M.I.A., whose music is an eclectic mix of raps, world beats and whirring sonics, first arrived on the scene with Arular. The CD was as much a political statement as a musical one, as she referenced Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers (her father was part of the group). more ...
  • 75) Dec 05, 2008 11:51:27 GMT |  + Sri Lanka Takes Key Highway Inside Rebel Territory - Military
    Sri Lankan troops leading a heavy offensive against Tamil separatists have secured parts of a key highway running through rebel-held territory, the defense ministry said Friday. Security forces cleared a stretch of 21 kilometers (13 miles) of the main A-9 highway in an area that had been in no-man's land after the latest military thrust, defense officials said. With troops securing the town of Kankarayankulam, the de-facto frontier post shifted deeper into rebel-held areas, the ministry said.
  • 76) Dec 05, 2008 11:45:23 GMT |  + Outotec's Third Water Supply Facility Project In Sri Lanka Will Not Go Ahead
    Outotec's drinking water supply facility project in Sri Lanka, announced on September 3, 2007, will not be implemented due to further delayed financing. The parties have mutually agreed not to go ahead with the project according to the terms agreed in the supply contract over a year ago. The contract was worth USD 100 million (approximately EUR 75 million) and subject to signing of a loan agreement by the Government of Sri Lanka.
  • 77) Dec 05, 2008 11:43:48 GMT |  + EU allocates extra aid for displaced in Sri Lanka, laments killing
    The European Commission said Friday it was increasing its aid to Sri Lanka by 2 million euros (2.5 million dollars) to help more than 300,000 people displaced by floods. The amount comes in addition to a 17-million-euro humanitarian aid package for Sri Lanka adopted by the European Union's executive arm earlier this year. 'The aim is to help over 300,000 displaced and vulnerable people in the Vanni region, where recent heavy monsoon rains and flooding exacerbated the humanitarian situation,' said EU aid commissioner Louis Michel. At least 29 aid workers have been killed in Sri Lanka since 2006, the commission said
  • 78) Dec 05, 2008 3:43:34 GMT |  + 'Thanks for food, but help to win our rights,' Vanni IDPs urge Tamil Nadu
    Internally Displaced persons in Vanni who were receiving the humanitarian supplies sent by the people of Tamil Nadu, while expressing their gratitude for the timely help, urged the leaders of Tamil Nadu to help them to win their freedom by voicing for the political aspirations of Eezham Tamils. TamilNet correspondent recorded expressions from the IDPs who were gathered at Karaichchi Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, one of 23 supply centres in Vanni, on Thursday. more ...
  • 79) Dec 05, 2008 0:13:44 GMT |  + ‘No ceasefire’ - UNP
    Military offensives aimed at curbing the LTTE should be continued and a ceasefire won't be necessary until the offensives come to an end, Sri Lanka’s main opposition United National Party (UNP) said Thurdsay. The UNP’s Badulla District MP Laksman Seneviratne told Parliament during a debate on the defence budget that this was the stance of his party, the website reported. The vote was passed by 114 to 14, reports said. UNP MP John Amaratunga said that the UNP will vote in favour of the defence vote and will continue to support the ongoing military offensives as well.
  • 80) Dec 05, 2008 0:12:34 GMT |  + Sri Lanka child recruitment deal
    The government of Sri Lanka and the UN children's fund (Unicef) have reached agreement with a breakaway faction of the Tamil Tigers on child recruitment. They signed a plan earlier this week to ensure that the recruitment and use of children by the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP) comes to an end. The TVMP is led by Col Karuna, who defected from the rebels in 2004. It is now allied in the country's parliament with the governing United People's Freedom Alliance.
  • 81) Dec 05, 2007 21:29:14 GMT |  + Ajantha Silva flies to Pakistan
    Air Force Spokesman Group Captain Ajantha Silva, who is also the Staff Officer to the Air Force Commander, has been appointed as the Defence Attaché of the Sri Lanka High Commission in Pakistan with effect from December 15. Captain Silva, who joined the Air Force in 1981, followed several courses overseas including in the United States, India and China. As Flight Engineer of the No 2 Squadron (Fixed Wing) Captain Silva was a part of virtually all military operations in the country. Wing Commander Andy Wijesuriya is to succeed Captain Silva as the new Air Force Spokesman.
  • 82) Dec 05, 2007 16:45:53 GMT |  + Mine attack hits Sri Lanka bus
    At least 15 people have been killed and 25 injured in a landmine attack on a crowded bus in northern Sri Lanka, the authorities say. Army spokesman Brig Udaya Nanayakkara told the BBC that the bomb hit a state-run bus going from the town of Anuradhapura to Padaviya Janakpura. Reports said the bus was crowded with civilians. The wounded are being ferried to hospital. Fighting between troops and Tamil Tiger rebels has worsened in recent months.
  • 83) Dec 05, 2007 16:02:52 GMT |  + Critical northern crossing point under pressure
    The Omanthai crossing point 190km north of the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, is the only gateway currently open between areas controlled by the Sri Lankan government and those controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), and traffic through this key transit point falls off sharply each time the security situation deteriorates. A smoothly functioning Omanthai crossing point is critical to their lives and livelihoods. Included in this 400,000 population, according to a 22-30 November situation report of the Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC), are 93,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) in urgent need of food, non-food items and livelihood assistance.
  • 84) Dec 05, 2007 15:34:02 GMT |  + Sri Lanka to import rice, cement
    Sri Lanka is keen to import large quantities of rice and cement from Pakistan on government-to-government level. Sri Lankan Minister of Trade, Marketing Development and Consumer Affairs Bandula Gunawardhana, who was heading a two-member delegation, expressed the interest during a visit to the offices of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) here on Tuesday. TDAP Director General Usman Hassan briefed the delegation and assured full cooperation to facilitate and promote bilateral trade.
  • 85) Dec 05, 2007 12:26:42 GMT |  + Seven Sri Lankan soldiers killed in rebel attacks
    Seven government soldiers were killed by Tamil rebels in two separate incidents in northern Sri Lanka Wednesday, a military spokesman said. Four soldiers travelling in a tractor were killed when it hit a pressure mine in Sinnasettikulam, about 250 km from here, the spokesman said. Two soldiers were also injured in the incident, he added. Earlier in the morning, the Tamil rebels attacked government troops clearing a key road in Chinnacippikulam, 240 km north of the capital. Three soldiers were killed in that attack.
  • 86) Dec 05, 2007 12:23:37 GMT |  + Sri Lankan military conducts massive anti-Tamil sweep through Colombo
    The Sri Lankan government unleashed the largest-ever cordon-and-search operation in Colombo on Sunday, detaining hundreds of people, mainly Tamils, and heightening communal tensions throughout the country. The immediate pretext for the operation was to “flush out” Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fighters blamed for last week’s bomb blasts in Colombo and nearby Nugegoda. While the Western Province command was nominally in charge, the military top brass, acting under the instructions of Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse, were directly involved in planning the massive sweep.
  • 87) Dec 05, 2007 12:17:53 GMT |  + Sri Lanka Says 202 People Still Held After Bombings
    Sri Lanka's government said 202 people remain in custody after more than 2,500 were detained during a security sweep in response to bomb attacks in the capital, Colombo, that killed 18 people last week. There is evidence that several of the detainees are linked to the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, said Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, the minister for highways and road development, according to a government statement yesterday. He denied innocent Tamils were detained as part of the security operation, saying many people were released immediately after producing their identity papers.
  • 88) Dec 05, 2007 12:11:41 GMT |  + A nation of newcomers
    The arrival of 1.1 million migrants gives Canada a population dynamic not seen since 1931. Most settle in or near major cities and have mother tongues other than French or English. Canada is now home to its highest proportion of immigrants since 1931 - the year it ceased to be a British colony and stood on its own - with one in five people born outside the country, new census figures show. The arrival of 1.1 million newcomers between 2001 and 2006, during which the national population grew by just 1.6 million, is a clear sign that the country's growth is increasingly dependent on immigration.
  • 89) Dec 05, 2007 3:22:28 GMT |  + No immediate ban on LTTE – Govt
    The government yesterday asserted there were no immediate plans to slap a ban on the LTTE in Sri Lanka, as such a move would hurt any chances of future peace talks. Chief Government Whip Jeyaraj Fernandopulle also said that most Tamils who were detained in a recent security operation were released after their bona fides were established. Meanwhile Amnesty International (AI) has urged the government to repeal or amend the Emergency Regulations so as to bring them into line with international human rights laws and standards. more ...
  • 90) Dec 05, 2007 3:20:57 GMT |  + Muralitharan - the record-breaker
    Muttiah Muralitharan is one of the most divisive figures in cricket history. To his admirers, he is a sports phenomenon. To his detractors, he is a spin bowler whose action should have been outlawed by the game's rule-makers. Whichever view you take, there is no arguing with statistics. And by bowling England's Paul Collingwood in Kandy on Monday to claim his 709th victim, he became the leading wicket-taker in Test cricket for the second time. It is, by any standards, an astonishing feat - and it should not be forgotten that he also has 457 wickets in one-day and Twenty20 internationals to his credit as well. more ...
  • 91) Dec 05, 2007 3:14:02 GMT |  + Security concerns and the arrest of Tamils: The Govt.’s dilemma
    After two bomb attacks by the LTTE in Colombo last week, security concerns have become of paramount importance. Following the two explosions, the knee jerk reaction of the defence authorities was to carry out cordon and search operations all over the city and the suburbs with particular focus on areas with a large concentration of Tamil residents. The result of these cordon and search operations was the indiscriminate arrest and detention of several hundreds of Tamils. According to reports close to a thousand Tamils had been arrested and detained by the police. After the arrests most of them had been taken to the Boossa camp for detention.
  • 92) Dec 05, 2006 12:27:08 GMT |  + A Final Verdict on Tamil Eelam?
    Was Vellupillai Prabahkaran's Heroes Day message/address a final and decisive pronouncement on the future trajectory of Tamil Eelam or was it an address couched in ambiguity without any sense of direction for the resolution of the Tamil national question? While the Sinhala establishment dismissed the speech as something expected or nothing unusual, however others within the establishment have taken a serious view of the speech. On the side of Tamils, those with liberal pretension, think that although the speech points in the direction of a future state for Tamils, but think that Tamil Eelam might not become a reality.
  • 93) Dec 05, 2006 12:17:28 GMT |  + Sri Lanka stocks fall, eyes on possible rebel ban
    Sri Lankan stocks closed weaker on Tuesday, retreating from new life highs, as some investors worried a possible government ban of the Tamil Tigers could hinder efforts to refloat the island's peace process, traders said. The Colombo All Share index fell 1.02 percent to 2,761.23 points. The market hit a new life closing high at 2,789.78 points on Friday. The market was closed on Monday for a Buddhist holiday. Sri Lanka's cabinet is due to meet on Wednesday to decide what sanctions to impose on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) after a suspected rebel suicide bomber tried to assassinate Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapakse -- President Mahinda Rajapakse's brother -- on Friday.
  • 94) Dec 05, 2006 12:15:09 GMT |  + Fresh fighting kills 19 in Sri Lanka: military
    At least 19 people have been killed in fresh violence in Sri Lanka as peace broker Norway cancelled a meeting with Tamil Tiger rebels, defence officials said. Two soldiers and 15 guerrillas were killed in a confrontation in the eastern district of Batticaloa on Monday while 19 troopers were also wounded, the defence ministry said. Two Muslim civilians were shot dead in the northern town of Vavuniya on Monday evening, officials said.
  • 95) Dec 05, 2006 11:55:03 GMT |  + Bug-borne fever infects more than 100,000 in Sri Lanka
    A fever spread by mosquitoes has infected more than 100,000 people in Sri Lanka, an official said Tuesday. Chikungunya _ like dengue fever _ is spread by female aedes mosquitoes and causes high fever, severe joint pain, headaches and vomiting. There is no known cure for either disease. Chikungunya is not usually fatal, but causes severe pain, said a Sri Lankan health ministry official, adding that the disease has been reported in almost every part of the tropical island nation.
  • 96) Dec 05, 2006 11:31:15 GMT |  + American Red Cross Provides US $10 Million to Boost Tsunami Housing in Sri Lanka
    Today, the American Red Cross announced that it will make a contribution of US $10 million to support housing reconstruction in Sri Lanka through an owner-driven housing program. The contribution will assist more than 3,000 tsunami-affected families in repairing or rebuilding their homes. "This program is going to have a dramatic impact on tsunami survivors, helping them rebuild their homes and, ultimately, their lives," said Ricardo Caivano, Senior Field Representative in Sri Lanka for the American Red Cross Tsunami Recovery Program.
  • 97) Dec 05, 2006 2:58:06 GMT |  + President's HR commission 'lacks credibility'
    Four half burnt bodies were found in Anuradhapura whilst the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress casts doubts over the newly appointed commission by President Rajapaksa to investigate human rights violations in the island. Anuradhapura police said on Monday that they found four unidentified bodies at Behethleliwala by the Kekirawa-Galenbidunuwewa road.“We were informed by an anonymous caller” Anuradhapura Superintendent of Police, Macarthy Perera told the media. He added, “bodies are beyond recognition. They might have been brought here from another area”.
  • 98) Dec 05, 2006 2:44:20 GMT |  + SLMC, TNA say move unwise but JHU determined
    The government’s proposed move to ban the LTTE drew mixed reactions from several political parties with the SLMC and the TNA seeing it as a move that would shut all doors to peace in the future. However, the main Opposition UNP declined to comment saying it was too early for them to make a statement on the matter. Party General Secretary Tissa Attanayake said the UNP could not make a statement until the government made its stand clear. SLMC General Secretary Hasan Ali said it was not advisable for the government to re-impose the ban on the LTTE without putting forward a set of proposals to resolve the ethnic conflict.
  • 99) 21:44 GMT, Dec. 5, 2005 |  + Norway 'leave voluntarily'
    Royal Norwegian government should leave as facilitators of Sri Lanka’s peace process “voluntarily”, an influential all Buddhist monk party said. Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), a party that supported Mahinda Rajapaksa in the November 17 presidential elections, said Norway is perceived by many Sri Lankans as biased towards the LTTE.The leader of the JHU parliamentarian Ellawala Medhananda thero, described the 4.7 million vote for opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe in the presidential elections as a vote “against unitary structure” of Sri Lanka.He urged Sinhala voters who supported Wickramasinghe to question themselves whether they were “fools” to vote for the division of Sri Lanka. more ...
  • 100) 21:38 GMT, Dec. 5, 2005 |  + Sri Lanka's cease-fire under new strain; Amnesty International calls situation 'grim'
    Sri Lanka's fragile cease-fire with Tamil Tiger rebels came under new strain Monday after a weekend of violence amid claims that a Sri Lankan general failed to show up for a scheduled meeting with a Tamil rebel leader. Human rights group Amnesty International, meanwhile, warned the situation on the ground in Sri Lanka was combustible and appealed to both the rebels and the government to exercise restraint. "It is a grim situation, volatile and ready to implode," the London-based group's Secretary-General Irene Khan told reporters after meeting rebel leaders and Sri Lanka's newly elected president, Mahinda Rajapakse. "Time is running out. We urge the new president to be open, flexible and rapid," said Khan. more ...
  • 101) 21:36 GMT, Dec. 5, 2005 |  + A Hole in the Head
    Ms.Nirupama Subramanian is the current woman in the House of The Hindu publishers in Chennai who poses as a Sri Lankan specialist. In the December 2nd issue of the Hindu newspaper, her opinion piece, ‘Confessions of an ageing guerrilla’ appeared, which was her take on the LTTE leader Pirabhakaran’s Nov.27th Heroes' Day speech. The article was also reprinted in the Colombo Daily News of Dec.3rd. Simply speaking, I did not like the naughty, but silly, title.Maybe the title of Ms.Subramanian’s opinion piece was not her ‘original,’ and was instead the handiwork of a senior editor. As such, I sent the following e-mail to the Hindu editorial desk on Dec.3rd 2005, which I am sure will not appear in print. more ...
  • 102) 11:57 GMT, Dec. 5, 2005 |  + Profile of an elected dictatorship
    Sri Lanka, well used to universal adult franchise since 1931 and to constitutions and electoral systems of diverse types over the years, is saddled with a curious and unique constitution from 1978. The present constitution of Sri Lanka is not really a replica of the French model, but has elements of the British and French systems, and, one discerns, of other countries as well. It is therefore more troublesome and difficult to operate smoothly. Sri Lanka has experimented with different constitutions within a short period of time but achieved little. Voters have been confused and led to believe that whatever the constitution, it does not give them real power. The question is whether the winner of the just-concluded election will transform the constitution substantially to meet contemporary requirements. more ...
  • 103) 11:12 GMT, Dec. 5, 2005 |  + Sri Lanka's Truce Mission Seeks Calm After Killings

    Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Commander of Jaffna area Major General Sunil Tennakon, and the Jaffna District Political Head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Mr. C. Ilamparuthi will meet Monday evening in the presence of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) to discuss the deteriorating situation in the Jaffna district

    Sri Lanka's government and Tamil Tiger rebels must prevent an ``irreparable deterioration of security'' after 12 soldiers and civilians were killed in the island's north and east, the cease-fire monitoring mission said. Seven soldiers were killed in a landmine explosion yesterday near the northern city of Jaffna, military spokesman Brigadier Nalin Witharanage said by telephone. The TamilNet Web site said five civilians died in violence between Tamils and Muslims in the east of the country. ``There is a real danger that these disturbances and hostilities can spread,'' the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission said in a statement late yesterday. The government and rebels must ``use their influence to ensure that violence and attacks come to an immediate end.'' more ...
  • 104) 14:48 GMT, Dec. 5, 2004 |  + Sri Lankan teachers meet parents
    As recent immigrants from Sri Lanka, we found the article by education reporter Louise Brown both condescending and ill-informed. Her story begins with the line, "There's no such thing as a parent-teacher interview in Sri Lanka." Parent-teacher interviews have been conducted in Sri Lanka for many years by most schools in the country. My wife and I, both in our mid-40s, studied in Sri Lanka and our parents regularly met our teachers throughout that period. In the course of the eight years we lived in India and Pakistan, we were regularly invited to meet with the teachers of our children who attended both primary and secondary schools in those countries. In Sri Lanka, where our children had most of their high school education, we were invited to and attended meetings with both their class and subject teachers once each semester. Parent participation in schools in South Asian countries is generally high. Many parents involve themselves deeply in the progress of their children as they see education as a passport to a better living standard. more ...
  • 105) 14:42 GMT, Dec. 5, 2004 |  + Sri Lanka is drifting towards war- Wickremesinghe
    "The United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Government has not taken any forward looking steps towards peace talks or to finding a solution to our pressing national question. Sri Lanka is inexorably drifting towards war with the continued stalemate in peace talks," said Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe, former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition United National Party (UNP) at the 50th year annual convention of UNP held at the Colombo Municipal grounds Sunday morning. Deputy leader of the party Karu Jayasuriya MP, other senior party members and Parliamentarians including Samarawickrama, Jayanthe Kauanathilaga, Prof. G.L.Peiris, Dissanayake, and Mahinda Samarasinghe, regional organisers and several thousands party activists and supporters participated in the convention. more ...
  • 106) 14:42 GMT, Dec. 5, 2004 |  + Norway to launch fresh bid to salvage Sri Lankan peace process
    Norway is sending a top envoy for another attempt to save Sri Lanka’s faltering peace process amid fears that Tiger rebels may return to their protracted armed struggle, diplomats said on Sunday. Envoy Erik Solheim is due here in eight days to try and get talks back on track after both Colombo and Tiger rebels insisted they were sticking to their guns on pre-conditions for resuming dialogue, diplomats said. “The visit is almost considered a routine monthly touch-base sort of exercise, but this time it assumes more importance given the deterioration of the overall situation,” a Western diplomatic source said. Prospects for ending the three-decades of Tamil separatist conflict dimmed further last week after the government of President Chandrika Kumaratunga rejected Tiger demands for reopening the stalled talks. more ...
  • 107) 14:41 GMT, Dec. 5, 2004 |  + Singapore Literature Prize awarded in 4 languages for the first time
    For the first time, the Singapore Literature Prize has been awarded in all four official languages, with the best literary work in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil winning S$10,000 each. In presenting the awards, Senior Minister of State for Health Balaji Sadasivan said a nation's history is reflected in its literature. And he hoped the award will motivate more writers to bring out Singapore Literature, to be appreciated here and abroad. A total of 92 books were reviewed and shortlisted by judges. M Elangkannan received the prize for the Tamil Category, Mohamed Latif Mohamed won in the Malay category, while the winner in the Chinese category is Yeng Pway Ngan. The English prize went to Tan Hwee Hwee for her book 'Mammon Inc.' more ...
  • 108) 14:40 GMT, Dec. 5, 2004 |  + Sri Lanka's prison system prepares for a return to capital punishment
    The country's 25-year-old executioner has no experience. The hanging ropes have rotted and the bolts on the gallows have rusted. This tropical island hasn't had an execution in 28 years. But the president lifted a moratorium on capital punishment a few weeks ago and prison officials are waiting for their first hanging order. "I am a sitting duck," the executioner, Suramimala Wijetunge, told The Island newspaper in an interview, terrified that media attention had made him a target of criminal gangs. After years of collecting a salary for doing little more than occasionally helping with prison deliveries, he fears for his life and has asked for police protection. Today, there are 49 condemned prisoners whose clemency appeals have been rejected. There are 152 others who have been sentenced to death, but whose appeals are pending. more ...
  • 109) 13:38 GMT, Dec. 5, 2004 |  + Bharathiraja moved by LTTE's 'sacrifices'
    Tamil Film Director Bharathiraja, has said he was deeply moved by the "sacrifices" made by Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka. Bharathiraja attended the Heroes' Day ceremony in Jaffna last month to honour 17,800 men and women the LTTE has lost in fighting so far. "When I was in Jaffna in its natural surroundings, what I saw and heard there made me feel very homely. I am fascinated by the people of Jaffna," he was quoted as saying by pro-rebel Tamilnet website. "I witnessed the Heroes' Day events which really melted my heart. The lighting of the torch in memory of the Heroes was a magnificent sight," he said. "However, I was badly shaken by the scars of war I saw. I became heavy hearted by the thought that this much of wound has been inflicted on this soil which thrives with valour, heroism, militancy and martyrdom", he said. more ...
  • 110) 04:36 GMT, Dec. 5, 2004 |  + Massive rise in Sri Lankan firepower amid peace
    Sri Lanka’s armed forces substantially expanded their offensive capability after the ceasefire agreement with the Liberation Tigers was signed in February 2002, a book published by a senior United States military analyst says. The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has doubled its manpower and acquired twenty new aircraft, while the Army (SLA) has tripled its tanks and doubled its artillery firepower. In a book titled "Sri Lanka’s military: The Search For A Mission" published this year, Brian Blodgett, a career United States Army intelligence officer and an adjunct professor with the American Military, examines the historical evolution of Colombo’s armed forces. "While peace negotiations were occurring, the SLA increased its armour, APCs (armoured personnel carriers) and artillery," Blodgett says. "The SLAF bought 10 Mi-35s [export versions of the Mi-24 helicopter gunship] and 10 transports," he says. The SLAF has thereby "increased its attack helicopters to 24." more ...
  • 111) 19:08 GMT, Dec. 5, 2003 |  + Sri Lanka summit fails to end political impasse
    Sri Lanka's president and the prime minister failed again to make a breakthrough in new talks to end their month-old power struggle that has stalled a peace bid with Tamil rebels, officials said. President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe met Friday for nearly an hour to discuss the crisis that erupted November 4 when Kumaratunga sacked three key ministers and suspended parliament for two weeks. more ...
  • 112) 18:37 GMT, Dec. 5, 2003 |  + McKinnon re-elected at CHOGM
    FORMER New Zealand foreign minister Don McKinnon was today re-elected for a second four-year term as the Commonwealth's secretary general despite stubborn opposition from a small number of African countries. "It was a vote and he won," Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chretien told reporters after the first day of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in the Nigerian capital Abuja.McKinnon was challenged for the post by Sri Lanka's surprise candidate, former foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, he said. A summit source said that McKinnon had won more than 40 votes from the 52 countries present, with only President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, Sri Lanka and handful of mainly African countries opposing his re-election. more ...
  • 113) 18:35 GMT, Dec. 5, 2003 |  + McKinnon keeps Commonwealth job
    Former New Zealand Foreign Minister Don McKinnon has been re-elected secretary-general of the Commonwealth, despite moves to unseat him. Some African nations were angry at his handling of Zimbabwe and backed a rival candidate - former Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar. Mr Kadirgamar, 71, is an Oxford-educated lawyer and was foreign minister for seven years until 2001. His leadership bid took many by surprise. He is a Tamil but is a strong opponent of the rebel Tamil Tiger organisation and a close adviser to President Chandrika Kumaratunga.
    - Commonwealth tackles Zimbabwe rift - Reuters
    - McKinnon re-elected Commonwealth boss - Reuters
    - McKinnon re-elected at CHOGM - The Courier Mail
    more ...
  • 114) 13:19 GMT, Dec. 5, 2003 |  + TN fishermen issue resurfaces in RS
    Harassment and illegal detention of Tamil Nadu fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy resurfaced in the Rajya Sabha today with both the AIADMK and the DMK demanding immediate solution to the recurring problem. DMK leader Viduthalai Virumbi said despite Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee taking up the issue on the sidelines of the SAARC summit in Colombo, Sri Lankan authorities continued to harass the Tamil Nadu fishermen and the Ministry of External Affairs should be directed to take appropriate action. "We have been raising the issue in every session," he said adding it was time a permanent solution was found to the vexed issue. more ...
  • 115) 13:16 GMT, Dec. 5, 2003 |  + Moves by SLA and Tiger commanders expose CBK’s insinuations
    The incidents that began on 23 November are the first after President Chandrika Kumaratunga took over the ministries of defence and the interior. The bouts of violence have set two completely contradictory trends going. On the one hand, Kumaratunga in an obvious move to point the finger at the LTTE, which has consistently denied any hand in these killings from the time they began in the east from around July last year, has said there is no ‘third hand’ in the killing, implying the killings were done by the Tigers. However, her pronouncements have backfired with general officer commanding 22 Division Major General Sunil Tennekoon and Brigadier Abdul Zaheer of 221 Brigade meeting two important LTTE officials behind closed doors on Wednesday. more ...
  • 116) 13:14 GMT, Dec. 5, 2003 |  + Neutral Position - The LTTE remains neutral on Sinhala rivalry
    The limited but discernable progress in the first two rounds had raised hopes in the Tamil north, the Sinhala south and in capitals around the world that one of South Asia's bloodiest conflicts could indeed be ended peaceably. For its part, Mr. Wickremesinghe's administration was still enjoying its honeymoon, the peace he had promised the electorate seemingly realisable. Mean-while his arch-rival, President Chandrika Kumaratunga, whilst seething, could apparently only watch helplessly as the rapport between the LTTE and the United National Front (UNF) government grew and international donors prepared to open their purse strings for Mr. Wickremesinghe - having shut them firmly in the twilight of her own People's Alliance (PA) administration. more ...
  • 117) 12:46 GMT, Dec. 5, 2003 |  + Sri Lanka bid highlights Commonwealth racial row
    The issue has split the group along broadly racial grounds, with Britain and Australia leading the anti-Mugabe camp and South Africa and Nigeria seeking a softer line. One diplomat from a Commonwealth country said in Colombo that Kadirgamar may have difficulty getting widespread support because he entered the race only last week when many countries had already pledged support to McKinnon. But four Tamil parties issued a statement on Friday saying Kadirgamar's efforts in trying to end the 20-year civil war were "dismal" and that his credentials to head the Commonwealth group of mainly former British colonies were "highly questionable". more ...
  • 118) 12:40 GMT, Dec. 5, 2003 |  + Tiger at peace is more formidable than the Tiger at war
    With the declaration of the ceasefire, the Tigers became activated in engaging their adversary politically. This strategy has proved more irksome to the Sinhala leadership and sections of the international community, than when the Tigers were at war. It is this sophistication, which has prevented the Tigers from being placed in convenient pigeonholes and frightens Sinhala politicians and their international backers. To those who believed there is an impelling and pathological need for the Tigers to keep on fighting, these 18 months have proved more troublesome to come to terms with, than all the human and military losses in the past 18 years. Hence the tendentious and ugly rumours they circulate that the LTTE will to go to war because the south is fragmented and at odds with itself. more ...
  • 119) 12:26 GMT, Dec. 5, 2003 |  + Kadir's C'wealth bid triggers protest
    While PA and Opposition MPs objected to Mr. Kadirgamar's candidature because they feel his presence is essential here, the Tamil National Alliance yesterday fired at him for different reasons. In a strong attack on Mr. Kadirgamar the TNA said that while vigorously espousing the case of the Sri Lankan Government, he had lacked the integrity and the courage to speak honestly about the root causes of the conflict, and the legitimate aspirations of the minority Tamil people. more ...
  • 120) 15:34 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka peace breakthrough
    Sri Lanka's Government and Tamil Tiger rebels have agreed to share power in a federal system, to end 19 years of civil war on the island. The joint declaration came at the end of four days of peace talks in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. The Norwegian Government, which is mediating in the talks, said the two sides had agreed on "internal self-determination based on a federal model within a united Sri Lanka". Under the deal, minority Tamils would have autonomy in the largely Tamil-speaking north and east of the island. "This federal model will be within a federal Sri Lanka," chief rebel negotiator Anton Balasingham told a news conference in Oslo. more ...
  • 121) 05:45 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka peace talks set for wrap up with political breakthrough
    Sri Lanka's warring parties said they made a significant political breakthrough in their first ever peace talks in Europe by taking up contentious issues which had remained off-limits earlier. The top Tamil Tiger negotiator Anton Balasingham, said they had for the first time taken up the question of a federal framework that could form the basis of a final political settlement. "We are working on a framework and hope to finalise it shortly," Balasingham said Wednesday. more ...
  • 122) 05:42 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka peace talks set for wrap up with political breakthrough
    Sri Lanka's warring parties said they made a significant political breakthrough in their first ever peace talks in Europe by taking up contentious issues which had remained off-limits earlier. The top Tamil Tiger negotiator Anton Balasingham, said they had for the first time taken up the question of a federal framework that could form the basis of a final political settlement. "We are working on a framework and hope to finalise it shortly," Balasingham said Wednesday. more ...
  • 123) 05:26 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka, rebels urged to outlaw landmines
    Sri Lankan anti-landmine campaigners handed a petition with 1.1 million signatures to government and rebel peace negotiators in Oslo on Wednesday, urging them to outlaw mines. The Sri Lankan government and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) held another session of Norwegian-brokered talks on how to end Asia's longest-running war, but they did not announce any new developments on Wednesday. more ...
  • 124) 05:24 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + LTTE willing to share power in a united Lanka - PM

    National Heroes Day Speech by Puduvai RathinaThurai
    November 30, 2002 - Germany
    1 | 2 | 3 | 4
    Courtesy: IBC London

    Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe enumerating the gains at the Oslo Peace support conference to a group of peace mediators in Japan described the summit as a landmark event which saw the LTTE make its clearest statement yet of its shift from the group's original goal of a separate state. The Premier also said it was clear now that the LTTE is content to consider substantial power-sharing within the framework of a unified Sri Lanka. He was making a luncheon speech at the Japan Centre for Conflict Prevention yesterday. more ...
  • 125) 01:26 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka, Tamil Rebels to Announce 'Breakthrough' in Peace Talks
    Sri Lanka's government and Tamil Tiger rebels say they are ready to announce what both sides are calling a major breakthrough in peace talks aimed at ending nearly two decades of civil war. The announcement, set for Thursday in Oslo, is widely expected to focus on the core issue of regional autonomy for ethnic Tamils living in northern and eastern Sri Lanka. more ...
  • 126) 01:24 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka, rebels urged to outlaw landmines
    Sri Lankan anti-landmine campaigners handed a petition with 1.1 million signatures to government and rebel peace negotiators in Oslo on Wednesday, urging them to outlaw mines. The Sri Lankan government and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) held another session of Norwegian-brokered talks on how to end Asia's longest-running war, but they did not announce any new developments on Wednesday. more ...
  • 127) 21:34 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Courts allows Hakeem to function as SLMC leader
    The Colombo District Court Thursday vacated the enjoining order restraining Minister Mr.Rauff Hakeem from functioning as the president of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress. The additional district judge Mr.S.L.Abeyagunaratne issued the said enjoining order Tuesday on a petition filed by the SLMC dissidents Mr. A.L.M.Athaullah and ten others seeking the court to prevent Mr. Hakeem from functioning as the leader of the party. The petitioners told court that the SLMC politburo had expelled Mr. Hakeem from the post of president. more ...
  • 128) 21:31 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka, Tamil rebels forge peace breakthrough
    In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Reeker said the United States viewed the agreement to work on a federal structure within a united Sri Lanka as "extremely positive." "We salute both sides and the Norwegian government for moving the peace process forward and welcome further progress toward a negotiated settlement based on the principles of democracy and respect for human rights, while maintaining the country's territorial integrity," Reeker added. The next two rounds of talks in Thailand in January and February will aim to map out details of a system of "power sharing between the center and the region and also the power sharing within the center," Helgesen said. more ...
  • 129) 21:26 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka peace deal signed in Oslo
    The Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers agreed Thursday on a peace treaty that will give the Tigers regional autonomy. The breakthrough ends 19 years of fighting. "We have committed to peace, and it is impossible to reverse the process now," said a happy Tamil Tiger head Anton Balasingham to the Norwegian internet newspaper Nettavisen after the treaty had been signed. more ...
  • 130) 01:23 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Breakthrough in Sri Lanka peace talks
    The Sri Lankan Government and Tamil Tiger rebel negotiators have reached a breakthrough on the key principles of a final peace agreement. On the third day of talks in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, both sides said significant progress had been made which could end more than 19 years of civil war on the island. more ...
  • 131) 17:37 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Lanka, LTTE break new ground in Oslo
    Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tiger rebel negotiators agreed on Thursday to create a federal model of government to end their 19-year ethnic war. The Tamil Tigers have been fighting for independence since 1983, but gave up the demand just ahead of the third round of peace talks in Oslo. Now the parties have agreed to pursue peace based on the principle of internal self-determination in Tamil-dominated areas of the north and east, according to a draft copy of the joint statement obtained. more ...
  • 132) 17:35 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka Peace Agreement Reached
    The deal reached in Oslo involves major concessions on both sides. The Tamil Tigers give up their demand for independence in Tamil-majority areas of the island. In return, the government agreed to a federal system that will allow the Tamils to operate their own courts, political parties and police, independent of the rest of the country. more ...
  • 133) 17:00 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Statement of the Royal Norwegian Government
    The parties agreed on a working outline defining the objective as well as a number of substantive political issues for negotiation. Responding to a proposal by the leadership of the LTTE, the parties agreed to explore a solution founded on the principle of internal self-determination in areas of historical habitation of the Tamil-speaking peoples, based on a federal structure within a united Sri Lanka. The parties acknowledged that the solution has to be acceptable to all communities. The LTTE will engage in a partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to draw up an action plan for restoring normalcy to the lives of children, and the parties called on the international community to provide financial support for such an action plan. more ...
  • 134) 16:46 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Lankan opposition disputes PM's claim on India's support to talks
    Sri Lanka's main opposition party today disputed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's claim that India was "fully on board" with regard to his peace moves, saying New Delhi's absence from peace talks with LTTE in Oslo were a "snub" to the government. Leaders of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), who returned after three days of talks with Indian leaders, said New Delhi was backing the peace process but was clear that the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka should be protected. more ...
  • 135) 16:15 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Newspaper offices attacked and destroyed
    Free Media Movement(FMM) urges government to conduct special investigation into the destruction of the Navamani newspaper office. Another Tamil-language newspaper, Thinakadir, published in the east, was attacked and ransacked on 8 August 2002. It has yet to resume publishing. Furthermore, the Thinamurusu, a Tamil-language newspaper published by a Tamil political party, is banned in many parts of northern and eastern Sri Lanka. Now another Tamil-language newspaper has come under physical attack. This indicates that the Tamil-language press in Sri Lanka is facing grave difficulties in carrying out their duties. more ...
  • 136) 15:48 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lankan political crisis as president gets power to sack govt
    Sri Lanka's political crisis will deepen at midnight on Thursday (1800 GMT) when President Chandrika Kumaratunga gains the constitutional power to dismiss her opponents in government. Under the country's constitution, the president can sack the government one year into its six-year term and Kumaratunga has bragged recently of wanting to bring down her bitter rival, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. "The entire cabinet is shivering with the thought that I may dismiss the government," Kumaratunga told party activists over the weekend. more ...
  • 137) 15:40 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka's federal surprise
    It used to be known as the "F word" of Sri Lankan politics - but these days news that the Tamil Tigers are willing to settle for a federal system is being welcomed by peace activists. One went so far as to say it was "absolutely fantastic" because even many liberals had thought the rebels would settle for nothing short of a confederal system. It's only the framework for a political solution and may still get bogged down in details and politicking, but it's a good beginning. more ...
  • 138) 15:39 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Japan to host Sri Lanka donors meeting in mid-2003
    Japan has agreed to host an international aid donors meeting for Sri Lanka to buttress peace talks between Colombo and the Tamil Tiger rebels, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said on Thursday. Wickremesinghe and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi also decided to hold a round of peace negotiations between the Sri Lankan government and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Tokyo before the aid conference, officials said. more ...
  • 139) 15:37 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka accepts federal system as model for peace
    Sri Lanka's warring parties wrapped up talks here Thursday by agreeing on a "federal model" to politically end three decades of ethnic bloodshed that has claimed over 60,000 lives, peace broker Norway said. Norway's Deputy Foreign Minister Vidar Helgesen said the two sides had agreed on "internal self-determination based on a federal model within a united Sri Lanka." Unilateral attempts by the government to move to a de facto federal system failed in the past. more ...
  • 140) 15:36 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + New hopes arrive with govt anniversary in Sri Lanka
    Tourists have replaced a flow of body bags as Sri Lanka marked the one-year anniversary on Thursday of the election of a new government that has given the island its best chance of ending two decades of war. One year after Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe took power on a pledge to end a war that has killed 64,000 people, a truce is in place and government and Tamil Tiger negotiators are announcing breakthroughs in peace talks. more ...
  • 141) 01:20 GMT, Dec. 5, 2002 |  + Japan offers to host Sri Lankan peace talks in Tokyo
    Japan on Wednesday proposed to visiting Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe that it host a future round of the country's peace talks in Tokyo next year, officials said. Japanese Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi delivered the proposal to the Sri Lankan premier, who arrived here on Tuesday on a five-day visit, the officials said. "Our minister offered a proposal for hosting peace talks between the Sri Lankan government and LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) in Tokyo in March or April," the official said. more ...
  • 142) 12:17 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Violence mars Sri Lanka poll
    Voting has ended in Sri Lanka's parliamentary elections which have been marred by violence and reports of malpractice. One international election monitor in Gampaha in central Sri Lanka said she witnessed supporters of the governing People's Alliance intimidating voters. The army's actions in the north and the east prevented tens of thousands of minority Tamil voters from exercising their right to vote, many of whom, correspondents say, would have voted for the opposition. more ...
  • 143) 12:14 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Jaffna voter finds he has already cast his ballot
    A pensioner in the war-torn Jaffna peninsula arrived to vote on Wednesday morning in Sri Lanka's parliamentary election only to find his ballot had already been cast. Heeding government pleas to vote early in the day, Arasanayagam Beerasingam found his name had already been crossed off the list as having voted at the polling station at Nallur, on the outskirts of Jaffna city. "I am very angry, the officers are saying that they can't do anything about it," Beerasingam said. He did not have the telltale indelible blue ink on one of his fingers either, a mark given by polling stations to show voters have cast their vote. more ...
  • 144) 12:11 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + French poll monitor attacked in Sri Lanka vote
    A French woman monitoring Sri Lanka's parliamentary election came under attack Wednesday in President Chandrika Kumaratunga's home constituency. Vanessa Gosselin, who works for the Paris-based watchdog Reporters Sans Frontiers (Reporters Without Borders), was observing the vote as a member of a foreign election monitoring group. She said her car was damaged and her interpreter assaulted while she was watching proceedings in Gampaha, where there have been several violent clashes between police and voters. "I was unhurt but I am shaken," Gosselin said. "It is the first time I have experienced anything like this. It was incredibly violent." more ...
  • 145) 12:08 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Rigging, blockades, bloodshed colour Sri Lanka poll
    Violence and vote rigging marred Sri Lanka's parliamentary polls on Wednesday as the government closed checkpoints in the war-torn north and east, preventing tens of thousands of minority Tamils from voting. Local and international election monitors were among those attacked by armed gangs who took over some polling stations and even took control of one town, the monitors said. more ...
  • 146) 12:01 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + SLA bars thousands of Tamils from voting in Batticaloa

    Sri Lanka's Demo-crazy
    @ EPDP rigs polls in Jaffna, Mannar
    @ Voters stopped by SLA demonstrate in Mankerni
    @ STF stops voters, assaults TNA candidate
    @ Ballot boxes burnt in Sri Lanka
    The Sri Lanka army barred thousands of Tamil voters in Batticaloa Wednesday from casting their votes. SLA sources in the east claimed that the main entry points from the district's western hinterland were closed on a special directive from President Chandrika Kumaratunga. More than 45,000 voters would not be able to cast their ballot because of the Presidential directive to shut down the entry points, Mr. Pon Selvarasa, ex-MP for Batticaloa and a candidate of the Tamil National Alliance said. more ...
  • 147) 02:50 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Ban on Tamils voting in Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka closed a check-point in the north of the island, preventing thousands of minority Tamils from voting in Wednesday's parliamentary elections, officials said. Military authorities confirmed they shut down the Piramanalankulam check-point despite mounting protests from political parties and poll monitors to allow civilians in rebel-held areas to vote. "The government is using the foulest of means to win the election," said V. Anandasangari, the vice president of the TULF. "Under normal circumstances we would have swept, but now our chances have been greatly affected." more ...
  • 148) 02:43 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + A Commentary on:
    Foreign Minister L. Kadirgamar’s Response to Mr. V. Pirapaharan’s Maveerar Day Address.
    Chandrika Kumaratunge chose Kadirgamar as her Foreign Minister to promote her Terrorism theme, and Neelan Tiruchelvam to promote her (pseudo) peace package to impress the international community. Both these ‘Tamils’ did an admirable job in the eyes of the Sinhala people. Neither, however, had the mandate or the confidence of the Tamil people. They were not elected; they were merely appointed as Members of Parliament, for specific tasks. Mr. Kadirgamar’s assignment was to label, demean and isolate the Liberation Tigers as a terrorist organization and get them proscribed internationally. more ...
  • 149) 23:15 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Opposition takes early lead in Sri Lanka vote
    Sri Lanka Demo-Crazy Election
    The Postal Votes

    Vanni District
    Jaffna District
    Batticaloa District
    Sri Lanka's main opposition took an early lead in the parliamentary elections, taking five out of 10 areas counted so far, officials said Thursday. The first 10 constituencies announced showed that the main opposition United National Party (UNP) had taken five while the ruling People's Alliance (PA) was trailing with three and a Tamil party two. The postal ballots, or the votes of public servants cast before Wednesday's poll, showed that the opposition was leading although it was too early to indicate any definite trend. Officials said the close fight between the two main parties has delayed the result after re-counting was ordered in many places. more ...
  • 150) 22:14 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Sri Lankan polls: Candidates angry, monitors want repoll
    Tamil politicians and local and international election monitors have accused the Sri Lankan Government of disenfranchising thousands of Tamils and violating their fundamental rights by not allowing people in LTTE-held areas to vote in today's parliamentary elections. ``It is an infringement of the Constitution,'' said Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham, a candidate of the four-party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) from Batticaloa. more ...
  • 151) 02:39 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Violence threat to Sri Lanka poll
    Sri Lankans go to the polls on Wednesday after a divisive campaign described by monitors as the most violent in recent history. Voters are being asked to choose a new parliament barely a year after the last elections failed to produce a single winner, and the People's Alliance of President Chandrika Kumaratunga formed a coalition which finally lost its majority. more ...
  • 152) 22:09 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Some 70 Pct. of Sri Lankans Vote
    Sri Lanka Demo-Crazy Election Results
    The Postal Votes

    Vanni District
    Jaffna District
    Batticaloa District
    Parliamentary elections plagued by violence ended Wednesday amid killings, ballot-stealing and an army blockade that prevented up to 130,000 minority Tamils from reaching the polls. More than 70 percent of Sri Lanka's 12.4 million eligible voters cast ballots for the 225-seat Parliament, the national Election Commission reported. Results from three of the country's 22 districts showed the governing People's Alliance and the main opposition United National Party running neck and neck. more ...
  • 153) 22:02 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + PAFFREL/MFFE: PRESS RELEASE - Election Day Communique
    Sri Lanka Demo-Crazy Election Results
    - The Postal Votes

    Vanni District
    Jaffna District
    Batticaloa District
    The preliminary observations of the mobile monitors indicate that the conditions for a free and fair election did not exist in the electorates of Hiriyala (Kurunegala District); Patha Dumbara, Nawalapitiya and Gampola (Kandy District); Laggala and Matale (Matale District); Katana (Gampaha District). PAFFREL/ MFFE believes that these violations were of sufficient seriousness to merit a re-poll. At this election, PAFFREL/ MFFE observers from Batticaloa and Vavuniya reported that voters from the areas controlled by the LTTE were unable to cast their votes due to the closure of checkpoints by the armed forces. This deprived a significant proportion of the population of these two districts from exercising their franchise and will have a bearing on the outcome of the poll in the two districts. more ...
  • 154) 20:29 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Curfew imposed as violence mars Sri Lanka vote
    Sri Lanka Demo-Crazy Election Results
    - The Postal Votes

    Vanni District
    Jaffna District
    Batticaloa District
    Sri Lanka imposed an overnight curfew on Wednesday after the country voted for a new parliament in an election overshadowed by political bloodshed and bickering over how to best deal with separatist Tamil Tiger rebels. Results were expected to filter in throughout the night but final tallies would not be known until Thursday. Even that was in doubt due to calls for fresh elections in some areas because of violence, allegations of fraud and government moves that prevented tens of thousands of Tamils from voting. more ...
  • 155) 18:07 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + SLA allows EPDP, PA to rig at bridge
    A lecturer at the Jaffna University and three undergraduates were attacked by an armed gang of the Eelam People’s Democratic Party on the Palam Road near Arasadi junction close to Jaffna. In Batticaloa, a grenade was lobbed at the residence of the Tamil National Alliance candidate Indrakumar Prasanna in the heart of the high security zone in the eastern town. Election officials in Batticaloa said that although the Sri Lanka army claimed that it had barred Tamils from coming through the entry point at Vavunathivu near the eastern town for security reasons, goons of the People’s Alliance and the EPDP rigged thousands of votes at the clustered booths here from morning. more ...
  • 156) 16:45 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Election monitor calls for re-polling in Sri Lanka
    An independent election monitoring body Wednesday said Sri Lanka's general election had been "severely marred" by widespread ballot rigging and violence and called for partial re-voting. The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) called on the election commissioner, Dayananda Disanayaka, to order repolling in the areas where the electoral system had been abused. "According to reports we have received from our network of polls monitors... we are convinced that today's election has been severely marred by widespread incidents of violence, rigging and other electoral malpractices," the CMEV said in a letter to the commissioner. more ...
  • 157) 16:23 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Violence and fraud claims mar Sri Lanka election
    Sri Lankans voted for a new parliament on Wednesday in an election overshadowed by political bloodshed and a long-running separatist Tamil rebellion in the north. Polls closed after a day marred by violence, allegations of fraud and calls for fresh elections in areas where government moves prevented tens of thousands of Tamils from voting. more ...
  • 158) 14:28 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Election violence in Sri Lanka foreshadows further political turmoil
    Sri Lankans vote in a general election today after an 11-week election campaign that has been dominated by bitter rivalry between the ruling Peoples Alliance (PA) and the opposition United National Party (UNP). The high level of violence that has characterised the poll points to the sharp underlying tensions and a state of continuing crisis within the country’s political establishment. more ...
  • 159) 14:07 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Machine guns and queues on Sri Lanka's day of democracy
    Pushpa Kumara displayed the bruises on his face as he stood in front of a van with shattered windows and burst tyres. He is one more victim of the bitter political rivalry in Sri Lanka that marred the run-up to Wednesday's general election. Kumara, 42, who lives in the village of Mudalathkuliya, 120 kilometresmiles) north of Colombo, said thugs had come an hour after polling began at 7:00 am (0100 GMT). "About 35 men armed with machine guns came here and hit me. Then they shot at the van and smashed the windscreen and shot the tyres." more ...
  • 160) 14:04 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Tamils seek fresh poll after Sri Lanka blocks voters
    Sri Lanka's moderate Tamil parties and election monitors Wednesday demanded fresh polls in the embattled northern and eastern regions where nearly 100,000 people were prevented from casting their ballots in the general election. Four Tamil parties and election monitoring groups, including a European Union observer mission, condemned the Sri Lankan government's decision to close checkpoints which prevented civilians in rebel-held areas from reaching polling stations. The four-party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said the closure of checkpoints in Vavuniya, Trincomalee and Batticaloa prevented at least 100,000 Tamils reaching government-held towns to cast their ballots for a new parliament. more ...
  • 161) 13:36 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + 10 killed in Pathadumbara, Kandy
    At least ten supporters of UNF candidate Rauf Hakeem were killed by unidentified gunmen in Udatalawinna, Pathadumbara, near Kandy, according to Katugastota police. Their vehicle had been sprayed with bullets and bombs were thrown later, killing six inside. Four critically wounded people were admitted to hospital but succumbed to their injuries. The gunmen, dressed like army or policemen, were believed to be working for a PA strongman in Kandy. more ...
  • 162) 02:34 GMT, Dec. 5, 2001 |  + Hare and tortoise in survival-of-the-fittest Sri Lanka vote
    Rabbits, tortoises, elephants and eagles are in the running at Sri Lanka's parliamentary elections Wednesday after a five week-long campaign often ruled by the law of the jungle. Even though Sri Lanka boasts a high literacy rate in Asia, second only to Japan, parties are identified by symbols to ensure that even the few who are unable to read and write can vote by marking an X in front of a symbol. Bull-drawn carts and three-wheel autorickshaws compete at the elections already marred by violence that claimed the lives of at least 41 people and wounded more than 700 others during the campaign period. more ...
  • 163) 17:54 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + Sri Lankan army 'retakes ground'
    The army in Sri Lanka says it has captured more ground from the rebel Tamil Tigers in the northern Jaffna peninsula. A defence ministry statement said troops had taken about six kilometres of territory in the Chavakachcheri area, including part of the A-9 road that leads to Jaffna town. more ...
  • 164) 17:51 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + Sri Lankan envoy says ethnic war may end soon
    Sri Lanka is optimistic that its protracted and bloody ethnic war will end soon, the new High Commissioner to New Delhi Senake Bandaranayake said Tuesday. Bandaranayake told foreign journalists that Norwegian efforts at brokering peace between Colombo and Tamil Tiger rebels were likely to soon bear fruit. He said his government was "hopeful of a positive outcome. more ...
  • 165) 17:50 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + Lanka against India's direct involvement on LTTE issue
    Sri Lanka would welcome regular exchange of information and dialogue with India on the LTTE issue but would not like New Delhi's direct involvement, diplomatic sources said in New Delhi on Tuesday. ''It is like a marriage gone sour. The neighbor can't be indifferent to the problems in your house but you cannot allow him to interfere in your matters,'' the sources said while commenting on whether Sri Lanka would invite direct involvement from India. more ...
  • 166) 13:01 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka unveils interim budget as conflict pushes spending higher
    Sri Lanka Tuesday announced that defence spending this year had overshot original budget estimates by nearly two thirds as Tamil Tiger guerrillas escalated their attacks in the island's north. Deputy finance minister G. L. Peiris told parliament that the defence spending this year was expected to be around 83 billion rupees (1.04 billion dollars) compared to the original estimate of 52.43 billion rupees. Peiris, who is also industrial development minister, said the defence burden was causing tremendous pressure on economic management and the government was unable to maintain its targets for the budget deficit. more ...
  • 167) 12:59 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + Anti-Mine Campaigners Renew Pressure
    Anti-land mine campaigners marked Monday's third anniversary of the signing of a global treaty to ban the weapons with a call on 54 governments to drop their ``excuses'' for staying out of the accord. The treaty, clinched in Ottawa, Canada on Dec. 4, 1997, has now been signed by 139 countries and ratified by 109. It bans stockpiles of mines and commits nations to destroy stocks within four years and clear all mines from their territories in 10 years. more ...
  • 168) 12:52 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + Eelavendan, Lankan Tamil deported
    In a clear signal to the federal government of its intent to curb separatism, the Tamil Nadu government has deported a Sri Lankan Tamil man suspected of links with the Tamil Tigers. Eelavendam, apparently the leader of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Front (TELF), a pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) outfit, was put on a flight to Colombo by an intelligence official Monday, sources here said. Eelavendam was asked to leave because "his visa had expired and he had overstayed in the country," the sources said. The Tamil Tamilar Iyakkam (Movement for Tamil and Tamils), a separatist group, has criticized the deportation. more ...
  • 169) 12:41 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + SLA starts another operation for Jaffna road
    The Sri Lankan army launched an operation towards areas held by the Liberation Tigers west of Chavakachcheri in Jaffna Tuesday morning. SLA troops backed by artillery and armour are attempting to advance on the A9 highway in the direction of Navatkuli sources said. The LTTE held areas between Jaffna and Chavakachcheri were bombed heavily by the Sri Lanka Air Force since Saturday. The SLA is bombarding suspected LTTE positions east of Jaffna town with Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers sources said. more ...
  • 170) 05:19 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + Split in Sri Lanka's Sinhala extremists signals emergence of a fascist organisation
    In the aftermath of the Sri Lankan general elections in October, a bitter faction fight opened up in the extreme rightwing grouping, Sihala Urumaya (SU) or Sinhala Heritage, over who was going to take the single parliamentary seat that the party had won in the poll. The dispute, which led to the resignation of party president S.L. Gunasekera and seven other SU central committee members, heralds the transformation of the party into an openly fascistic organisation. more ...
  • 171) 23:25 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + Open Letter to The Hon. Kalaignar Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu - India
    It will be preposterous to say you are not aware of the dangers a Tamil faces and that too a Tamil who openly criticizes the Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist Government for its murderous stance towards Tamils in Sri Lanka. You are one of the few last vestiges of the Periyar persona and Anna era warrior entrusted with the task to continue to bring some semblance of respectability to Tamil and Tamils in a country dominated by immigrants ancient and modern in the North. more ...
  • 172) 05:17 GMT, Dec. 5, 2000 |  + LTTE supporter deported
    A Sri Lankan Tamil and LTTE supporter, Mr. M. K. Eelavendhan, who had been residing in Chennai for more than a decade, was deported to Colombo today flowing a Union Home Ministry directive. Mr. Eelavendhan, a TULF functionary-turned- LTTE supporter, was picked up for enquiry from his Arumbakkam residence around 5 a.m. and put on a Colombo flight. more ...
  • 173) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1999 |  + Vanni debacle: Chandrika’s Dien Bien Phu
    No details available. more ...
  • 174) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1999 |  + PLOTE meets President over Vanni, elections
    No details available. more ...
  • 175) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1999 |  + Tamil parties split over candidates
    No details available. more ...
  • 176) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1999 |  + Presidential election - a comical circus: Tamil perspective
    No details available. more ...
  • 177) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1999 |  + Heroes Day Speech : Tigers sing the praises of the fallen
    No details available. more ...
  • 178) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1999 |  + Release of Sri Lanka soldiers postponed
    No details available. more ...
  • 179) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1998 |  + Black day for human rights
    No details available. more ...
  • 180) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1998 |  + Tiger shadow over Batticaloa - `Heroes don't die. They live with others.'
    No details available. more ...
  • 181) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1998 |  + "Prabhakaran has given the opening for peace" - Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, Bishop of the Diocese of Mannar ( Excerpts of the interview)
    No details available. more ...
  • 182) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1998 |  + Pictures of LTTE aircraft released
    No details available. more ...
  • 183) 11:11 GMT, Dec. 05, 1998 |  + Sri Lankan civilians flee fighting
    No details available. more ...
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