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October 16, 2019 - Memory of the Day

Sri Lanka Stands Up to Extremism

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Gary Anandasangaree

Important Incidents

  • 1997 | A Tamil woman was raped and murdered
    Tamil woman was raped and murdered in Amparai by Sri Lankan police and homeguards.The Sinhalese forces butchered her private parts after gang - raping her.
  • Human Rights Violations

  • 1990 | At least 7 people killed
    At 4a.m 7 refugee boats set out from Thiriyai in Trincomalee to Mullaitivu in the north. The boats were attacked by Naval gun boats. One refugee boat drowned. 4 men, 2 women and a small boy died. One man has escaped by swimming to the shore. The fate of other 6 boats are not known.
  • 1997 | A Tamil woman is raped and murdered by sinhalese police
    A 49-year old Tamil woman, Thankanayaki, has been raped and murdered in Amparai by Sinhalese police and homeguards. In an exclusive interview to the press, her son said the Sinhalese security forces butchered her private parts after gang-raping her. Such instances of rape and brutality by Sinhalese forces occupying the island's eastern Tamil province are not uncommon. It will be recalled that a Tamil mother of four, Koneswary, was gang-raped raped and killed by Sinhalese police on 18 May. After that rape, police inserted a grenade into her genitals and blew her up.
  • 2000 | Police shoot inside eastcoast Mosque
    Schools, shops and government offices were partly shut down Monday in the eastern Muslim town of Akkaraipattu, 64 kilometers south of Batticaloa on the southeastern coast of the island, in protest over Sri Lankan Police shooting and wounding five people in the town's main Mosque Saturday midnight.
  • Innocent People Killed

  • 1996 | T.Sutharsan [ 12 M from Gnaniamadam Pooneryn ]
    A farther and son were killed instantly by a pressure mine planted by Sri Lankan soldiers.
  • 1996 | K.Thanapalasingam [ 36 M from Gnaniamadam Pooneryn ]
    A farther and son were killed instantly by a pressure mine planted by Sri Lankan soldiers.
  • 1997 | Thanganayaki [ 49 F from Amparai ]
    She was raped and murdered by Sri Lankan police and homeguards.
  • Thirukural - திருக்குறள்

  • Kural: 751 | பொருளல் லவரைப் பொருளாகச் செய்யும்
    பொருளல்ல தில்லை பொருள்.
    Nothing exists save wealth, that can
    Change man of nought to worthy man.
    - 76 76
  • Oct 16 TamilCanadian News Archives

  • 1) Oct 16, 2017 14:10:04 GMT |  + India takes on China at another battlefront: A Sri Lankan airport
    The Doklam conflict between India and China amply highlighted the fight between the two countries for supremacy in South Asia. India is strongly asserting against China which is trying to build strategic assets in the garb of infrastructure projects all around India. It is the continuation of the old Chinese 'String of Pearls' policy that aims at ring-fencing India. But now India seems to be determined to fight China on all fronts in South Asia. more ...
  • 2) Oct 16, 2017 14:08:45 GMT |  + EU approval of Sri Lankan labour standards whitewashes abuse
    Fashion giants like H&M and Zara stand to save millions on tariff-free exports from Sri Lanka. The EU has again granted the country a ‘preferential’ trade concession earlier withdrawn in response to human rights abuses of Tamils in the final stages of the civil war. In response to an outcry from civil society and unions, a delegation from the EU is now in Sri Lanka to decide on how to adequately monitor labour standards. It sounds abstract enough. But in reality what it amounts to for workers on the ground is the difference between getting paid enough to live – or not. more ...
  • 3) Oct 16, 2017 14:05:48 GMT |  + The Dark Side of Norochcholai
    The term “sustainable development” has been increasingly used among the global community since the 1992 Rio Summit. To achieve this, environmental conservation, supported at a policy level, is crucial. Yet energy production is increasing to keep up with continued industrialisation, globally. Traditionally, these energy needs were fulfilled by burning hydrocarbon as fuel. Over time, this led to environmental problems such as global warming and acid rain. Researchers found that the main reason for these eco-hazards was the burning of hydrocarbons, including coal and liquid fuel. more ...
  • 4) Oct 16, 2017 14:02:34 GMT |  + China's lucrative embrace of Sri Lanka stirs unease
    Some 600 years ago, the great Chinese explorer Zheng He and his vast armada frequented Sri Lanka, including landing once to kidnap an uncooperative king. It was all part of the admiral's decades-long exploration of South and South-east Asia, even to the east coast of Africa - before China would mysteriously turn inwards again. Now, China is reasserting itself across Asia with a scheme that involves massive infrastructure investment for cash-strapped nations, ranging from ports to railways, urban redevelopment projects and even cultural centres. more ...
  • 5) Oct 16, 2016 11:07:16 GMT |  + Espionage, several new offences in new Counter Terrorism Act
    The policy denies a suspect the right of access to an attorney before his or her first statement is recorded by police. Access is only permitted following the recording of the first statement or the expiry of 48 hours from the time of his or her arrest, whichever occurs first. Under admissibility of evidence is a statement made by any person to a Magistrate in terms of the provisions of the act, if the making of such statement is held by the High Court to be made in compliance with section 24 of the Evidence Ordinance; and confessional statement made to a police officer.
  • 6) Oct 16, 2015 19:02:26 GMT |  + The challenge of doing what is right in Sri Lanka
    In principle, the transitional justice mechanisms proposed by the Sri Lankan government through the resolution are positive. But the devil will be in the details. Who will be appointed to run these proposed mechanisms? How will they be appointed? What will be their mandate and way of operating? Answers to these will be key to its success. The government has stressed consultations with all parties — but there is nothing to indicate that insights and inputs will be taken into account, especially by victims and their families, the majority of whom are Tamils. more ...
  • 7) Oct 16, 2015 16:56:29 GMT |  + Arrest in apartment Break-and-Enter investigation
    The Toronto Police Service would like to inform the public of an arrest in an apartment Break-and-Enter investigation. On Friday, August 28, 2015, police responded to a call about a man breaking into an apartment in the Sheppard Ave East and Pharmacy Avenue area. It is alleged that: - a man used a universal key to gain entry - once inside, he stole a number of personal cheques - he then attempted to cash the cheques...Thiveeharan Indralingam, 25 was scheduled to appear in court at 1911 Eglinton Avenue East on Thursday, October 15, 2015, 2 p.m., courtroom 412. Police believe there may be other victims. more ...
  • 8) Oct 16, 2015 10:27:47 GMT |  + NDP in tough, Liberals looking good in GTA, says analyst
    The Greater Toronto Area may be awash in a sea of red after election day, says the man behind CBC's poll tracker. In the last election, the Conservatives took 29 of the 44 seats in the Greater Toronto Area. In Toronto, the Conservatives and NDP won eight seats apiece, and the Liberals won six. "Now when we're looking at the polls we're seeing the Liberals doing very well in Ontario and also doing very well in Toronto and the GTA," Grenier said. "So when we look at those numbers a sweep or a possible sweep, or a virtual sweep, is certainly possible." more ...
  • 9) Oct 16, 2015 10:23:11 GMT |  + Stephen Harper seeks to tap into Ford Nation voter base
    "He is that desperate," said Scott Reid, a political strategist and former senior adviser to Paul Martin. "That things are that low, that frankly he has to denigrate himself in that way. I can't imagine for one moment that Stephen Harper has an ounce of time, or an inch of respect, for either one of the Fords. "He's saying to Canadians, 'There's no depth to which I won't descend in the hunt for the single last vote." The brothers' support comes as Rob Ford's former chief of staff Mark Towhey has released a book including graphic details of his former boss's abusive behaviour, including a "no-holds barred screaming fest" Ford had with his wife. more ...
  • 10) Oct 16, 2015 10:19:49 GMT |  + Time and strategy were on the Liberals’ side
    The road not taken is always the biggest source of campaign regrets. Poet Robert Frost chose the “less travelled” one, writing, “that has made all the difference.” Two campaigns – the Conservatives and the NDP – chose more well-worn campaign strategies. The Liberals chose the opposite. On this final election weekend, it is the Liberals who lead in voting intentions, not their opponents. It has made all the difference. more ...
  • 11) Oct 16, 2015 10:15:43 GMT |  + Tamil activist demands referendum in Sri Lanka
    Thirumurugan Gandhi, a Chennai-based prominent Tamil activist, on Thursday demanded human rights wing of the United Nations to conduct an investigation into the "genocide" in Sri Lanka in the last leg of the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). "India not consulting its foreign policy with Tamil Nadu is a 'violation' of its federal structure." "I am making two more demands to the United Nations. First, there should be a referendum among Tamil people in Sri Lanka and second that India should come forward and accept its mistake on Sri Lanka relationship," Gandhi said. Hence, an international investigation into the "falling" graph of human rights is a must and so is a referendum for Tamil people in Srilanka, he said. more ...
  • 12) Oct 16, 2015 10:13:29 GMT |  + Veteran Eezham Tamil academic, diaspora leader Theva Rajan passes away
    Mr. Arumugam Thevarajan, who was contributing to the language, history, culture, rights, media and social welfare of Eezham Tamils in the island and in the diaspora for nearly six decades, passed away in New Zealand on Wednesday at the age of 81. Joining the Ceylon government clerical service in the 1950s, and posted in the police department at Puththa'lam, Theva Rajan resigned his job protesting the ‘Sinhala Only’ Act of 1956. Since then, he was determined and steadfast in devoting an entire life for the national identity development and sociocultural infrastructure development of the nation of Eezham Tamils. He was silently working behind many of the fundamentally important heritage and political pursuits of Eezham Tamils. more ...
  • 13) Oct 16, 2014 19:56:55 GMT |  + New Zealand has won one of five two-year seats on the United Nations Security Council
    New Zealand, Malaysia, Angola, Spain and Venezuela have won seats on the United Nations Security Council for two years from January 1, 2015. They are the newest members to the top UN body, which has the power to impose sanctions and authorise the use of force.The 193-member UN General Assembly elected Venezuela with 181 votes, Malaysia with 187 votes and Angola with 190 votes.All three countries campaigned unopposed for their seats after being chosen as the candidates for their respective regional groups, but still needed to win the votes of two-thirds of the General Assembly to secure their spots. more ...
  • 14) Oct 16, 2014 14:23:18 GMT |  + Sri Lanka: Comments on military presence in Northern Province - Col. R. Hariharan
    This has helped to create paranoia about the revival of Tamil militancy among Sinhala population. Politically it suits Rajapaksa to keep this paranoia alive to retain Southern Sinhala support intact. It also provides a justification for the army’s continued presence in strength in Northern Province. On the other hand TNA often speaks in two voices due to schism within the leadership in taking a more pragmatic approach to curb separatist and militant voices within the leadership. So the ethnic suspicions continue to remain in Sri Lanka colouring all political actions.
  • 15) Oct 16, 2014 14:14:23 GMT |  + Rudhramoorthy Cheran ~ A Brave Tamil Poet
    A focus on ethnicity, identity and international development are all valuably important themes to Cheran.Beginning his creative career by writing street plays and poetry, Cheran progressed into political journalism and continued to write poems as well. “For anyone that reads my poems from 1980 all the way up until May 2009, they can see a history of Tamil people and of National oppression. It’s very significantly weaved into my poetry.” The only tool of retaliation he chose was through his writing, and he recalls: “The trauma, the pain, the suffering, the blood, the tears.” more ...
  • 16) Oct 16, 2014 13:55:46 GMT |  + Death threats en masse for Sri Lankan journalists
    The government vowed to investigate after dozens of Sri Lankan journalists and rights monitors received death threats yesterday from an ultra-nationalist group. The journalists and civil society members recieved threatening text messages and phone calls from a group called Rata Beragath Deshapremi Balakaya ("patriotic force that salvaged the country"), which vowed they would “attack” should the reporters attend a planned investigating journalism workshop hosted by Transparency International Sri Lanka. more ...
  • 17) Oct 16, 2014 13:05:16 GMT |  + Deadly Alliances Against Muslims
    On his 79th birthday in July, the Dalai Lama appealed to Buddhist extremist groups in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to stop instigating attacks against Muslim minorities that have killed scores. Instead, in an affront to Buddhism’s core message of compassion, leaders of those groups announced an alliance to make common cause against Muslims.It is folly for the governments of Mr. Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka, President Thein Sein of Myanmar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India, or their political allies, to give even the appearance of tolerating these Islamophobic groups in a region that has too often been convulsed by religious sectarian violence. They should condemn this mad alliance before it can spread further.
  • 18) Oct 16, 2014 12:39:15 GMT |  + EU court cancels Tamil Tiger sanctions on technicality
    EU judges struck down anti-terrorism sanctions imposed on the Tamil Tigers by the European Union, citing a technicality, but said on Thursday that the assets of the Sri Lankan group should remain frozen for the time being.However, the court rejected the LTTE's contention that it was exempt from EU anti-terrorism legislation because it was engaged in an "armed conflict" with the Sri Lankan government and bound by the laws of war. The court, which stressed it was taking no view on whether the LTTE was a terrorist organisation, said EU laws on terrorism also applied to armed conflicts.
  • 19) Oct 16, 2013 20:36:59 GMT |  + Commonwealth: Don’t Award Sri Lanka Chairmanship
    Commonwealth foreign ministers should not award Sri Lanka the two-year chairmanship of the Commonwealth after it hosts the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in November 2013. The Committee of the Whole, made up of Commonwealth foreign ministers, will meet on October 17-18 in London to finalize the agenda for the meetings in Colombo on November 15-17. “It’s bad enough that the Commonwealth has allowed a government accused of massive rights abuses and war crimes to host its summit,” said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “But to effectively put the Commonwealth in the hands of an unrepentant government that doesn’t meet the Commonwealth’s official values on democracy or human rights would be the height of hypocrisy.”
  • 20) Oct 16, 2013 20:36:20 GMT |  + Khuram Shaikh: Sri Lanka urged to speed up death probe
    Britain has urged Sri Lanka to speed up the investigation into the death of aid worker Khuram Shaikh, who was killed on holiday on Christmas Day 2011. Sri Lanka's High Commissioner John Rankin said he hoped progress would be made following David Cameron's visit for a Commonwealth summit. Red Cross worker Mr Shaikh, 32, from Milnrow, Rochdale was shot and stabbed. The main suspect has links to the government. Eight people have been arrested and bailed so far. more ...
  • 21) Oct 16, 2013 20:35:51 GMT |  + Indian foreign minister’s unproductive visit to Sri Lanka
    Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid left Colombo virtually empty-handed after his two-day visit to Sri Lanka last week. Although India gained an economic concession—an investment opportunity for a coal-powered electricity plant in eastern Sri Lanka—its call for a “political solution,” i.e., a power-sharing arrangement, between the island’s dominant Sinhala elite and its Tamil and Muslim counterparts, received a cold response.
  • 22) Oct 16, 2013 10:21:36 GMT |  + Lanka must give up armed action: Jaya
    Flaying the Centre for taking “little or no act­ion to convey India’s strong protest” to Sri Lanka to stop the frequ­ent attacks on Indian fishermen, chief minister J. Jayalalithaa urged PM Manmohan Singh to “impress upon the isla­nd nation in strongest possible manner to discontinue military action against our unarmed poor fishermen.” The Centre’s attitude towards Tamil Nadu fishermen was in stark contrast to its response to the recent incident of firing on Guj­arat fishermen. It lost no time in conveying its stern res­ponse by summoning the Deputy High Comm­issi­o­ner of Paki­stan to communicate its protest. more ...
  • 23) Oct 16, 2013 10:19:10 GMT |  + Britain demands 'concrete progress' on Sri Lanka rights
    Britain will use next month's Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka to pressure Colombo to make "concrete progress" on human rights and to probe war crimes, the British high commissioner said Wednesday. "The British government will come with a clear message that Sri Lanka needs to make concrete progress on human rights, reconciliation and a political settlement," British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka John Rankin. told the Foreign Correspondents' Association in Colombo. International rights groups have said up to 40,000 civilians may have been killed in the final offensive against Tamil Tiger rebels in 2009, a charge denied by Colombo. more ...
  • 24) Oct 16, 2012 12:57:17 GMT |  + Radovan Karadzic begins Bosnia war crimes defence
    Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has begun his defence at his war crimes trial by denying the charges and saying he should instead be rewarded for "reducing suffering". He told the court in The Hague he was a "tolerant man" who had sought peace. Mr Karadzic was arrested in Belgrade in 2008 after almost 13 years on the run. more ...
  • 25) Oct 16, 2012 12:54:50 GMT |  + Norway Peace Initiative Chief’s Ongoing UN Role Scrutinized
    In April, Petrie, who formally retired from the UN in November 2010, was appointed to serve as the chief of a panel convened by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to examine the UN’s own actions during the final months of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009. The panel was created following heavy criticism of the way Ban and his then envoy to Sri Lanka,Vijay Namibar, responded to a massive humanitarian crisis that unfolded as the Sri Lankan military launched a major offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that killed thousands of unarmed Tamil civilians in the process. Petrie’s working for the Norwegian government while at the same time working for the UN panel could be in conflict with the UN Charter depending on how it is interpreted. more ...
  • 26) Oct 16, 2012 12:49:01 GMT |  + Main Tamil party in Sri Lanka says no deal on political talks
    Sri Lanka's main minority Tamil political party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), on Tuesday said it has not reached an agreement on resuming political talks with the government. TNA legislator Suresh Premachandran told Xinhua that there are still pending issues which need to be addressed before talks can resume with the Sri Lankan government aimed at reaching a political solution for the Tamils. Talks between the government and the TNA have remained stalled since late last year after the government insisted that the TNA join a parliamentary process to discuss the political solution with other political parties.
  • 27) Oct 16, 2012 9:56:50 GMT |  + Ex-CJ says if not for his order Mahinda won’t be President today
    Former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva said yesterday that President Mahinda Rajapaksa would not have become the President of Sri Lanka if not for the Supreme Court ruling to release him in the Helping Hambantota case.“We did this expecting Mahinda Rajapaksa in turn would safeguard the rights of the other people but it is not happening today,” the former CJ claimed. “There are many complaints that it was I who was responsible to bring Rajapaksa into power. I admit it since Mahinda Rajapaksa was freed to become president because of this decision by the Supreme Court,” he said.
  • 28) Oct 16, 2011 14:32:57 GMT |  + Sri Lanka diplomat accused of war crimes
    SRI LANKA'S high commissioner to Australia, former admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, should be investigated for war crimes, a brief before the Australian Federal Police says. The submission, from the International Commission of Jurists' Australian section, has compiled what a source has told the Herald is direct and credible evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Sri Lanka Navy. more ...
  • 29) Oct 16, 2011 14:31:43 GMT |  + Sri Lankans treated Fox's best man as 'key contact of his office
    Adam Werritty was described as a member of Liam Fox’s private ‘office’ in a confidential written agreement between the former Minister and the Sri Lankan government. The five-page document obtained by The Mail on Sunday appears to undermine his claim that his best man never had any official role. A copy of the five-page agreement concerning a mysterious trust set up by the two men lays bare the extent of Mr Werritty’s work in representing the Minister’s interests in Sri Lanka. more ...
  • 30) Oct 16, 2011 11:38:13 GMT |  + Govt. adopts two-pronged strategy on international relations: Boosting relations with China, normalizing links with US military
    In the wake of ongoing international attempts to isolate Sri Lanka over accountability issues, President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government is boosting its relations with China, while normalizing relations with the US military. US joined UK in declining an invitation for a Defence Ministry seminar in Colombo to share Sri Lanka’s experience in defeating LTTE terrorism in the wake of war crimes allegations targeting Sri Lanka.
  • 31) Oct 16, 2011 5:14:57 GMT |  + Criminal Governance
    Rajapaksa Security State, insecurity is the common condition of the rest of us… Impunity makes jungles out of civilised societies, where the big and the powerful prey on those smaller and weaker, at will. In such lawless-states, violent death can befall any citizen who incurs the ire of someone stronger. When governance is criminalised, all are unsafe, from beggars to Presidential advisors…. Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra was a veteran SLFPer. During Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga’s presidency, Premachandra was that rare thing – a Mahinda Rajapaksa loyalist. more ...
  • 32) Oct 16, 2011 5:13:42 GMT |  + Citizens’ profile in electronic registry
    An Electronic National Registry project under the Ministry of Defence costing more than Rs 14.5 billion will store personal data of all Sri Lankans. The issue of a new Electronic National Identity Card (ENIC), as announced by the Government in July this year, will be issued free to all Sri Lankans based on the data stored in this Registry. This will replace the NICs issued by the Department for the Registration of Persons. Such data will also be sold to state sector institutions, financial institutions and others approved by the Ministry. In addition, law enforcement agencies will have easy access to verify personal details of any Sri Lankans within minutes, under the new project.
  • 33) Oct 16, 2011 5:12:22 GMT |  + TNA to brief Clinton on talks with Govt.
    A four-member Tamil National Alliance (TNA) delegation led by parliamentary group leader R. Sampanthan will leave for Washington on October 25 following an invitation from the US government. The visit comes at a time when the talks between the government and the TNA remain stalled. TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran, a member of the TNA delegation to Washington, said they would meet US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Assistant Secretary of State Robert O Blake, among others and brief them on the status of the TNA’s talks with the government. He pointed out that this was the first time that the US government had invited a Tamil political delegation from Sri Lanka for talks.
  • 34) Oct 16, 2011 5:11:55 GMT |  + When The Elected Government Is Not What Rules The Citizen
    It is a shock that the incident that took place last Saturday happened under President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government. We have to enforce the law against the ‘barbarians’ who assassinated former parliamentarian and Presidential Advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra and social justice needs to be put in place as a tribute to him.” General Secretary of the SLFP and Minister Maithripala Sirisena, in his funeral oration Leslie Devendra, the veteran SLFP trade unionist and a close colleague of slain Bharatha Lakshman was quoted in the media as saying, “Unfortunate incidents like these are due to freedom granted to persons involved in carrying out heinous crimes.
  • 35) Oct 16, 2011 5:11:15 GMT |  + Government Rejects New Summons On MR
    The government will not respond to the summons issued on President Mahinda Rajapaksa by a US court even if it is published in the local media, the Attorney General’s department said. Deputy Solicitor General Jayantha Jayasuriya told The Sunday Leader that the US District Court has not issued valid reasons as to why the President should respond to the summons. It was reported on Friday that in a precedent setting order issued by the District Court of the District of Columbia on Thursday on the case against President Rajapaksa filed by three Tamil plaintiffs, Judge Kotelly authorized service by “posting the full summons and complaint on the main page of the TamilNet website,” and by publication in two Sri Lankan newspapers.
  • 36) Oct 16, 2010 23:54:36 GMT |  + You Buy The Lie
    Every Sunday you buy the lie. You buy the lie that this is a functioning media. They sell the lie that this is a functioning democracy. A week later they wrap your lunch in it, which is about all it’s really good for. Most papers today are just lies to keep the rice from falling out. As long as the economy keeps us fed, we don’t really care. We’re pumped full of stories via print, SMS, TV and radio but there’s precious little meat. It’s only bland press releases with the occasional chili like Mervyn Silva, enough to keep you consuming more. more ...
  • 37) Oct 16, 2010 23:52:46 GMT |  + Arresting hotel room couples violates rights — Senior law lecturer
    Couples speaking to LAKBIMAnEWS urge a human rights organization to challenge the police harassment they underwent, in courts on behalf of them, as their personal freedom is curtailed day by day. We spoke to many couples at Galle Face and Viharamahadevi Park and in anonymity, they said that they only spend time talking to their lovers and do not engage in any sexual activities. But they are in fear whether police would arrest them as police arrested couples on Polhena beach in Matara, and at Galle Fort recently. “We even fear to hold hands. We feel that we are losing our freedom to talk to our lovers. This country is heading for a Taliban era police state situation”, they said. more ...
  • 38) Oct 16, 2010 9:29:35 GMT |  + ‘Sinhala Only’ imposed on Tamil areas in East
    Sri Lanka government Road Development Authority (RDA) in Eastern Province using only Sinhala language in the name boards reveals the intention of Sri Lanka government to impose the ‘Sinhala Only’ Act again, Batticaloa residents said. The lands of the Tamils are first encroached by SLA and police to establish their camps where they later erect Buddhist shrines to claim that the area belongs to Sinhala people. This is what is happening in many places in Eastern Province
  • 39) Oct 16, 2010 9:24:38 GMT |  + Knowledge Initiative: India to Send Team to Lanka
    As part of its efforts to help Sri Lanka become a trilingual society, India will send a high- level team to the island nation.The decision was taken at a meeting here today between HRD Minister Kapil Sibal and Sri Lankan Foreign Minister G L Peiris, official sources said. The Indian assistance is part of a knowledge initiative that will assist in making the island nation into a trilingual society and improving linkages between universities in the two countries.
  • 40) Oct 16, 2010 9:11:22 GMT |  + Rajpaksa Govt unwilling to set timeframe for devolving powers to Tamils
    The Sri Lankan Government seems to be unwilling to set any anytime frame for the implementation of the 13th amendment, which consists of a devolution package for minority Tamils. Sri Lankan Foreign Minister GL Peiris on Friday said: "It is impossible to talk of exact time frame for implementing the 13th amendment, it is a great mistake to do because if you talk of timeframe and then you are not able to complete the process, it is bound to be conjecture, speculative, then there is erosion of credibility."
  • 41) Oct 16, 2010 4:26:58 GMT |  + As Human Rights Groups Boycott Sri Lanka Panel, UN Ban's Panel Invisible
    The UN under Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is slow in answering questions, particularly glaringly when it comes to Sri Lanka. On the morning of October 14, Inner City Press put three simple questions to Ban's spokesperson Martin Nesirky, asking for answers by the end of the noon briefing. None were provided until a full 24 hours after that, and even then, the answers were evasive. Since so little has been said about it of late, Inner City Press asked how the members of Ban's panel of experts of accountability for the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka are compensated, and why they have no spokesperson, unlike Ban's under three member panel on the referendum in South Sudan, from which Inner City Press just returned.
  • 42) Oct 16, 2010 4:26:15 GMT |  + Sri Lankan activists oppose plan to train boys as monks
    Child rights activists in Sri Lanka have criticised a plan by the prime minister to ordain 2,600 boys as Buddhist monks by next May. Prime Minister DM Jayaratne says the move is aimed at boosting Buddhism and lifting young people out of poverty. Next May marks the 2,600th anniversary of Lord Buddha's enlightenment. Activists say the boys are too young to be ordained. There have also been reports of sexual abuse in the temples, strenuously denied by the authorities. more ...
  • 43) Oct 16, 2010 4:24:51 GMT |  + Migrant Tamil children embrace Canadian schooling
    They prefer sliced apples and oranges over oatmeal bars at snack time, can't get enough of singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and don't mind getting homework — some even clamour for it. Those are just some of the observations made by three B.C. teachers who have been running classes for the Tamil migrant children who arrived on a cargo ship this past summer from Sri Lanka. Pilar Spratt, Joan Peddie and Cora Kinoshita — on-call teachers trained to instruct students with limited English skills — told Postmedia News that what has struck them most about the children is their resilience.
  • 44) Oct 16, 2010 4:22:31 GMT |  + US War Crimes Unit receives list of Sri Lanka's missing Tamil surrendees
    Tamils Against Genocide (TAG), a US-based activist group, submitted to the War Crimes unit of the U.S. Department of State, a list of persons known to have surrendered to the Government of Sri Lanka forces in the final stages of the war in the first five months of 2009 and who remain missing in custody as of October 2010. The list was compiled from witness statements and interview data collected by Tamil Diaspora groups in the UK. Over 70% of those surrendees who had been previously associated with the Liberation Tigers and who are missing in custody were with the political and other administrative and non-combat sections of the organisation, including medical and finance.
  • 45) Oct 16, 2010 4:20:25 GMT |  + Ocean Lady’s live tracking device missing
    The Tamil migrant vessel Ocean Lady, which brought 76 asylum seekers to Canada last year, was altered to remove its tracking device in order to travel undetected, according to the Canada Border Services Agency. The Ocean Lady entered Canadian waters on the morning of Oct. 17, 2009. The Ocean Lady’s harbinger, the MV Sun Sea, was equipped with an Automatic Identification System, which allowed authorities to track it as it brought 492 Tamil migrants into British Columbia on Aug. 13. more ...
  • 46) Oct 16, 2009 19:01:20 GMT |  + Be cautious on citizenship
    Speaking in the concluding session of C N Annadurai’s birth centenary celebrations, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi announced that he would ensure that nearly 1,00, 000 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, both in refugee camps and outside, would be granted Indian citizenship soon. This unexpected demand has several policy implications. If it gets implemented it can be cited as a precedent by other refugee groups — from Tibet, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Afghanistan — to be given similar treatment. The demand requires dispassionate consideration by the policy makers.
  • 47) Oct 16, 2009 18:57:33 GMT |  + Legacy of Abuse in Sri Lanka
    For several months during and after the end-game of the decades-long civil war between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Sri Lanka's government brushed off Western criticism of its abusive practices. It has relied instead on moral and financial support from states less concerned with such matters, such as China and Pakistan. Countries with similar problems and equally questionable human rights records are paying close attention — has Sri Lanka discovered the magic formula for brazenly ignoring meddlesome Western countries and getting away with it? Sri Lanka's policy of complete dismissal was initially successful. But now the government seems to have discovered that ignoring the strongly held opinions of powerful Western partners has consequences...
  • 48) Oct 16, 2009 18:28:42 GMT |  + U.S. charges 6 in record insider trading case
    Galleon hedge fund partner Raj Rajaratnam and five others were charged with crimes including securities fraud and conspiracy involving insider trading that generated more than $20 million in profits, U.S. prosecutors and the FBI said on Friday. All six accused have been arrested, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan said. A statement from the office described the charges and arrests as a "takedown of a $20 million hedge fund insider trading case."
  • 49) Oct 16, 2009 16:58:45 GMT |  + EXCLUSIVE - EU probe slams Sri Lanka on human rights
    A European Union probe has found Sri Lanka in breach of international human rights laws, meaning the South Asian country is likely to lose concessions worth over $100 million for its top exports to Europe, EU sources said. Brussels is expected to publish on Monday the findings of its investigation into Sri Lanka launched a year ago to probe allegations of human rights violations and torture, stemming from a 25-year war with Tamil Tiger rebels. "The assessment report says Sri Lanka does not fulfil the requirements of GSP plus," one EU source said on Friday in reference to the system of preferential tariffs for the world's poorest countries.
  • 50) Oct 16, 2009 13:25:57 GMT |  + Sri Lanka fines US embassy
    SRI LANKA'S main water utility said Friday it had fined the US embassy in Colombo more than US$3,000 (S$4,193) for illegally tapping supplies from the national network. The National Water Supply and Drainage Board said it found that the supply to US ambassador Patricia Butenis' official residence in Colombo bypassed the water meter. The US authorities were fined US$3,222 after the unusually low water bills for the building aroused suspicion and prompted an inspection.
  • 51) Oct 16, 2009 13:24:55 GMT |  + Newly Reopened IMF Office Launches Budget Probe
    The IMF is returning to the island nation with a new funding programme after closing its office in February 2007. At the time, Luis Valdivieso, the Fund's senior resident representative for Sri Lanka, said the closure was due to budget cuts and the lack of a programme for Sri Lanka. However, most political analysts attributed the closure to opposition posed to the Fund by President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance, backed by the Marxist People’s Liberation Front (better known as JVP), which frowned on the IMF’s loan conditions like cutting the budget deficit, reducing wasteful spending and reducing the size of the state sector.
  • 52) Oct 16, 2009 13:23:04 GMT |  + Two Canadian MPs claim they were denied Lankan visas
    Two Canadian Conservative Members of Parliament Partick Brown (Barrie) and Paul Calandra (Oakridges Markham) claim they have been denied visas to Sri Lanka to visit the Internally Displaced Persons camps. The MPs told Canadian media he will take up the issue with the Canadian government. "As members of the Canadian Parliament, we were seeking to verify the status of refugees who were held in these camps by the Sri Lankan Government," said Patrick Brown, Conservative MP for Barrie.
  • 53) Oct 16, 2009 2:05:41 GMT |  + Obama battles to save peace plan as fears grow of collapse
    The crisis has sharpened the focus on Mr Obama’s decision to join the UN Human Rights Council — a reversal from the Bush-era and hailed as part of the US’s new policy of engagement in multilateral diplomacy. Human rights groups labelled the council a “disgrace” when, in May this year, it subverted a European resolution calling on Sri Lanka to investigate alleged war crimes in its long-running conflict with the Tamil Tigers into one that praised Colombo for its success in stamping out terrorism. UN sources told The Times that an estimated 20,000 civilians had been killed by Sri Lankan army shelling.
  • 54) Oct 16, 2009 2:03:38 GMT |  + “We’re ready to give further aid to Sri Lanka”
    India on Thursday expressed its readiness to provide further humanitarian assistance, on the request of Colombo, for the welfare of nearly 2.5 lakh war-displaced people housed in the refugee camps of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province. The assurance was conveyed by visiting Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur to the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama in a meeting on the sidelines of the 8th Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Ministerial Meeting here.
  • 55) Oct 16, 2009 1:52:09 GMT |  + UN warns Australia against off-shore detention
    The United Nations Refugee Agency has warned Australia against any move to reintroduce a form of the so-called "Pacific Solution" for processing asylum seekers. Under that scheme of the previous government, asylum seekers - generally arriving by boat- were held in detention centres in neighbouring island nations while their claims were considered. The recent surge in boat arrivals has sparked renewed debate about Australia's border protection laws. more ...
  • 56) Oct 16, 2009 1:47:39 GMT |  + UNDP Reports on Clark's Kiwi Concerns, Doss Probe In Limbo, Ryan on Sri Lanka
    Ryan, who has visited Sri Lanka, talked about building housing. Inner City Press asked about the view of some Tamils that the rehousing may involve changing the ethnic make up in Northern Sri Lanka. Ryan said that not what he saw during his visit, but acknowledged that in some cases in Sri Lanka, people are moved to places other than where they came from. This could be done in the name of safety. But it could having intentions and / or effects. more ...
  • 57) Oct 16, 2009 1:42:26 GMT |  + UN human rights chief criticizes Sri Lankan government
    “to our many requests for an international investigation of what we say is widespread acts of killing of civilians." The UN human rights chief Navi Pillay said, “we have pointed out that they have in the past attempted to hold national investigations of very serious acts of killings that occurred of NGO and humanitarian workers and these investigations were dropped." Asked if she was planning to visit Sri Lanka to discuss the human rights situation, Pillay told journalists that the Sri Lankan government has told the Secretary General and publicly that they would not let in the High Commissioner for Human Rights. more ...
  • 58) Oct 16, 2009 1:39:11 GMT |  + A Precarious Peace
    Realistically there's not much western governments can do as far as human rights are concerned. A recent European effort to launch a UN war-crimes investigation in Sri Lanka was rejected by China and Russia who argued that such domestic issues should be addressed internally. With NGOs and the media being stifled and expelled, it is difficult to determine exactly what is going on. Ultimately it is up to Mr Rajapaksa to maintain a fair and unbiased governance, so far there is little evidence to show that this has been the case. If the fragile situation isn't handled carefully, Sri Lanka might very well see a greatly feared return to terrorist insurgencies and sectarian violence.
  • 59) Oct 16, 2009 1:36:07 GMT |  + 'UN should look into Srilankan Tamil's rehabilitation
    The Karnataka Tamil Makkal Iyakkam on Thursday condemned the Indian government for supporting the Sri Lankan government in its cruelties against the Tamils there. Speaking to reporters, the Tamil's People Movement demanded that the United Nations immediately intervene in the resettlement of affected Tamils. Refugee camps are no better than prisons. The victims receive neither food nor medicines, they said. "The present situation is appalling. Around three lakh people have so far been killed in the war. The Indian government helping the Sri Lankan government with cash and training makes matters worse," said a protester.
  • 60) Oct 16, 2008 23:35:37 GMT |  + India asks Lanka to puruse political, not 'military' solution
    With the situation in Sri Lanka stirring a political storm in Tamil Nadu, India Thursday sent a sternly-worded message to Colombo asking it to shun "military means" and pursue a political settlement that respects the human rights of minorities in the island nation. "We are particularly worried about the humanitarian effect of the continuing conflict on civilians who have been caught up in circumstances not of their making," External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in a statement here.
  • 61) Oct 16, 2008 23:34:28 GMT |  + Seven DMK ministers to quit today over Lanka issue
    All the seven DMK ministers in the UPA government are expected to submit their resignation letters to party leader and Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi on Friday to mount pressure on the Manmohan Singh regime to intervene in Sri Lanka. Simultaneously, Karunanidhi on Thursday announced a human chain protest in Chennai on October 21 to ask the Centre to act on an 'all-party' meeting's call that India take steps to halt the war in the island and despatch humanitarian assistance to Tamil civilians affected by the conflict.
  • 62) Oct 16, 2008 23:32:05 GMT |  + UN food convoy to war-wracked north forced to turn back
    A major United Nations food convoy headed for northern Sri Lanka was today forced to turn back because of fresh fighting in the area between Government forces and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The UN will seek renewed security assurances from both sides before attempting to make the route tomorrow morning, the world body’s Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sri Lanka, Neil Buhne, said in a statement from Colombo, the capital. more ...
  • 63) Oct 16, 2008 23:29:36 GMT |  + Is the Eelam dream over?
    The Lankan government believes that the quarter-century old militant movement of the Liberation Tigers of the Tamil Eelam is in its last phase. The Sri Lankan army is merely 1.2 miles away from Kilinochchi, the LTTE's headquarters in northern Sri Lanka. According to Colonel R Hariharan, a retired military intelligence specialist who served as the head of intelligence of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka from 1987-90, "Six divisions of the Sri Lankan army have gheraoed Kilinochchi.The rains and the dense tall vegetation make airstrikes very difficult. The situation is critical for both sides."
  • 64) Oct 16, 2008 23:27:50 GMT |  + Sri Lanka: Peace Isn't That Different From War
    It's only an hour's airtime from Sri Lanka's capital city, Colombo, to the Jaffna peninsula at the northern tip of the island, but getting there is a miserable ordeal that can kill nearly half a day. Suitcases in hand, heaving and sweating for hours under the blazing sun, passengers endure a gauntlet of checkpoints, where they are repeatedly stopped, questioned, frisked and hassled. Most of the travelers are ethnic Tamils, a minority on the island, although they're the overwhelming majority in the battle-scarred north. Some, without the necessary paperwork, are turned back. No one dares to protest. The slightest disruption can halt air service at any time.
  • 65) Oct 16, 2008 19:53:46 GMT |  + Fonseka made immature by the Chinthanaya?
    When I was in the sixth standard at Ananda College, I used to believe that Sri Lanka belonged to the Sinhala people. My parents lived in Matugama, a predominantly Sinhala area.The Mahawamsa and its associated Sinhala mythologies were then, very real to me. I extrapolated my little world and assumed that the island of Lanka was full of Sinhala people from Point Pedro to Devundara. I also thought that all the other national and religious groups were here only on short visits or for work and that their lands were situated far away across the sea.
  • 66) Oct 16, 2008 19:37:37 GMT |  + Human chain demo on Lankan Tamil issue on Oct 21: TN CM
    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on Thursday said a 'human chain' demonstration would be held here on October 21, to remind the Centre of the all-party meet's decision, to ask its MPs to resign if no action was taken on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue within a fortnight. Meanwhile, writing in the DMK's official organ 'Murasoli', he said as per the resolution, DMK ministers in the Manmohan Singh ministry would quit if the Centre did not take action to stop the killings of Tamils in Sri Lanka within a fortnight. "The very fact that they will resign their Parliament seats means they will also be resigning from the ministry", he said, replying to MDMK chief Vaiko's demand in this regard.
  • 67) Oct 16, 2008 19:34:25 GMT |  + Pranab joins leaders cautioning Sri Lanka
    Taking a cue from the Prime Minister, minister of external affairs Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said Colombo should respect the rights of the civilians and offered to do all in India’s power to improve the humanitarian conditions in Sri Lanka. He also said the harassment and killing of Indian fishermen must "cease forthwith" with a caveat that India will "take steps to ensure this". "We are particularly worried about the humanitarian effect of the continuing conflict on civilians who have been caught up in circumstances not of their making," he said.
  • 68) Oct 16, 2008 17:42:37 GMT |  + SLA attempt to advance thwarted in Northern FDL - LTTE
    The Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) on Thursday claimed that their defensive formations thwarted an attempt by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) to advance into their territory across Mukamaalai Forward Defence Line (FDL) in Jaffna. Heavy fighting that erupted at 5:30 a.m. lasted till 2:30 p.m., the Tigers said, claiming that more than 15 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and at least 40 wounded in the fighting. Two LTTE fighters were killed in action, the Tigers said. Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) fighter bombers were also engaged by the Sri Lankan military in its attacks against the FDL positions of the LTTE
  • 69) Oct 16, 2008 12:07:57 GMT |  +  'The intolerable noise of shells'
    Heavy fighting is continuing around the key rebel-held town of Kilinochchi in northern Sri Lanka, according to the army. Most of the civilian areas have bunkers in case of aerial attack. There is a lot of danger and noise. The intolerable noise of shells upset people. It is not just blast noises but Kfir [fighter aircraft] noises that are also intolerable. If there is heavy fighting, there will be a mass disaster. Many deaths, LTTE, army soldiers and civilians - it will be a big human disaster. more ...
  • 70) Oct 16, 2008 12:02:56 GMT |  + Sri Lanka fighting forces U.N. aid convoy back
    A U.N. convoy carrying food and aid to more than 230,000 refugees in northern Sri Lanka was forced to turn back on Thursday due to artillery shelling and fighting, officials said. The 50-truck convoy had left Vavuniya, 250 km (155 miles) northeast of the capital Colombo, at noon carrying 750 metric tonnes of food to a growing number of people trapped by fighting between government forces and separatist Tamil Tiger rebels. "There was fighting close to the convoy and we decided to turn them back. Right now we are trying to get security assurances from both sides so we can start the process again tomorrow," U.N. spokesman Gordon Weiss in Colombo said.
  • 71) Oct 16, 2008 11:34:24 GMT |  + Kollywood to rally for Lankan Tamils
    Known for its penchant for active involvement in political issues, the Tamil film industry is lending its support to the efforts by the state parties to bring focus back on the issue of Sri Lankan Tamils by calling for a protest rally on Sunday. Over 2,000 people, including top stars, directors and other film personalities, are expected to converge at Rameswaram island, which is in close proximity to Sri Lanka. The rally will demand a halt to the island army's ongoing offensive in the north of the neighbouring republic, industry sources said.
  • 72) Oct 16, 2008 2:40:09 GMT |  + Debate in British Parliament on Sri Lanka
    There is increasing recognition of the urgency of the humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka. It is also deeply felt among the large number of Sri Lankans who have settled in the UK. In London alone, there are more than 150,000 Sri Lankan Tamils, who since their arrival here have made and continue to make a distinguished contribution to our public life. Their concern about recent developments was made perfectly clear last Monday, when 6,000 of them marched on Parliament. Those worries are increasingly finding an international voice. I note the recent comments by the European Commissioner for External Relations and by the UN Secretary-General, which clearly acknowledged the seriousness of the present situation.
  • 73) Oct 16, 2008 0:49:07 GMT |  + Tamils Seek Aid in Sri Lanka; India Says Conflict a `Concern'
    Tamils appealed to Sri Lanka's government to allow aid supplies to reach more than 230,000 civilians displaced by army offensives in the north as India said is it ``concerned'' about increasing fighting. The military should cease attacks on the main highway linking the northern region of Wanni with the south to allow food and medicines to reach civilians, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, which is based in the region, said in an e-mailed statement. Sri Lanka said earlier this week it is taking steps to ensure aid is delivered.
  • 74) Oct 16, 2007 16:16:01 GMT |  +  ‘Indian arms supplies to Lanka will escalate war’
    A Sri Lankan party on Tuesday disfavoured any arms supply by India to the island country, saying it can be a "dangerous development". "The stepped up arms to Sri Lanka will only escalate the war with LTTE," Mano Ganesan, the leader of the Western Province People's Front (WPPF), said commenting on the news reports that New Delhi is considering enhanced arms supply to Colombo. WPPF is an ally of the main opposition UNP party headed by former Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.
  • 75) Oct 16, 2007 15:50:15 GMT |  + Press Freedom in 169 countries: Sri lanka is at 156
    Of the 20 countries at the bottom of the index, seven are Asian (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam, China, Burma, and North Korea). War is largely responsible for the low position assigned to some countries. The increase in fighting in Somalia (159th) and Sri Lanka (156th) has made it very hard for journalists to work. Several have been killed and censorship was stepped up as clashes became frequent. The belligerents refuse to recognise journalists’ rights and accuse them of supporting the other side.
  • 76) Oct 16, 2007 11:53:14 GMT |  + Sri Lanka on brink of all-out war
    The Sri Lankan military and Tamil Tiger rebels seem to be gearing up for a major confrontation in the north of the country, stoking fears of more civilian casualties and displacement. Despite losing territory in the east earlier this year, the rebels still control a vast swathe of land in the north of the island. Although sporadic fighting has been going on for months, the intensity of the clashes has recently increased. Fighting is currently taking place around Mannar, Vavuniya, Weli Oya and Jaffna - all areas which surround rebel-held territory. There are intermittent battles at sea as well.
  • 77) Oct 16, 2007 11:52:11 GMT |  + Fresh fighting in Sri Lanka results in heavy casualties
    Fresh fighting in Sri Lanka claimed 38 lives, including those of seven soldiers killed in the southeastern Yala National Park famous for its elephant sightings, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday. Six of the soldiers belonging to a detachment posted to the park were killed in an attack by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on Monday while the seventh lost his life in a mine attack Tuesday morning as reinforcements were being moved to the area. In the northern Vavuniya District one soldier was killed and seven hurt following clashes with the LTTE, the army said.
  • 78) Oct 16, 2007 10:38:35 GMT |  + Lanka undecided on disappearances convention
    Sri Lanka is still undecided on ratifying the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances and will sign the UN sponsored document only once the government is certain it could be enforced, well informed sources told the Daily Mirror yesterday. Almost 60 countries have so far signed the global treaty that outlaws enforced disappearances and allows victims’ families the right to learn the truth about what happened after the pact – approved by the United Nations General Assembly last year – which was officially opened for signature last February.
  • 79) Oct 16, 2007 10:36:16 GMT |  + Girl student disappears in Pungkudutheevu
    A 21-year-old girl student is reported missing after she left home Sunday to attend classes in a private educational institute after going through the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) camp area on her way to the institute in Pungkudutheevu, an islet of Jaffna, according to complaints lodged by her family members with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna, Monday. The girl missing, Thulasika Pathmalingam, is a resident of Ward 3, Pungkudutheevu.
  • 80) Oct 16, 2007 10:21:56 GMT |  + Planes collide on the runway at Heathrow airport
    The incident comes as Heathrow airport faces growing criticism for long delays. Witnesses reported seeing part of the engine of a British Airways jumbo jet aircraft, Flight BA011, falling onto the runway whist the tip of the wing of an Air Lanka flight had come away. Nobody was thought to be injured in the crash but about 20 fire engines were called to scene. The BA jet was bound for Singapore when it crashed into the Air Lanka plane which was heading for the Maldives at about 10pm. The cause of the incident was not known but engineers were called to the scene and were investigating both aircraft. more ...
  • 81) Oct 16, 2006 15:47:22 GMT |  + LTTE Bounces Back
    If the LTTE could inflict such colossal damage within a few hours, then there is necessity on the part of the Sinhala racist elements and its supporters to re-think about the LTTE.First, genuine peace talks cannot take place when the international community is backing the Sri Lankan government and undermining the Tamil national liberation movement headed by the LTTE. Second, for genuine peace talks to take place, the international community should cease supplying military hardware to the Sri Lankan government more ...
  • 82) Oct 16, 2006 15:03:30 GMT |  + Hospitals destroyed and made dysfunctional by artillery shelling
    Sri Lankan military artillery shelling into border LTTE areas, over the last 10 weeks, has killed more than 300 people, injured many more, displaced more than 200,000 people, destroyed at least 5 schools, destroyed at least 8 hospitals, and made several other schools and hospitals dysfunctional. The people, in spite of having a better hospital, have been denied the right to use it by the Sri Lankan military artillery shelling. Adampan hospital in Mannar is one such hospital. It was rebuilt since the signing of the CFA. It has good facilities. Yet, the hospital was coming under the artillery shelling of the Sri Lankan military and for reasons of safety it was forced to relocate. more ...
  • 83) Oct 16, 2006 14:57:14 GMT |  + Analysis: Sri Lanka military setbacks
    Sri Lanka's military has suffered two heavy blows in less than one week.First, at least 129 Sri Lanka soldiers were killed in one day of fighting and more than 300 soldiers injured. It appears that an army offensive went badly wrong.That figure represents the worst single day of casualties for the military since a ceasefire was signed in 2002.The government claims it killed more than 200 Tamil Tiger rebels. However, no-one has yet been able to verify that and the rebels say they lost only 22 fighters.Now more than 90 sailors are reported dead in a Tamil Tiger suicide attack. more ...
  • 84) Oct 16, 2006 14:46:40 GMT |  + Military installations "legitimate targets" when Colombo bombs locations far off FDLs, says LTTE
    LTTE's Military Spokesman, Irasiah Ilanthirayan, ruling out the possibility of "suicide mission" as the mode of attack on Sri Lanka Navy in Habarana Monday, declined to reject Tigers regarding the military targets outside the Forward Defence Line (FDL) localities as legitimate targets if and when Sri Lankan military continued to engage in aerial bombardment and artillery shelling far beyond the defence line localities into LTTE territory. Tigers were yet to claim responsibility for the attack in Habarana. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir bombers flew over Vanni and attacked Puthukudiyiruppu town in Mullaithivu Monday between 5:15 and 5:40 p.m.
  • 85) Oct 16, 2006 14:45:44 GMT |  + Lankan warplane crashes
    A Sri Lankan war plane crashed on Monday shortly after take off on a mission to attack Tamil Tiger rebels, official sources said, adding that pilot ejected and there were no casualties on the ground. The Israeli-built Kfir jet crashed shortly after takeoff from the main Katunayake airbase, located next to the island's only international airport, officials said. Kfir jets have been bombing Tamil Tiger positions since April in tit-for-tat attacks.
  • 86) Oct 16, 2006 14:54:51 GMT |  + Suicide bombing kills over 100 in Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka has suffered its worst ever suicide attack when suspected Tamil Tiger rebels detonated a truck packed with explosives next to a convoy of sailors, killing at least 102 people and wounding 150 more. The government said Monday the "barbaric" act, which coincided with increased international efforts to restore a 2002 truce, meant the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was not interested in negotiations scheduled to take place next week in Switzerland.The bombing occurred about 170 kilometres (105 miles) northeast of Colombo at a transit point for security personnel coming to and from the front line of the drawn-out conflict in the restive northeastern district of Trincomalee. more ...
  • 87) Oct 16, 2006 11:32:20 GMT |  + Blast 'kills 90' Sri Lanka sailors
    More than 90 Sri Lankan sailors were killed Monday afternoon when an explosives-laden truck rammed into their convoy, Defense spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella told CNN."These men were all unarmed. This is a deliberate barbaric terrorist attack," he said.The incident took place at Habarana, about 150 miles from Colombo in the central section of the island nation.Naval personnel from the northeastern port city of Trincomalee were headed for leave. They were going to change buses at a transfer station with others who had just ended their leave.
  • 88) Oct 16, 2006 11:23:34 GMT |  + Amalgamation of the North and East provinces unlawful - The Supreme Court rules
    The Supreme Court decided the amalgamation of the North and the Eastern provinces is unlawful and contradictory to the country's existing constitution. The court has also ruled that the people in the North and East reserve the right to choose their political representatives separately under two provincial councils. The order was made today (Monday the 16th of October) by a divisional bench comprising five Supreme Court judges headed by the Chief Justice Sarath. N. Silva. The court made this order unanimously on the fundamental rights petition filed by two JVP parliamentarians from Trincomalee and Ampara districts of the Eastern province.
  • 89) Oct 16, 2006 10:39:39 GMT |  + Japan envoy in talks with Sri Lanka govt amid more violence
    A Japanese peace envoy opened talks with Sri Lankan leaders today as the international community stepped up pressure to salvage peace talks many fear have been doomed by an upsurge in violence. Yasushi Akashi, who arrived in Colombo late yesterday, began his peace bid amid continued shelling overnight between the government and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). He first met with Sri Lanka's former Chief Peace Negotiator Nimal Siripala de Silva, and was to hold talks with other Colombo-based political parties later in the day, government officials said. Akashi is also expected to meet top LTTE leaders during his six-day visit, although a sit-down with the Tiger's reclusive commander Velupillai Prabhakaran is unlikely.
  • 90) Oct 16, 2006 10:48:36 GMT |  + Suicide attack on Sri Lanka military convoy kills 67
    At least 67 people, including Sri Lankan navy sailors and some civilians, were killed when an explosives-laden truck driven by a suspected Tamil Tiger rebel rammed into their convoy on Monday, a military official said.The attack near the town of Habarana, about 190 km (120 miles) northeast of the capital Colombo was one of the worst suicide bombings in the troubled Indian Ocean island."Sixty-seven people including many sailors and some civilians were killed and 60 were wounded. The toll might go up," said a spokesman at the media centre for national security in Colombo.
  • 91) 15:57 GMT, Oct. 16, 2005 |  + TSUNAMI IMPACT: Monumental Trouble in Sri Lanka
    The twisted hulks of three railway carriages, standing near where they were picked up and slammed against houses in this fishing village by the Dec 26 tsunami, symbolise the power of nature as well as human frailities exposed in the aftermath. Sri Lankan railway authorities left the wreck--the remnants of a train in which 1,500 people perished--behind as a monument to the victims of the tsunami but, pretty soon, it was attracting more visitors than anticipated. Foreign relief workers, tourists and pilgrims heading for the sacred city of Kataragama stop by to spend a few minutes at Pereliya and gape at the carriages, the more adventurous pushing open the bent doors and exploring the mangled innards -- ignoring the signs prohibiting entry. more ...
  • 92) 15:04 GMT, Oct. 16, 2005 |  + TSUNAMI IMPACT:Monumental Trouble in Sri Lanka
    In Sri Lanka, just who is entitled to tsunami relief funds from international donors has gained the proportions of a national debate and the Presidential elections, called in November, are virtually a referendum on the issue. Hoping that that the tsunami emergency might facilitate reconciliation between the government and rebel Tamil ethnic groups in the north and east of the island, which were seriously affected by the disaster, President Chandrika Kumaratunga entered into a deal to share international aid. But the deal was successfully challenged in court by pro-Sinhalese groups on the grounds that sharing funds with outfits like the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was unconstitutional. more ...
  • 93) 14:34 GMT, Oct. 16, 2005 |  + TSUNAMI IMPACT: Monumental Trouble in Sri Lanka
    The twisted hulks of three railway carriages, standing near where they were picked up and slammed against houses in this fishing village by the Dec 26 tsunami, symbolise the power of nature as well as human frailities exposed in the aftermath. Sri Lankan railway authorities left the wreck--the remnants of a train in which 1,500 people perished--behind as a monument to the victims of the tsunami but, pretty soon, it was attracting more visitors than anticipated. Foreign relief workers, tourists and pilgrims heading for the sacred city of Kataragama stop by to spend a few minutes at Pereliya and gape at the carriages, the more adventurous pushing open the bent doors and exploring the mangled innards -- ignoring the signs prohibiting entry. more ...
  • 94) 14:34 GMT, Oct. 16, 2005 |  + Sri Lankan police find and detonate powerful bomb in Colombo
    Sri Lankan police said they found a potentially powerful bomb abandoned outside a Buddhist temple in the capital Colombo on Sunday, and speculated that it could have been planted by Tamil Tiger rebels. Deputy Inspector General of Police Pujitha Jayasundara said the military's bomb disposal team detonated the device, which was packed with 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds) of C-4 plastic explosives. He said the bomb, hidden inside a cookie tin, was powerful enough to cause "massive damage" if it had exploded inside a building. Police and army soldiers had cordoned off the Modera area, about 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Colombo city center, he said. Jayasundara said he suspected Tamil Tiger rebels were planing an attack in Colombo. more ...
  • 95) 14:31 GMT, Oct. 16, 2005 |  + Stewardess calls in threat to get day off
    A SriLankan Airlines stewardess called in a bomb threat because she wanted a day off, a newspaper reported Sunday. Investigators traced the call and found that it was made from a mobile phone belonging to the stewardess' boyfriend, Colombo's Sunday Times weekly reported. "The inquiry reveals that the stewardess had given the false alarm because she did not want to fly that day," it said. In recent months, two bomb threats forced aircraft to return to the ground in Sri Lanka. On Oct. 3, a London-bound SriLankan Airlines plane returned to Colombo's international airport after a telephone caller said there was a bomb on board. The aircraft landed safely and no explosives were found. On Sept. 8, one passenger was killed and 20 others were injured in a stampede to evacuate a Saudi Air plane at the same airport after a similar bomb threat. more ...
  • 96) 02:53 GMT, Oct. 16, 2005 |  + Rajapakse rejects self-determination, slams foreign intervention
    In his much-anticipated Presidential election manifesto Mahinda Rajapakse said he would hold talks with the Liberation Tigers on “ending separatism, disarming and [their] entering the democratic process.” In his manifesto, details of which were published in the Sunday Times this week, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) candidate said he hoped that in forging a solution to the ‘crisis in the north and east’ to follow “the theme of undivided country, consensus of the majority and peace with dignity.” "My prime objective is to have a peaceful political solution empowering all communities, without being tied up in the concept of the traditional homeland, self determination etc,” he said. more ...
  • 97) 18:54 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + Balasingham reviews Norwegian talks in new book
    Liberation Tigers’ Political Strategist and Chief Negotiator, Mr. Anton Balasingham, in his new book published this month, provides “a critical elucidation of all peace efforts the LTTE participated in, from Thimpu talks to the recent Norwegian facilitated negotiations,” the books publishers said this week. “The significance of this voluminous study, running into more than five hundred pages, lies in its exposition of a new realm of material, hitherto unknown and the new insights it provides into the dynamics of the Tamil liberation struggle,” publishers said in an e-mail to TamilNet. more ...
  • 98) 12:56 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + Chandrika’s on her way, Delhi hosts the neighbourhood
    Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga will be in India in the first week of November as New Delhi begins preparing to engage a host of leaders from virtually every important country in its neighbourhood. It’s learnt that Kumaratunga, who will be making her first trip after the UPA Government assumed office, is expected to be here on November 3 for a three-day bilateral visit. Details, sources said, are being worked out. Since India and Sri Lanka signed the FTA three years ago, bilateral trade has touched a billion dollar mark with Sri Lankan exports jumping by 136 per cent.But crucial to the Sri Lankan government would be the signing of the Defence Cooperation Agreement and discussions are on. It is understood that a delegation led by a senior Defence Ministry official will leave for Sri Lanka next week to discuss these issues. This would include deliberations on Indian assistance to reconstruct the Palaly airfield in Jaffna. While the final shape of the agreement is still to emerge, Colombo is said to have already fowarded a list of hardware items which it wants to procure from India. more ...
  • 99) 12:51 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + Split in the Sinhala nationalistic movement eminent
    Jathika Hela Urumaya’s (JHU) general secretary Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka thera did not attend the central committee meeting held on Friday. "All this time we have been silent because we did not want differences among us to surface in public. Now we have come to a point where resolving problems by dialogue is no more possible." Ven Dhammaloka thera told BBC Sandeshaya when questioned why he did not attend the meeting. The monk pointed out that a few of the Sihala Urumaya members have been trying to monopolize on national sentiments in a opportunistic manner. Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka thera said "Ven. Kolonnawe Sumangala thero has resigned as a result of these unproductive interference and we are in the process of rectifying the mistake made by us associating with this opportunists". more ...
  • 100) 11:37 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + S.lankan Tamil rebels willing to talk on gov't counter proposals
    Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger rebels have said that they are willing to discuss the counter proposals worked out by the government when the two sides resume the stalled peace talks, the state-owned Daily News reported on Saturday. Daya Master, spokesman of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels, said that they are ready to resume peace talks withthe government at any time and was willing to discuss the government counter proposals at the negotiating table. However, he said that the peace talks should be recommenced on the basis of the LTTE proposals for an Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA) to be set up in the war-battered north and east which was submitted to the previous government at the end of October last year. more ...
  • 101) 11:36 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + Lanka studying impact of India's ship canal project
    The Sri Lankan government is carefully studying the possible impact of a controversial ship canal project to be launched by India off the northern and north western coast of the country. The project better known as the Sethusamudram Ship canal project proposes dredging and excavation in the Adam's bridge and parts of Palk Bay in the seas north of Sri Lanka and the project is expected to facilitate the transit of ships calling at ports on the east coast of India without circumnavigating Sri Lanka. more ...
  • 102) 11:24 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + Submarine cable to link India and Sri Lanka: Maran
    BSNL and Sri Lanka Telecom had plans to lay an India-Sri Lanka submarine cable to meet the growing demand for telecommunications, Dayanidhi Maran, the Union Minister for Communication and Information Technology, said here today. "BSNL and Sri Lanka Telecom have planned a submarine cable connecting Tiruchendur in the southern part of Tamil Nadu to Colombo in Sri Lanka, to provide all types of telecom services," he said after commissioning the BSNL's International Long Distance services with Sri Lanka. The cable would have a length of around 300 km and offer much more bandwith in terms of connectivity. The cable link would also make possible ILD services to other countries, BSNL officials said here. more ...
  • 103) 11:16 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + Two LTTE guerrillas killed in Sri Lanka
    Two members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were killed in eastern Sri Lanka Thursday night in clashes with a rival faction. LTTE's renegade eastern commander Karuna was believed to be involved in the incident, Xinhua says. The guerrillas were killed in Batticaloa district's Punkudawali area, controlled by the Karuna faction. Two more LTTE members were seriously injured when unknown gunmen fired at them at Kaluwankerni in the eastern town of Valaichchenai. more ...
  • 104) 11:10 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + LTTE to release abducted homeguards
    Colombo, Oct 15 : Sri Lanka's Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have said they will release two homeguards they had abducted in August, following the release on bail of 10 of their cadres. LTTE spokesman Daya Master said the homeguards will be released soon, but did not give an exact date, Xinhua reports. The guerrillas abducted the homeguards in the eastern district of Trincomalee. The town has been plagued by anti-LTTE protests since. more ...
  • 105) 21:01 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + Home Guards Relesed
    The LTTE released the two home guards,Chandana Bandara and Chaminda Piyasiri held hostage since August. The home guards fell in to tiger hands in Gomarankadwala, a hamlet close to Trincomalee. Once court proceedings finished the wives of the home guards as well as the Monitering mission officials who were present were invited for tea with the LTTE carders. A large crowd gathered near the Trincomalee clock tower to receive the home guards. The Sinhala Organization of the North-East has been holding a series of protest in Trincomalee. The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna parliamentarian Jayantha Wijesekara who went to the protest venue a few days before the release was accused by the protesters for trying to take political mileage from the possible release. Meanwhile Minister Mathripala Sirisena visited the area as soon as the home guards arrived in Trincomalee. The release comes two days after the Batticaloa courts released ten tiger suspects on bail. more ...
  • 106) 19:01 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + Tamil rebels free paramilitary guards in Sri Lanka
    - Tamil rebels on Saturday released two government paramilitary guards held for more than two months after 10 of their fighters were released from police custody earlier in the week, a spokesman for the Scandinavian ceasefire monitors said. The release of the two paramilitary guards took place in the rebel-controlled area of Sampur in the Trincomalee district, late Saturday in the presence of a monitoring team representative. The two guards identified, as D. Sarath Bandara and Chandana Piyasiri, were held for more than seven weeks after they were detained in an area where the boarder is disputed. more ...
  • 107) 11:08 GMT, Oct. 16, 2004 |  + BSNL kicks off ILD operation, provides direct link with Lanka
    The country's largest telecom services provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) today entered the international telephony segment with Union Communications and Information Technology Minister Dayanidhi Maran inaugurating the company's direct link for International Long Distance (ILD) services between India and Sri Lanka. Making the inaugural call to Lankan Posts and Telecommunications Minister Jayarathne at a function here, Mr Maran expressed hope that the establishment of the microwave link would act as a vital communication link between India, Sri Lanka and the rest of the SAARC countries. more ...
  • 108) 19:01 GMT, Oct. 16, 2003 |  + Canada urges Sri Lanka's rebels to make reasonable proposals to end war
    Canada's Foreign Minister Bill Graham urged Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels to make reasonable power-sharing proposals to end the ethnic bloodshed that has ravaged the country for three decades. On a visit to the embattled northern peninsula of Jaffna, Graham called on the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to end their boycott of peace talks and help advance the Norwegian-brokered process aimed at stopping the fighting. "There is a desire for peace all through the island. This desire has to be met by a political arrangement to satisfy the legitimate aspirations of all people," Graham said. more ...
  • 109) 14:37 GMT, Oct. 16, 2003 |  + Canada: Right agrees to unite
    The leaders of the Canadian Alliance and the Conservatives signed a merger deal today that would see the two parties folded into a single entity in time for an anticipated spring election. "The result is not only an agreement in principle, it is a principled agreement," Tory Leader Peter MacKay said in a statement. The deal is "the union of our parties and the re-union of conservatives across Canada," the statement said. Alliance Leader Stephen Harper called the agreement historic. more ...
  • 110) 12:05 GMT, Oct. 16, 2003 |  + India releases US$30 million credit to Sri Lanka
    With Sri Lanka having spent US$40 million out of the $100 million from a credit extended by India, New Delhi on Wednesday released another $30 million to the island nation as the two countries were set to expand bilateral trade ties to cover services and investments. India's External Affairs Minister Yaswant Sinha said that the prime ministers of the two countries will take up the proposed Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) during the Lankan leaders visit to the capital over the weekend. more ...
  • 111) 12:03 GMT, Oct. 16, 2003 |  + "Pongu Thamil" in Mannar
    Despite threats from Sri Lankan armed forces and traitors and the rain "the Pongu Thamil" uprising event was held in Mannar town last evening (October 15. 2003) with much enthusiasm and fervor. From yesterday early morning the Sri Lankan armed forces were engaged in disrupting the uprising event. The anti-national EPDP members too joined with the armed forces in distributing handouts against Pongu Thamil from day before yesterday in every nook and corner of Manner. They had also placed these handouts in front of the gates of the residents. more ...
  • 112) 11:56 GMT, Oct. 16, 2003 |  + Sri Lanka peace talks next year
    Sri Lanka's troubled peace talks are likely to be put off till early next year as the government will be preoccupied with the national budget, a senior minister said today. However, a round of preliminary discussions could be held either by November or December, the government's chief peace negotiator G. L. Peiris told reporters here. "There could be a preliminary discussion on things like the venue and dates sometime in November or early December," Peiris said adding the government will be pre-occupied with the budget vote running up to December 18. more ...
  • 113) 02:30 GMT, Oct. 16, 2003 |  + Go Digital: Your digital world (VanniTech)
    Welcome to Go Digital, the weekly BBC World Service programme that looks at how technology is changing our lives. Each week we explore the world of digital technology in all its forms. Almost every country on the planet has the internet and the mobile phone. The world is truly switched on to the digital age. But what does it all mean, what benefits can such technology provide, and who's in control? Tune in to Go Digital to hear the answers.
    more ...
  • 114) 16:50 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + Norwegians to meet Pirapaharan
    The Norwegian-led team will travel to a Tamil Tiger-controlled

    A Norwegian delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Vidar Helgessen will meet the leader of the Liberation Tigers, Mr. V. Pirapaharan.

    area of Wanni in northern Sri Lanka to meet the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran says rebel controlled radio. The rebel's radio station, the Voice of the Tigers, made the announcement quoting the chief Tamil negotiator Anton Balasingham who has recently travelled from London to Wanni. Mr Balasingham said Norway's Deputy Foreign Minister, Vidar Helgessen will lead the team. The Norwegian-led team is monitoring the ceasefire between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tiger's more ...
  • 115) 16:47 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + Norway to meet Tamil rebel leader
    The Norwegian-led team will travel to a Tamil Tiger-controlled area of Wanni in northern Sri Lanka to meet the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran says rebel controlled radio. The rebel's radio station, the Voice of the Tigers, made the announcement quoting the chief Tamil negotiator Anton Balasingham who has recently travelled from London to Wanni. Mr Balasingham said Norway's Deputy Foreign Minister, Vidar Helgessen will lead the team. The Norwegian-led team is monitoring the ceasefire between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tiger's. more ...
  • 116) 16:09 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + Britain not ready to lift Tamil Tiger ban - A British member of parliament
    Britain was not yet ready to lift a ban on Tamil Tiger rebels but should consider doing so if a peace process in Sri Lanka gathers pace, a British member of parliament said on Wednesday after a private visit. "There will undoubtedly come a time when we will have to review the decision we took to ban the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam," Garath Thomas, private secretary to Charles Clarke, the chairman of the labour party, told a news conference. more ...
  • 117) 12:29 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + Furuhovde calls for ‘patience, justice and courage’
    Whilst the recent violence in Ampara and Trincomalee has shown how "fragile and sensitive the situation is at this time in the peace process," the leadership of the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers "are are determined to promote the peaceful situation in Sri Lanka so that the peace talks can succeed," the head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM), Major General Trond Furuhovde said Wednesday. In a statement he issued after briefing Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on last week's violence in the East, Maj. Gen. Furuhovde urged commanders on both sides to "talk to each other and work together, because that is the best way to handle volatile situations on the ground and prevent violence." more ...
  • 118) 12:25 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + Local Input Needed in Reconstruction
    The rebuilding, reconstruction and development of the Northeast is undoubtedly a daunting task, not just for its monumental nature but also for the delicate political context in which it will take place. Participation of the Tamil diaspora has several advantages. At a practical level, members of the Tamil diaspora have a range of skills and experience to offer, particularly in technical and scientific areas. Attracting such volunteers and consultants to the Northeast should prove easier and cheaper than providing non-Tamil international staff. Further, their linguistic, ethnic and cultural familiarity will promote local participation and ensure more effective training. Finally, at a political level, Tamil diaspora involvement in the development of the Northeast will assuage fears about external intervention. more ...
  • 119) 11:45 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + S.Lanka monitors reassure on peace after clashes
    Norwegian truce monitors moved on Wednesday to reassure that Sri Lanka's peace bid was on track despite recent clashes, but Tamil rebels said the tensions underscored the ethnic mistrust at the root of the war. The ethnically divided east flared last week into violence -- the bloodiest since the Tamil Tigers and government signed a truce in February -- during protests against a skirmish with government forces in which seven Tamils were shot dead. more ...
  • 120) 11:44 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + SriLankan Airlines flies back into profit
    The peace process and sweeping internal reforms have helped SriLankan Airlines turn its first genuine profit since 1985. SriLankan has made money in recent years, but only with the help of ancillary services such as cargo and catering, and this is the first time the airline itself has been profitable, head of corporate communications Chandana De Silva told BBC News Online. more ...
  • 121) 11:15 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + Respect and celebrate diversity
    We also saw how some parties and sections of the media looked at the tragedy in the Ampara STF camp. Their focus was on how to pin the blame on the LTTE, with little or no concern for the eight people who had been killed and more than twenty who were injured. In April 1995 also, the ceasefire ended with an attack in Trincomalee. So when the grenade explosion rocked Trincomalee on Friday, fears of a repeat of 1995 ran high. But there are two major differences this time. The LTTE even for reasons of its own appears to be committed to the peace process and it also trusts the Prime Minister. more ...
  • 122) 22:55 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + Diplomatic delegation meets Balasingham
    An eight-member diplomatic delegation from Denmark, Greece and Italy held discussions with the Mr.Anton Balasingham, LTTE's chief negotiator, in Killinochchi, Wednesday. The diplomats expressed their fullest support to the current peace process and assured their readiness to provide funds for Northeast development and de-mining in the province, LTTE sources in Vanni said. Mrs. Adele Balasingham and Mr.S.P.Thamilchelvan, the Head of the LTTE's Political Wing accompanied Mr.Balasingham in the discussions, the sources said. more ...
  • 123) 22:47 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + Police impose curfew on eastern Sri Lankan towns to avert Tamil-Muslim clashes
    Police imposed a curfew in two eastern Sri Lanka towns Wednesday after Muslims closed their shops and burned tires in the street, demanding the release of a Muslim man they alleged was abducted by Tamil Tiger rebels, said police and foreign cease-fire monitors. Police used tear gas to disperse crowds and imposed a curfew in Akkaraipattu and Addalachena — about 200 kilometers (140 miles) east of the capital, Colombo — to avert any clashes between ethnic Tamils and Muslims, said Interior Ministry official M.N. Junaid. more ...
  • 124) 10:59 GMT, Oct. 16, 2002 |  + British MPs tour Jaffna, Vanni
    Progress in peace talks will largely determine if Britain will lift the ban on the LTTE or not, said Mr.Gareth Thomas, British Member of Parliament, Tuesday after visiting Jaffna and Vanni areas accompanied by Mr.Robert Evans, Member of European Parliament. Mr.Robert Evans and Mr.Gareth Thomas met Mr.S.P.Thamilchelvan Tuesday afternoon and had discussions for about one and a half hours, according to the LTTE sources. more ...
  • 125) 20:34 GMT, Oct. 16, 2001 |  + Rendezvous with Prabhakaran
    The high point of this interview with Pirabhakaran in 1987 was a dramatic physical transformation that I witnessed in the guerrilla leader. Well-built with clean, regular features and a thick, dark crop of hair, Pirabhakaran is a man whose persona and aura grow bigger the more you interact with him. He is always relaxed and easy during an interview, which often lasts as long as four hours. I ask my questions in English, and they are translated into Tamil for Pirabhakaran, who answers in Tamil. Even though I understand Tamil, I insist on having it translated back to me in English because I want to be absolutely sure that I have understood all the nuances correctly. The four-way translation is time-consuming, but Pirabhakaran has always been patient. more ...
  • 126) 15:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 2001 |  + Canada:
    Harris steps down as Ontario premier
    Ontario Premier Mike Harris announced today that he will resign, leaving behind a radically altered political landscape in the province and what promises to be a divisive leadership race for his party. The man known as Chainsaw Mike during a chaotic first term marked by a drastic agenda of tax and spending cuts said he requested by letter on Monday night that the Conservative Party executive call a leadership contest as soon as possible. more ...
  • 127) 14:56 GMT, Oct. 16, 2001 |  + Call To Peace
    With elections in the offing, Sri Lanka's prime issue remains the protracted ethnic conflict. The PA remains steeped in the Sinhala supremacist ideology which has escalated the war to hitherto unimagined levels. Since first coming to power in 1994 ironically on a peace ticket the PA and Kumaratunga have overseen the blood-iest phase of the war, launching repeated onslaughts in the Tamil homelands. In fact, for Sri Lanka to escape the continuing cycle of war and misery, it is incumbent on those seeking peace to return a government prepared to deescalate the conflict and enter into genuine negotiations with the Liberation Tigers. more ...
  • 128) 12:59 GMT, Oct. 16, 2001 |  + Fighters rally round tigers
    The forces are in panic anticipating a massive attack by the Tigers in the northeast and the capital. Yet the tactics of the Tigers is to attack at a position and at a time which has not been calculated by the Army intelligence. Increasing their cadre and heaping weaponry are proof of such a step forward. The situation is being so the govt, its forces, govt media and certain groups which flatter the govt, have stepped up their false and malicious propaganda under mining the capabilities of the Tigers. But the Tigers are not in the least bothered about it and are going on with their program of recruitment and moves. more ...
  • 129) 23:06 GMT, Oct. 16, 2000 |  + Lanka Cabinet swearing-in put off to Wednesday
    The swearing-in of the new Sri Lankan Cabinet, which was scheduled for Monday, was put off till Wednesday as President Chandrika Kumaratunga was struggling to accommodate in the new Cabinet various allies whose support enabled the People's Alliance to form the new government. more ...
  • 130) 22:30 GMT, Oct. 16, 2000 |  + The minority vote in Sri Lankan politics
    Tamils mourn the tragedy of losing Tamil representation in the Trincomalee district through disunity and crass selfishness, but elicit satisfaction from knowing that any party forming the government needs the minority vote. Meanwhile, the Sihala Urumaya must be gnashing the teeth in consternation, as it watches the Tamil and Muslim parties hold the key to who is to occupy the treasury benches in the next parliament. The results, if anything, has been astonishing, with many colossi brought low, while good fortune and honest toil brought a cornucopia of votes to those who were not fancied. more ...
  • 131) 22:18 GMT, Oct. 16, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka Says Norway Welcome As Peace Mediator
    Sri Lanka's foreign minister said Monday that Norway was welcome to continue its peacemaking effort in the nation's civil war, less than two weeks after his country declared that role over. "We want Norway to remain engaged in the process," Sri Lanka Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar said at a news conference in Oslo. "At the moment there is not much of a process." more ...
  • 132) 22:07 GMT, Oct. 16, 2000 |  + Police shoot inside eastcoast Mosque
    Schools, shops and government offices were partly shut down Monday in the eastern Muslim town of Akkaraipattu, 64 kilometers south of Batticaloa on the southeastern coast of the island, in protest over Sri Lankan Police shooting and wounding five people in the town's main Mosque Saturday midnight. Police in Akkaraipattu claimed that a large crowd that gathered at the town Mosque in response to a special late night muezzin call had attacked a Police patrol, wounding some constables. Police arrested twenty eight persons, including the editor of a news paper, accused of taking part in the attack. more ...
  • 133) 17:39 GMT, Oct. 16, 2000 |  + Sri Lankan FM pessimistic over peace process
    Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar said Monday that he was pessimistic about prospects for peace in his country, despite Norway's efforts to mediate in the island's long running civil war. "I am not being particularly...optimist. We want Norway to remain engaged in the peace process but at the moment there is not much of a process," Kadirgamar said following a meeting with his Norwegian counterpart Thorbjoern Jagland. In the run up to legislative elections at the beginning of October, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake said his government had decided not to negotiate with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and instead vowed to crush the separatists on the battlefield. more ...
  • 134) 12:39 GMT, Oct. 16, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka's peace hopes stuck in hung parliament
    Now it has elected a hung parliament, war-ravaged Sri Lanka is going to find the road to peace more slippery than at any time in its recent past. ``They've cooked the goose of the peace process,'' said a western diplomat after President Chandrika Kumaratunga People's Alliance (PA) cobbled together a wafer-thin majority in the house which sits for the first time this week. more ...
  • 135) 12:37 GMT, Oct. 16, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka party chief quits, accusing party members of terrorism
    Sri Lanka's nationalists, who advocate a hard line against the country's separatist Tamil rebels, suffered a major blow Monday as their leadership resigned after accusing some of its own members of resorting to terrorism. The president of the Sihala Urumaya, or Sinhalese heritage party, S.L. Gunasekara, quit following sharp differences over sharing the single seat they unexpectedly won at Tuesday's polls. more ...
  • 136) 11:51 GMT, Oct. 16, 2000 |  + Living with the ebb and flow of war
    For the flight to the Jaffna Peninsula you report to a military airport in the suburbs of Colombo. The Antonov transport plane is waiting on the tarmac. We are due to fly at dawn. There has been a sharp increase in casualties in the last few months since the Tigers launched a fresh offensive to recapture the Jaffna Peninsula and government forces tried to push them back. It doesn't take much imagination to know what is in the soldiers' minds. more ...
  • 137) 11:45 GMT, Oct. 16, 2000 |  + Buddhists, businessmen seek broad-based Sri Lankan government
    Sri Lanka's influential Buddhist monks and business leaders Monday demanded a national government as political parties tried to finalise a coalition after election results ended in a hung parliament. Leading Buddhist monk, Murutthettuwe Ananda, said President Chandrika Kumaratunga's People's Alliance (PA) and the main opposition United National Party (UNP) should unite to form a government. more ...
  • 138) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1999 |  + Hanging of Rajiv assassins set for November 5
    No details available. more ...
  • 139) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1999 |  + Eelam Tamils felicitated National Leader of the East Timor, Xanana Gusmao in Melbourne
    No details available. more ...
  • 140) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1999 |  + Sri Lankan Troops Kill 18 Rebels In North
    No details available. more ...
  • 141) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1999 |  + Seven LTTE casualties in sea battle -Radio
    No details available. more ...
  • 142) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + MASS GRAVES CHEMMANI: JAFFNA, SRI LANKA
    No details available. more ...
  • 143) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + RCMP submits report in 1985 bombing of Air India's flight 182
    No details available. more ...
  • 144) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + In renewed offensive,Sri Lankan army says 118 rebels, 58 soldiers killed
    No details available. more ...
  • 145) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + Colombo admits LTTE giving tough fight in north
    No details available. more ...
  • 146) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + Indian army website
    No details available. more ...
  • 147) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + Sri Lanka offers amnesty for deserters
    No details available. more ...
  • 148) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + Jaffna under LTTE spell?
    No details available. more ...
  • 149) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + 'Canadian move may help check LTTE activities'
    No details available. more ...
  • 150) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + 'Many dejected and mentally ill owing to ongoing N-E war'
    No details available. more ...
  • 151) 11:11 GMT, Oct. 16, 1998 |  + US doctors here to help perform surgery on Jayasikuru security personnel
    No details available. more ...
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