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August 20, 2017 - Memory of the Day

How Sri Lanka balances serendipity and sultry charms

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Gary Anandasangaree

Important Incidents

  • 1997 | Two More Army Advances In Vanni Repulsed By LTTE
    The Sri Lankan army for the second day in succession tried to advance deeper into Vanni territory on two fronts but were again driven back by LTTE forces. At Mathiamadu the Sinhala forces tried to break forward at 6 am but were forced to withdraw with heavy losses. Further details are awaited. The Palayawadi front also tried to break forward today but was pushed back due to LTTE resistance. Troops remain pinned down at Palayawadi. In this battle too the Sinhala army sustained heavy troop losses. Similar to yesterday's battle, today LTTE forces destroyed one Sri Lankan battle-tank while Sri Lankan troops dragged away two more of their heavily damaged battle-tanks. 19 LTTE fighters lost their lives in this confrontation.
  • 1997 | Seven Soldiers Killed -- Batticaloa
    Seven Sri Lankan troops were killed today at 7.30 am in Moravakanda (Batticaloa district) where they were engaged in barricading a road in occupied Tamil territory. Moravakanda is a key strategic point next to Welikanda on the Polanaruwa-Batticaloa road. The bodies of 4 troops were recovered by the LTTE. The LTTE incurred no casualties. A substantial quantity of arms and ammunition was captured by the LTTE.
  • Human Rights Violations

  • 1990 | 11 Tamil civilians were killed
    At least 11 Tamil civilians were killed by aerial bombardment in the high-populated Atcuveli area. Another 10 people were injured in this incident.
  • 1998 | Food is 'weapon of war' - UNP
    Ranil Wickramasinghe, Leader of the Sri Lankan Parliamentary Opposition and the United National Party (UNP) said that the Sri Lanka Government (SLG) was using food as weapon on civilians living in areas controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), according to Parliamentary sources.
  • 2000 | School damaged in air raid
    Ampalavan Pokkanai School in Puthukudiyiruppu in the north-eastern Mullaithivu district was damaged in an air raid by Sri Lanka Air Force's newly acquired Mig-27 jets on 15 August, the Voice of Tigers (VoT) radio said Saturday.
  • 2000 | Farmer shot, refugee girl missing
    A farmer was killed in Vanthaarumoolai, 22 kilometers north of Batticaloa, around noon Sunday when he was hit by gun fire from a Sri Lanka army camp nearby. Meanwhile, a young girl has been reported missing since August 17 in Valvettithurai in Jaffna.
  • Thirukural - திருக்குறள்

  • Kural: 172 | படுபயன் வெஃகிப் பழிப்படுவ செய்யார்
    நடுவன்மை நாணு பவர்.
    Through lust of gain, no deeds that retribution bring,
    Do they, who shrink with shame from every unjust thing.
    - 18 18
  • Aug 20 TamilCanadian News Archives

  • 1) Aug 20, 2015 13:37:37 GMT |  + Roadmap to reconciliation: 4 challenges for Sri Lanka after polls - Erik Solheim and Mark Salter
    These are critical times for Sri Lanka. This week the country completed its second round of elections this year. A coalition led by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe scored a narrow victory. By contrast, presidential elections held in January ended in a surprise victory for Maithripala Sirisena, a veteran government minister who broke ranks with Mahinda Rajapaksa. A notable feature of the latest election was Sirisena’s decision effectively to back the opposition coalition running against his own party, while also refusing to countenance Rajapaksa’s return to power under any circumstances. In many ways the campaign was a referendum on continued Rajapaksa rule. He lost, however, and Sri Lanka can now look to its future rather than its past.
  • 2) Aug 20, 2015 13:37:23 GMT |  + Mahinda misfires
    AT THE height of Sri Lanka’s parliamentary campaign, footage taken with a mobile phone went viral. It showed Mahinda Rajapaksa, an authoritarian former president running to become an MP, lunging at a member of the public, his fists clenched, before aides pulled him away. The short film suggested that Mr Rajapaksa already knew things were going badly for his group, the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA). Sure enough, his hopes of forming a government and becoming prime minister were dashed in the election on August 17th. Admittedly, he won a place for himself in parliament. But his alliance got just 95 of the 225 seats in the legislature. more ...
  • 3) Aug 20, 2015 13:36:13 GMT |  + Up From The Ashes, A Public Library In Sri Lanka Welcomes New Readers
    Rising two stories and capped by three domes, the Jaffna Public Library looks a bit like a stately wedding cake. Gleaming white under the Sri Lanka sun, the building's classical lines and beautiful proportions make it one of the architectural standouts of the South Asia region. That it survived at all is a testament to resilience. The fact that it was restored to such pristine condition, including its lush gardens, and modernized (it now offers Wi-Fi) makes it all the more remarkable. more ...
  • 4) Aug 20, 2015 13:33:43 GMT |  + Wickremesinghe: Sri Lanka’s veteran reformist premier
    Sri Lanka’s prime minister-elect Ranil Wickremesinghe is a champion of free enterprise who has managed to win economic and political support from both the West and India in his eight months in office. The 66-year-old was handpicked by President Maithripala Sirisena to lead a minority government after the shock ousting of the country’s long-time leader Mahinda Rajapakse in January. His United National Party won Aug 17 general election, thrusting the party back into power and giving him a fourth stint as head of government. more ...
  • 5) Aug 20, 2015 13:32:18 GMT |  + Sirisena's party offers to form coalition govt in Sri Lanka
    The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) offered on Thursday to form a coalition government with this week's winner of parliamentary elections, in a move that will pave the way for President Maithripala Sirisena to restart his stalled reform agenda. Sirisena had called the elections early after loyalists of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa, also from the SLFP, had blocked some of his reforms to make government more accountable and simplify Sri Lanka's complex election rules. Rajapaksa, still revered by many for ending a 26-year Tamil insurgency in 2009, headed the SLFP-led opposition alliance in Monday's election. more ...
  • 6) Aug 20, 2015 13:29:25 GMT |  + Sri Lanka plans ‘big bang’ reforms
    Sri Lanka’s incoming government plans to push forward with a range of “big bang” reforms to open up its financial system and liberalise the rupee after triumphing in Monday’s general election, the country’s central bank governor has said. On Wednesday, controversial former President Mahinda Rajapaksa officially conceded defeat following this week’s parliamentary polls, paving the way for his reform-minded rival Ranil Wickremesinghe to return as prime minister of the south Asian island this week. more ...
  • 7) Aug 20, 2015 10:20:45 GMT |  + Sri Lanka Chooses Change
    Now armed with a near-majority and likely support from Sirisena loyalists, the UNP is poised to enact change. In addition to tackling the President’s reform agenda, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe has promised to scrutinize billions of dollars in Chinese loans arranged during the Rajapaksa years. He has also called for more balanced foreign policy involving rejuvenated ties with India and the West. Monday was a testament to the resurgence of Sri Lanka’s democracy, one of Asia’s oldest. Less than a decade after the civil war ended and authoritarian rule seemed inevitable, the island has a decent shot at developing a stable two-party system. more ...
  • 8) Aug 20, 2014 12:21:14 GMT |  + Legal issues led to appointment of international experts: Lanka
    Sri Lanka has said that complex legal issues concerning the work of the presidential commission probing disappearances of individuals led to the appointment of international experts including an Indian into the panel.President Mahinda Rajapaksa's decision to appoint international experts has come under criticism of his nationalist allies, who suspect that members of government troops who fought the war with the LTTE would face war crimes charges as a result. After maintaining that troops did not violate any humanitarian law while crushing the LTTE, Colombo has dubbed the move by the UN human rights council to set up an international investigation as an action which breached Sri Lanka's sovereignty. more ...
  • 9) Aug 20, 2014 12:18:14 GMT |  + Sri Lanka has addressed India's security concerns: Swamy
    Sri Lanka has addressed India's security concerns over its soil being used by extremists to infiltrate into Tamil Nadu, senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said today, a day after Colombo assured New Delhi that it will not allow any anti-India activities. "India had concerns over one particular country and some extremists from that country using Sri Lanka to infiltrate into Tamil Nadu. The issue had been raised with Sri Lankan government and they addressed it," Swamy, Chairman of BJP Committee for Strategic Action, said, responding to a question posed by a Chinese delegation attending a defence seminar here. more ...
  • 10) Aug 20, 2013 17:29:46 GMT |  + Karunanidhi asks Tamil Nadu govt to ascertain if charges against Madras Cafe are true
    With some pro-Tamil groups in the state demanding a ban on John Abraham-starer Madras Cafe for its depiction of outlawed LTTE allegedly in negative light, DMK chief M. Karunanidhi on Tuesday urged the government to ascertain the truth behind such charges and take "appropriate action". "I have not watched this film. It is being said the film has been produced (made) in a way insulting the Eelam Tamil fighters (LTTE). It would be proper only if state government ascertains if this information is true and took appropriate action," he said. more ...
  • 11) Aug 20, 2013 17:05:15 GMT |  + Boycott CHOGM meet: TN parties appeal in LS
    AIADMK and DMK on Tuesday pressed for India’s boycott of the CHOGM Conference being held in Sri Lanka, accusing the army there of committing “war crimes and genocide” against Sri Lankan Tamils. Raising the issue in the Lok Sabha, AIADMK leader M.Thambidurai said there was deep sense of outrage among the Tamils over the issue of “war crimes and genocide” perpetrated against the Sri Lankan Tamils by the Army there. more ...
  • 12) Aug 20, 2013 17:04:40 GMT |  + Sri Lanka minister promises to prioritize Tamil repatriation in 2014
    Sri Lanka says it will prioritize the repatriation of thousands of Tamil refugees in India next year, more than four years after the 1983-2009 civil war. “In 2014, the government will introduce a repatriation programme because Sri Lankan refugees living in [the Indian state of] Tamil Nadu will be our next priority,” Minister of Resettlement Gunaratne Weerakoon told IRIN. According to Indian government figures, there are more than 100,000 ethnic Tamil Sri Lankans in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, including 68,000 in 112 government-run camps and 32,000 outside the camps.
  • 13) Aug 20, 2013 12:47:50 GMT |  + Life Is Not Rocket Science
    Living on the island of Rameswaram while I was growing up, the sea was an important part of our lives. Its tides, the lapping of the waves, the sound of trains passing on the Pamban bridge, the birds that always circled the town and the salt in the air are sights and sounds that will always remain linked with my memories of childhood. Apart from its sheer presence around us, the sea was also a source of livelihood for our neighbours and us. Almost every household had some connection with the sea, whether as fishermen or as boat owners. more ...
  • 14) Aug 20, 2013 9:55:32 GMT |  + PM refuses to comment on participation in CHOGM
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh refrained from committing his participation in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOGM) in Colombo, as political parties from Tamil Nadu (TN) in Parliament demanded his boycott. Singh did not make any commitment about the level of New Delhi’s participation in the next biennial summit of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations. Official sources, however, said that he thanked Peiris and the Sri Lankan government for the gesture.
  • 15) Aug 20, 2012 23:28:56 GMT |  + Moving from Tamil Eelam to Eelam Tamil
    Dravida Munnetra Kazagham (DMK) leader M Karunanidhi seems to have quietly acquiesced to New Delhi’s pressure to shift the focus of his widely publicized “Eelam Tamils’ Rights Protection Conference” on August 12 from ‘Tamil Eelam’ to ‘Eelam Tamil.’ The exercise was more than semantics; except for two – Thol Thirumavalavan of the Viduthalai Chiruthai Katchi (VCK) and Veeramani of the Dravida Kazagham (DK) – other mainline speakers hardly made a reference to an independent Tamil Eelam. Even Thiruma’s speech was mostly devoted to redeem Karunanidhi’s reputation damaged during the Eelam War-4.
  • 16) Aug 20, 2012 23:28:15 GMT |  + Carney apologizes for 'Asian' banknote controversy
    Mark Carney has apologized to Canadians who were offended by the Bank of Canada’s decision to exclude the image of an Asian-looking scientist on the new $100 bill and replace her with someone who appears to be white. The bank found itself embroiled in controversy last week when it was revealed that focus group testing led to the removal of an image some people felt was too ethnic. On Monday, the bank’s governor said it was a mistake and the bank would review its design process. more ...
  • 17) Aug 20, 2012 23:26:03 GMT |  + Mother has no memory of crash that killed husband, daughter
    A woman who survived a head-on crash that left her husband and teenage daughter dead says she does not remember the collision. The crash occurred in the early hours of August 5, when Neil Wijeratne, his wife, Antonette, and their 16-year-old daughter, Eleesha, were driving home from Florida. When they were merging onto Highway 427 from the Queen Elizabeth Way, they were struck by a GMC Envoy that was going the wrong way, police have said. Neil Wijeratne and his daughter died at the scene. more ...
  • 18) Aug 20, 2012 16:52:16 GMT |  + Explaining Sinhalization to Indians
    Sinhalisation is only a populist pretext for grabbing the resources and land of the Tamil people, to sell these to alien economic powers, basically multinational corporations. Poor peasants and fishers of the Sinhala community have not gained any thing from this war. On the contrary they also lost their kith and kin, and are now enslaved by the new agreements with the international money lenders. The evening event was a massive mass mobilization.
  • 19) Aug 20, 2012 16:50:05 GMT |  + Four bones, three countries
    India uses history and artefacts contested by Nepal to build bridges with Sri Lanka...The journey of the relics, from New Delhi to Colombo, and to six other places in Sri Lanka this year, being observed as the 2,600th anniversary of the Buddha’s enlightenment, brings up some old questions. For the two governments, the historical antecedent of the relics is a settled fact, and the exchange of cultural artefacts between the two countries is a continuation of the long history that dates back to the days of Emperor Ashoka. But Nepal has for years raised doubts about the relics, claiming that the true Kapilavastu lies in its territory, and not in U.P. as Indian archaeologists claim. more ...
  • 20) Aug 20, 2012 16:38:49 GMT |  + Akashi due here tomorrow
    Representative of the Government of Japan for Peace-Building, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Sri Lanka Yasushi Akashi will arrive in the island tomorrow. His visit concerns the recent developments in the country with regards to the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission Report and the release of the National Action Plan on Human Rights, according to the Japanese Embassy in Colombo.
  • 21) Aug 20, 2012 12:35:40 GMT |  + Rights mar Sri Lankan trade
    Sri Lanka is in for some hard bargaining when it negotiates a new aid pact in 2013 with the European Union, which withdrew a key trade concession two years ago over this country’s human-rights record. Bernard Savage, head of the EU delegation to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, says political differences do not affect trade. "There are no specific irritants [at the moment] and I would like to stress that in the normal run of affairs political differences do not affect trade."
  • 22) Aug 20, 2012 12:34:56 GMT |  + Centre 'Soft Handling' Attacks on TN Fishermen: Jaya
    Charging the government at the Centre with "soft handling" the issue of Sri Lankan Navy's alleged attacks on Tamil Nadu fishermen, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa today asked it to ensure that the island nation's Navy strictly refrains from harassing them with impunity. "The Sri Lankan Navy, emboldened by the soft handling of the issue by the Government of India, is attacking/harassing fishermen of Tamil Nadu with impunity," Jayalalithaa said in a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
  • 23) Aug 20, 2012 12:33:29 GMT |  + Water conservation “desperately” needed
    Rising temperatures, a late monsoon and dwindling rivers in parts of Sri Lanka are straining the energy sector and threatening crop yields. Local experts say water conservation has become an urgent necessity. In Moneragala District, in the east of the island, a man who gave his name as Somadasa said he has farmed for most of his 50 years and cannot remember when the nearby river was this low during a monsoon season. He usually starts planting when the government releases river water to irrigate his fields, but this year he is still waiting. more ...
  • 24) Aug 20, 2012 12:32:27 GMT |  + IMF says concerned over resignation of Sri Lanka SEC head
    The International Monetary Fund on Monday raised concerns over the resignation of the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, observing that the regulator had been taking the right steps to ensure market participants obeyed the rules. SEC head Tilak Karunaratne resigned on Friday, saying he had come under pressure from stock market players under investigation for stock manipulation making false allegations against him. His resignation was the second in less than nine months after his predecessor left amid complaints from brokers that tougher regulations were hurting stock prices.
  • 25) Aug 20, 2012 12:31:56 GMT |  + Lankan Tamils break law, risk lives
    Among the 61 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees caught trying to sail to Australia by the Tamil Nadu police late Thursday night was a very angry woman. Pamini Nagula, 32, had planned to take along her three little children on that perilous boat trip across the Indian Ocean because, as she put it, “there’s no future in the refugee camps here and we are treated by the police as dogs”. Besides, Pamini’s husband had gone on a similar boat ride to Australia two years and was not heard since. “If he is alive, we will reunite in Australia; if he had died at sea, we will still join him in death”, ...
  • 26) Aug 20, 2012 12:30:58 GMT |  + Sri Lanka detains 83 Australia-bound boat people
    Sri Lanka's navy on Monday stopped two Australia-bound trawlers carrying 83 would-be asylum seekers in the first detection since Canberra tightened restrictions on boat people, officials said. The navy said the two craft were found off the island's northeastern port of Trincomalee with two women and four children among those on board. "The trawlers were detected 15 miles (24 kilometres) off the coast," a spokesman said. "The 83 people aboard have been handed over to the police."
  • 27) Aug 20, 2012 12:29:19 GMT |  + Sri Lanka to protest British travel advisory
    Sri Lanka will protest a travel advisory issued by Britain that warns its citizens of an upsurge in nationalism and anti-Western rhetoric in the island nation, a Sri Lankan official said Monday. The travel advisory issued by the British Foreign Office would adversely impact thousands of British tourists to Sri Lanka, Xinhua quoted External Affairs Ministry Secretary Karunathilaka Amunugama as saying.
  • 28) Aug 20, 2011 12:23:15 GMT |  + The new face of old-school NDP values
    In her orange blouse and mesh cowboy hat, Rathika Sitsabaiesan cuts a striking swath through the stalls at the 10th annual Scarborough Rotary Ribfest in northeastern Toronto. It's a sweltering Saturday, and the MP for Scarborough-Rouge River is, like any good pol in the summer, where her constituents are – although for the two-thirds of them who are immigrants, the greasy, tangy Southern rib experience might be a relatively new one. more ...
  • 29) Aug 20, 2011 12:21:26 GMT |  + Delhi opens whole new world for Jaffna's 'war born'
    It is their first trip outside of Jaffna, Sri Lanka's once war capital. And the 10 Tamil students of a 160-year-old school in Jaffna find their tour of Delhi simply amazing. Since flying into the capital on India's Independence Day, the still shy students have been captivated by a whole new world -- Indian students, local cuisine, lifestyle, historical monuments and more. 'This has truly been an enriching experience,' said Rev. M. Jero Selvanayagam, principal of Jaffna's St. Patrick's College, founded in 1860 and a Jaffna landmark.
  • 30) Aug 20, 2011 12:08:38 GMT |  + Harper spins a new brand of patriotism
    Stephen Harper is working to recast the Canadian identity, undoing 40 years of a Liberal narrative and instead creating a new patriotism viewed through a conservative lens. Restoring the “royal” prefix to the navy and air force this week is just part of the Prime Minister’s attempt at “creating a new frame” for Canada and Canadians. more ...
  • 31) Aug 20, 2011 12:07:53 GMT |  + What’s it like to live away from Canada?
    She knew it from the second she stepped on foreign soil. “This young little girl from Quebec who never left her backyard had come to India. I was so happy immediately. I was comfortable and although everything was so different, I was home.” Monique Patenaude was 24 when she first decided to take a leap from her protected life in Canada three decades ago and ride on a wing to a world she never really heard of, thousands of miles away. more ...
  • 32) Aug 20, 2011 11:25:04 GMT |  + BJP mobilising funds for displaced Lankan Tamils
    The Bharatiya Janata Party is mobilising funds from the public in Chennai for providing relief to the displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka, according to L. Ganesan, member of the national executive committee of the party. But, Mr. L. Ganesan, member of the national executive committee of the party alleged, the Congress would not do anything in this regard because when Opposition parties urged the United Progressive Alliance government to take steps to prevent the killing of Tamils in Sri Lanka, the UPA government offered support to the Sri Lankan government in its fight against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
  • 33) Aug 20, 2011 11:20:38 GMT |  + Civil war leaves Sri Lankan woman vulnerable
    Sri Lanka's long-running conflict was brutal for its women. More than 80,000 are said to have been widowed in war-affected areas of the island nation. The peace that came with the end of the civil war has brought little discernible improvement to their lives. The situation is especially bad for young women, who told Al Jazeera about rapes and sexual exploitation - in some cases by government officials and the military. Steve Chao was granted special permission to report in the still sensitive area of northern Sri Lanka. more ...
  • 34) Aug 20, 2011 11:18:47 GMT |  + Colombo goes on all-out offensive against Darusman report as UNHRC disaster looms
    At a time when the United States is awaiting a response from Colombo for its call for an “interactive dialogue” on the wide-spread credible allegations war crimes, before the UNHRC meets for its 18th sessions next month, Mahinda Rajapaksa government has said the UN Expert Panel Report is “not admissible at UNHRC” and warned that it could produce “dangerous results if entertained”. Claiming that the advisory panel “straying completely out of its mandate had recommended to the UNSG that the report should be submitted to the UNHRC”, he has said that it was “not their business at all” to make such recommendation.
  • 35) Aug 20, 2011 11:17:39 GMT |  + Sri Lanka Ducks International Probe
    Although the Sri Lankan government has evaded calls for an international probe into alleged excesses while militarily defeating Tamil separatism in 2009, it may yet be called to account at the September session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The attitude of India, Sri Lanka’s influential northern neighbour, is vital. India fully backed Colombo during the war, but it has now joined the chorus demanding investigation into alleged war crimes. "I don’t think this is an issue that will go away like that," Jehan Perera, from the Colombo-based advocacy group, the National Peace Council (NPC), told IPS. India, which has a sizable Tamil population of its own, has been pushing for wider power devolution for the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka’s north.
  • 36) Aug 20, 2011 10:26:30 GMT |  + Canada assists war affected women
    Canada has provided financial support to local NGO, War Affected Women (WAW) to conduct a series of workshops and exhibitions in the Northern and Eastern Provinces for the benefit of women in the post-war period. The Canadian contribution of over Rs 2.5 million would facilitate the WAW to hold two-day exhibitions in Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Jaffna, an Embassy spokesperson told The Island. "Reconciliation is an important and a significant step in the direction to achieve peace and harmony, and the ‘Sthree Mela’ will create an opportunity to dispel any misconceptions between the diverse sectors while fostering understanding" commented the High Commissioner of Canada Bruce Levy.
  • 37) Aug 20, 2010 19:19:07 GMT |  + Collective trauma in the Vanni- a qualitative inquiry into the mental health of the internally displaced due to the civil war in Sri Lanka
    From January to May, 2009, a population of 300,000 in the Vanni, northern Sri Lanka underwent multiple displacements, deaths, injuries, deprivation of water, food, medical care and other basic needs caught between the shelling and bombings of the state forces and the LTTE which forcefully recruited men, women and children to fight on the frontlines and held the rest hostage. This study explores the long term psychosocial and mental health consequences of exposure to massive, existential trauma. This paper is a qualitative inquiry into the psychosocial situation of the Vanni displaced and their ethnography using narratives and observations obtained through participant observation; in depth interviews; key informant, family and extended family interviews; and focus groups using a prescribed, semi structured open ended questionnaire.
  • 38) Aug 20, 2010 18:04:01 GMT |  + From post-war to post-conflict
    A year after the military defeat of the LTTE, Sri Lanka is faced with the challenge of moving from its current post-war state to a post-conflict one. This entails that the sources of the conflict that plagued the country for over three decades are not sustained and reproduced. The priorities should be: peace via a political settlement; reconciliation through ameliorating the plight of the Internally Displaced Persons; the reversal of the culture of impunity promoted by human rights violations; and promoting unity by resisting the assertion of majoritarianism.
  • 39) Aug 20, 2010 18:03:19 GMT |  + Did the Sri Lankan migrants 'jump the queue'?
    An overwhelming majority of Canadians -- 83 per cent -- believes that the passengers of the MV Sun Sea budged in line for immigration to Canada, cutting ahead of would-be immigrants who've spent years filling out paperwork. Are they correct? The answer is an emphatic "No," according to immigration lawyer Richard Kurland. "They are not retarding the process in any way, making it longer or more difficult in any way for anyone else," he told
  • 40) Aug 20, 2010 12:42:40 GMT |  + Getting tough on refugees
    There is something about boats and refugees that triggers exaggerated reactions in the minds of Canadians and the Canadian government. It has been so since prime minister Brian Mulroney called an emergency session of Parliament in the summer of 1987 to deal with a boatload of Sikh refugees off the coast of Nova Scotia. Boat arrivals set off alarms about more boats just over the horizon and talk about floods of refugees who are inherently suspicious because they arrive as part of an organized smuggling operation.
  • 41) Aug 20, 2010 12:39:34 GMT |  + India to set up two new consulates in Sri Lanka
    Seeking to give a further boost to bilateral friendly ties, India will set up two new consulates in Sri Lanka's Jaffna and Hambantota cities. The two sides had agreed on this during president Mahinda Rajapaksa's visit to India in June. "In order to implement and formalise this understanding, an Exchange of Notes took place today between foreign secretary CR Jayasinghe and (Indian) high commissioner Ashok K Kantha," an official statement said. It is expected that the two Consulates General of India in Jaffna and Hambantota will be set up in the near future, it said.
  • 42) Aug 20, 2010 12:38:04 GMT |  + Sri Lanka's Sarath Fonseka 'expects jail sentence'
    Former Sri Lankan armed forces chief Sarath Fonseka says he expects he will soon be given a jail sentence. A military court last week sentenced him to be stripped of his rank as a general and dishonourably discharged from the armed forces. Mr Fonseka, 59, said he expected to receive a jail sentence from a second military court trying him on charges of corruption. He said he believed the verdict was already planned. more ...
  • 43) Aug 20, 2010 12:35:58 GMT |  + Ford’s drunk driving conviction could steer his campaign into the ditch
    The seeds of Rob Ford’s latest troubles were planted on a boozy Valentine’s night in 1999, when he threw his hands in the air and told the Miami police officer who pulled him over: “Go ahead, take me to jail.” Eleven years later, Mr. Ford’s drunk driving conviction – and the way he fumbled the revelation – have sprouted into the gravest threats yet to the Etobicoke councillor’s improbable run for mayor. more ...
  • 44) Aug 20, 2010 12:32:48 GMT |  + British youth’s war crimes awareness walk to conclude Friday
    The British Tamil youth who set out to highlight the need for an international investigation into Sri Lanka’s war crimes through an awareness-raising walk from London to the United Nations in Geneva is near the end of his journey, fellow activists said. Well wishers from several European countries are traveling to Switzerland to welcome him there. Gobi Sivanthan has almost reached Geneva, activists said Thursday night. Whilst French media outlets have reported regularly on his progress through France, local and national police have provided support along the way to facilitate Sivanthan and his supporters. Meanwhile, a group of British Parliamentarians hailed the youth’s efforts, describing it as “a noble mission for a noble cause.” more ...
  • 45) Aug 20, 2010 10:43:20 GMT |  + Sri Lanka: The ACF Case 4 Years On: Sri Lankan Families Still Waiting for Justice
    On World Humanitarian Day (19August) Amnesty International recalls the many humanitarian workers who have fallen victim to human rights violations in Sri Lanka and the families of victims who have been frustrated in their pursuit of justice. Amnesty International calls on the UN to independently investigate violations of human rights and humanitarian law in Sri Lanka as an essential first step to accountability.
  • 46) Aug 20, 2010 10:31:45 GMT |  + 95 persons disappeared in Batticaloa district after SLA occupation
    Ninety-five persons including two women have disappeared without trace in Batticaloa district since Sri Lanka Army (SLA) occupation of the district, according to Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian, P. Selvarasa. The youths who had left the Liberation Tigers and married leading a normal life and persons who had been supporters of the LTTE had been arrested or abducted by SLA Intelligence Wing with the assistance of Tamil paramilitary group of Pillayan and Karuna. These persons are among those gone missing. The abductors arriving in white vans during nights had taken away the persons who had disappeared since then, the MP said.
  • 47) Aug 20, 2010 10:29:10 GMT |  + Japan, ADB grant $2.5 million to restore livelyhood of Sri Lankan families
    The Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, administered by ADB, is extending a $2.5 million grant for a project that will provide cash-for-work and skills training for at least 2,500 families in five conflicted-affected districts in the north of the country. It will assist in the rebuilding of about 100 kilometers of rural access roads and 200 kilometers of field irrigation canals, and will complement the separate ADB-assisted, Conflict Affected Region Emergency (CARE) Project, which is also helping to rehabilitate damaged and neglected infrastructure.
  • 48) Aug 20, 2010 10:05:13 GMT |  + Indo-China undercurrents in show-peace port
    A British war strategist is reported to have said that any country controlling the Trincomalee Harbour would have control over the entire Indian Ocean -- and this probably applies to Hambantota also. That may be one of the reasons why India is troubled by what is happening in the waters around it. Essentially what is happening is that Sri Lanka appears to have become or allowed itself to become a pawn in a multifaceted geopolitical power game between Asia’s two giants, with the consequences being unpredictable.
  • 49) Aug 20, 2010 10:01:58 GMT |  + France raises ACF
    French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, in a statement to mark World Humanitarian day today, has raised the death of 17 aid workers in Sri Lanka during the war and noted that the killers have yet to be identified. “We also remember the 17 members of Action Against Hunger who were executed in 2006 in Muttur in Sri Lanka; their murderers have still not been found. The security of humanitarian personnel is a priority for France. That is why France is determined to try and strengthen the security of humanitarian personnel, notably at the next United Nations General Assembly,” the French Foreign Minister said in his statement today. more ...
  • 50) Aug 20, 2010 9:54:21 GMT |  + Sri Lanka former war zone economy transformation seen
    Northern Sri Lanka, where education was highly valued before war retarded its growth, has potential to be transformed into a 'knowledge economy' from its traditional agrarian cum fisheries base, a statement said.An open forum on 'Pathways to Knowledge-based Development' in northern Jaffna is being organised by the Point Pedro Institute of Development (PPID) in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). The event is to be held on September 02, 2010 around the time of the traditional Nallur Hindu festival, the statement from the PPID said.
  • 51) Aug 20, 2010 1:27:49 GMT |  + Unpacking Rob Ford’s claims
    In response to a question in a televised debate about the prospect of Tamil refugees coming to Toronto, mayoral candidate Rob Ford said: “We can't even take care of our 2.5 million people. It's more important that we take care of the people now, before we start bringing in more.” Mr. Ford's statements should be examined seriously, not assumed to be demagogic. While immigration puts some pressure on social services in the short run, the city's economy and social fabric benefit from immigration. more ...
  • 52) Aug 20, 2009 17:38:29 GMT |  + India plans naval base on Maldives to contain Chinese influence
    Its naval chiefs and military strategists have become increasingly alarmed by China's expansion in South Asia where it has established a series of bases in neighbouring countries. Officials are now in talks with their counterparts in the Maldives to boost security for the tiny island, which has been targeted by drug smugglers, terrorists and pirates, and also to develop a new vantage point to protect its own coastal waters. Under the plan, India wants to develop a former Royal Air Force base on the islands, and integrate the Maldives into its own coastguard system.
  • 53) Aug 20, 2009 17:36:05 GMT |  + Top Sri Lanka academic threatened
    One of Sri Lanka's most eminent academics has received an anonymous death threat, officials say. The threat in a letter was sent to the home of Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, executive director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA). He is the latest in a long line of prominent people, mostly journalists, who have received death threats. They have in recent months been threatened, beaten up and in some cases murdered. Nearly all have been critical of government policy. The letter sent to Dr Saravanamuttu threatens him because Sri Lanka stands to be deprived of the European Union (EU) benefits in October, with resultant job losses.
  • 54) Aug 20, 2009 17:34:16 GMT |  + Chinese-built power plant project hailed by Sri Lankan government
    The Sri Lankan government Thursday hailed the smooth progress of the island's largest coal-fired power plant which is being built by a Chinese company in the northwest of the island. Basil Rajapakse, the senior advisor to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse stated at the power house sealing ceremony of the Norochchole Power Plant that he is satisfied that the first phase of the project can be completed 13 months ahead of schedule. "As the largest commercial project between Sri Lanka and China, the plant is unique and very important for Sri Lanka because it can satisfy one-fourth of the island's electricity requirement when the two phases are completed," said Rajapakse.
  • 55) Aug 20, 2009 12:20:08 GMT |  + Uproar over planned restrictions on naming of Sri Lankan political parties
    A major uproar by Sri Lankan opposition parties during the past 10 days over plans to ban them from carrying the name of a religion or race was finally laid to rest after the authorities agreed to reverse the controversial plan. The issue illustrates the many problems Mahinda Rajapaksa, the president, faces in appeasing the country’s minority groups. Opposition politicians have condemned a proposed amendment to Sri Lanka’s election law that is to be introduced in parliament later this month that would bar race- or religion-based political parties. The amendment is part of changes being made to modernise election laws that have been mooted by a parliamentary committee on electoral reforms whose members come from all political parties represented in the legislature.
  • 56) Aug 20, 2009 11:53:31 GMT |  + Canada must join EU & UN human rights efforts in Sri Lanka
    “The EU and the UN have been active in addressing the severe situation in Sri Lanka while Canada has stood on the sidelines,” said New Democrat Leader Jack Layton. “Canadians know that we have a large role to play in protecting human rights and working for peace in crisis situations like the one in Sri Lanka. It’s time the Prime Minister started living up to those expectations.” Layton and his team have consistently urged the Harper government to work harder to prevent human rights abuse and end the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka. “Canada can and must do more,” said Layton. “We can be a strong voice for peace on the global stage. Children in Sri Lanka need us to take up that responsibility today.”
  • 57) Aug 20, 2009 11:39:23 GMT |  + Sri Lanka legalises new financial instruments
    Sri Lanka's parliament on Thursday amended the island nation's securities law to allow trading in derivatives, options, and futures. As of now, foreign investors who want to invest in Sri Lanka are confined to either buying government treasury securities or investing in the Colombo Stock Exchange <.CSE>, which has only $7 billion in capitalisation and low liquidity. The Securities and Exchange Commission has long said it wants to open up its markets to other financial instruments, to make the country attractive to investors.
  • 58) Aug 20, 2009 11:28:54 GMT |  + Gotabhaya: 6,000 Sri Lankan troops killed in final three months of war
    Sri Lanka will keep up record defence spending despite its recent victory over the Tamil Tigers, Defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse told AFP Tuesday, as the Sri Lankan Army announced plans to recruit 50,000 more soldiers shortly. Sri Lanka raised its defence budget to a record 1.6 billion dollars this year, and finally defeated the LTTE in May after months of intense battles in which 20,000 Tamil civilians were massacred by government shelling. 6,000 Sri Lankan soldiers were killed in last three months of the war, Gotabhaya also said.
  • 59) Aug 20, 2009 10:36:03 GMT |  + Protesters proliferating in Obama era
    Perhaps the most memorable crowd of protesters outside Obama's door — and certainly the most vocal — was a group supporting the cause of the Tamil Tigers, a Sri Lankan separatist organization that has fought to create an independent state in the South Asian country. "Pres-i-dent Oba-ma! Pres-i-dent Oba-ma!" women and men on a megaphone would call as the rest of the crowd — sometimes as large as 300 people — echoed, "Stop the genocide. We are going to keep going until our loved ones are freed from concentration camps and they can live in their own places without any torturing, The babies are starved to death. Even the old people are dying in the concentration camps."
  • 60) Aug 20, 2009 10:16:53 GMT |  + IDP camps: TNA warns of clashes
    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) warned in Parliament yesterday of possible clashes between the displaced civilians at the welfare villages in Vavuniya and the security forces stationed there -- because of what the party described as the ‘immense hardships’ faced by these people. Mavai Senathirajah MP, the general secretary of the TNA, told the House during the debate on the situation in the welfare villages, that these people were undergoing immense mental strain because of what he termed the horrible living conditions in the camps.
  • 61) Aug 20, 2009 10:15:14 GMT |  + Czechs to send CZK 3.4m worth of aid to Taiwan, Sri Lanka
    The Czech Republic will provide humanitarian aid to Taiwan and Sri Lanka of a total value of 3.4 million crowns, the Foreign Ministry has told CTK, adding that the decision was approved by Foreign Minister Jan Kohout. The Czech Foreign Ministry has allotted 2.5 million crowns to Sri Lanka to remove the consequences of a long and bitter civil war. The money will go to the Charity Czech Republic that will use it to ensure water for refugee camps in northern part of the country where hundreds of thousands of people lost the roof over their heads due to the civil war.
  • 62) Aug 20, 2009 10:00:48 GMT |  + India's coastline vulnerable but security measures in place: Sureesh Mehta
    After Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's talked about a possible terror threat to the country, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sureesh Mehta has said that the coastline was vulnerable, but adequate security measures were in place. Talking to reporters here on the sidelines of flagging off a solo expedition of circumnavigating the globe by Commander Dilip Donde in Indian Navy's yacht 'Mhadei', Mehta said, "We have a 7,500 kilometres coastline, so no doubt it will be vulnerable. He further said that building of ports in Sri Lanka and Pakistan by China would create 'dependency' for those countries.
  • 63) Aug 20, 2009 9:56:26 GMT |  + UK agency adds to calls for Tamil resettlement
    As heavy rain worsens the already poor conditions in Sri Lanka's refugee camps, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (Cafod) in the UK, has added its voice to calls for Tamils displaced by the civil war to be allowed to return home. It is now three months since the fighting ended but "like many of these situations, the dilemma is that the issue has faded from the headlines but the problem has not gone away," said Pauline Taylor-McKeown, Cafod's head of international programs. Cafod is the UK partner of the international Catholic development agency Caritas.
  • 64) Aug 20, 2009 9:53:32 GMT |  + Lanka to recruit 50,000 soldiers: Army chief
    Even after routing the LTTE, the Sri Lanka army is all set to recruit up to 50,000 personnel to consolidate its position in the Wanni region once the stronghold the Tamil tigers. Observing that the security strength needed to be beefed up to consolidate its presence in the liberated areas in the Wanni, Sri Lankan army chief Jagath Jayasuriya said the government proposed to recruit an additional 20,000-50,000 personnel to the army. "We need more people", he said in his first interaction with the media here, adding, recruitment was needed in the wake of the impending retirements and other factors like injuries to the soldiers during the battle against the LTTE.
  • 65) Aug 20, 2009 9:50:44 GMT |  + 12 fishermen injured in 'assault' by Sri Lankan Navy
    Twelve fishermen from Pamban near here were injured when Sri Lankan naval personnel allegedly assaulted them while they were fishing between Dhanushkodi and Katchatheevu today, police said. Katchatheevu was ceded by India to Sri Lanka in 1974. Police said the fishermen told officials on return that they had left Pamban in 50 mechanised boats and that Sri Lankan naval men who came to that area in gas powered boats beat them, resulting in them having to return without fishing.
  • 66) Aug 20, 2008 1:25:37 GMT |  + FEIN: A genocide inquiry?
    Bosnia has its Radovan Karadzic, Sudan has its Omar Bashir and the United States could have its Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. He is a United States citizen serving as Sri Lanka's Sinhala Buddhist defense secretary who may be complicit in an ongoing genocide against Sri Lanka's Tamils. While Mr. Rajapaksa enjoys a presumption of innocence, the United States should be investigating to ensure it is as scrupulous in genocide enforcement as is expected of foreign governments. more ...
  • 67) Aug 20, 2007 15:08:12 GMT |  + Tamil aid worker killed in north Sri Lanka
    Unknown gunmen shot dead a Tamil staff member of the Danish Demining Group in Sri Lanka's far north on Monday, the group said, the latest in a rash of aid worker killings on the island.The shooting took place in the army-held Jaffna peninsula, which is cut off from the rest of the island behind rebel lines and has been beset by shootings in recent months and attacks on troops blamed on Tamil Tiger rebels. The killing comes just days after U.N. Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs John Holmes visited the island and said it had one of the worst records in the world for aid worker safety in terms of the number of aid workers killed.
  • 68) Aug 20, 2007 13:32:28 GMT |  + Many displaced welfare centre residents are mentally affected
    Tamil civilians, who have been displaced many times following the Sri Lanka government offensives since August 2006 in Muttur, Trincomalee, continue to languish in Batticaloa welfare centers. Stress of long-term displacement and depression fuelled by the yearning to return, to their own homes and livelihood, to their schools, and to their relatives are causing psychological problems and leading to alcohol addiction and abuse.According to physiatrist in Batticaloa teaching hospital, M Ganesan, “Most of the patients from these welfare centers who come to the hospital are mentally affected. Most of the patients are older people but there are youths among the affected as well.
  • 69) Aug 20, 2007 13:17:16 GMT |  + After a year and many promises, still no trace of Fr Jimbrown
    20 August marks the first anniversary of the disappearance of a Catholic priest and his assistant in Jaffna. The Apostolic Nuncio says the investigations promised by the authorities are proceeding slowly, and “one can only entrust them into the hands of the Lord”. There is the “cosmetic” commitment of the government to check the increase in disappearances, a violation for which Sri Lanka ranks second only to Iraq. The de facto return to civil war in Sri Lanka has led to an alarming rise in abductions and ‘disappearances’ – often a euphemism for extrajudicial execution. more ...
  • 70) Aug 20, 2007 13:10:19 GMT |  + Conferences help lift Sri Lanka tourism war gloom
    Sri Lankan tourist arrivals, hard hit by renewed civil war, have picked up in August thanks to international events and conferences that industry officials hope will help change perceptions about visitor safety. Tourist arrivals fell 23.7 percent in the first seven months of the year from the same period in 2006 to 268,963 visitors as the state fights a deadly new chapter in a two-decade civil war that has killed nearly 70,000 people since 1983. Sri Lanka is hoping events like a regional AIDS conference this week, a tea convention later this month and a counter-terrorism conference and an England cricket tour due later this year will help fill the void and change perceptions. The rebels have vowed to cripple the island's economy...
  • 71) Aug 20, 2007 13:00:34 GMT |  + Sri Lanka rupee at 8th straight low, stocks up
    Sri Lanka's rupee weakened slightly to an eighth consecutive life closing low on Monday as importers bought dollars to settle trade bills, while hospital shares led the bourse higher, dealers said. The rupee ended at 112.02/112.08 per dollar, surpassing the previous life low of 112.00/112.08 hit on Friday. The local currency has hit a series of new all-time lows in recent months. "There was importer demand coming up, so the rupee has weakened," said one currency dealer. Some analysts expect the rupee to weaken to as much as 118-120 per dollar by the end of the year. Others are eyeing 114 per dollar. The rupee has depreciated over 4 percent so far this year, after weakening by around 5 percent in 2006.
  • 72) Aug 20, 2007 12:57:47 GMT |  + Five dead in Sri Lanka rebel attack
    Tamil Tiger rebels opened fire on a police bunker in northern Sri Lanka on Monday, killing five people including three female paratroopers, a military official said. The rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) attacked a bunker in the district of Vavuniya, where one soldier was killed on Sunday in a rebel mortar bomb attack, the official said. "Four guards were killed and three of them were women," he said. "A civilian bus driver was also killed in the Tiger firing." Last month, the Tigers carried out a similar attack in the same area that killed four people. The rebels are fighting for a separate homeland for minority Tamils in Sinhalese-majority Sri Lanka. The ethnic conflict has claimed more than 60,000 lives since 1972.
  • 73) Aug 20, 2007 12:30:08 GMT |  + JHU hits out at APRC proposals
    The JHU yesterday dissociated itself from the All Party Representative Committee (APRC) proposals for power devolution revealed in the media, referring to them as a step to impose a federal system even exceeding the parametres of the Indian and US constitutions. Launching a verbal barrage at APRC Chairman and Minister Tissa Vitarana, the JHU said even the SLFP and the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna (MEP) which were parties of the ruling coalition had not agreed to this set of proposals. Party stalwart and Environment Minister Champika Ranawaka told journalists yesterday the SLFP had 55 members in Parliament, the MEP two and the JHU nine. He queried as to how Prof. Vitarana could claim a political consensus for these proposals issued to media under these circumstances.
  • 74) Aug 20, 2006 20:39:46 GMT |  + UN must discover a diplomatic solution: AHRC
    While the call for a peaceful resolution of the Sri Lankan conflict has arisen from high level sources such as the Secretary General of the United Nations and even the Pope, these make hardly any difference to the dismal situation of complete neglect of the suffering caused to the people by all parties to the conflict. None of the reported incidents of killings following various attacks have been investigated. Indeed the one marked feature of the state of the killings over the last few weeks is the complete absence of credible inquiries. Even the international organisations are being prevented from conducting investigations and on some occasions the bodies are being cremated to prevent such investigations. International journalists associations have complained of the lack of access to the areas of conflict.
  • 75) Aug 20, 2006 20:09:13 GMT |  + EU Tiger ban criticised
    A senior Norwegian diplomat has questioned the European Union's decision, taken last May, to classify Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers as terrorists. John Hanssen Bauer told the BBC that the move had damaged the chances of renewed talks, aimed at ending the recent upsurge in violence. He said the EU ban had only served to harden the Tigers' position. “We see now that the Sri Lankan monitoring mission will be reduced to half its original capacity in a situation where it's badly needed, and where the work has been more demanding than ever. I would have hoped that the situation would have been different,” Hanssen Bauer told the BBC. more ...
  • 76) Aug 20, 2006 19:23:29 GMT |  + 'No formal SL request yet for Indian aid to Jaffna'
    India is yet to receive any formal request from the Sri Lankan government for emergency humanitarian assistance for beleaguered Jaffna, according to well placed sources in the Government of India. Reports quoting the Sri Lankan government defence spokesman, Keheliya Rambukwella, had said on Saturday, that Indian assistance had been sought and that India would help. The Sri Lankan government has been unable to supply Jaffna with essential goods because land, sea or air links with the rest of the country had snapped due to the fighting between the government forces and the LTTE since August 11.
  • 77) Aug 20, 2006 12:31:15 GMT |  + India offers to Lanka formula based on Sarkaria panel
    With bloody conflict raging in Sri Lanka between the government forces and the LTTE, India has pitched in to help by offering a political formula to resolve the crisis.India has offered a devolution formula, based on the Sarkaria Commission's recommendations, which could take care of the interests and aspirations of all sections of the society of the island nation, official sources said.
  • 78) Aug 20, 2006 12:30:59 GMT |  + Organizers of the bombed Vallipunam school camp release photos of killed students
    Principals Assocaitions of Mullaitivu and Kandavalai who organized the Vallipunam school camp which was bombed on 14 August killing 51 students and three staff, released the photos of the students killed on 19 August.The names of the students killed were earlier released by the Directors of Education for Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi to their respective Government Agents on 17 August.
  • 79) Aug 20, 2006 12:28:40 GMT |  + Sri Lankan troops raid university in the north, student detained
    Hundreds of Sri Lankan soldiers raided a university, seizing computers and detaining a student, in the northern Tamil heartland where the government has been battling separatist rebels, the military and a pro-rebel Web site said Sunday.The troops surrounded the campus of Jaffna University on Friday, broke into the offices of the university's student federation and arrested its leader, the pro-rebel Web site TamilNet said.
  • 80) Aug 20, 2006 12:27:08 GMT |  + Sri Lanka moves to lift siege on Jaffna amid fighting
    Sri Lankan troops backed by artillery and fighter jets are resisting a Tamil Tiger rebel advance on the Jaffna peninsula amid moves to lift a nine-day siege of the embattled region, military officials said. Overnight attacks by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on troops at Muhamali on the southern edge of the Jaffna district led to casualties on both sides, a military official said.He said at least 10 soldiers had been killed and about 125 wounded in sporadic clashes along front lines in the past two days. The rebel offensive began nine days ago and is believed aimed at capturing Jaffna.
  • 81) Aug 20, 2006 12:25:23 GMT |  + Unable to achieve peace, Sri Lanka returns to war
    Both Sri Lanka's government and Tamil Tiger rebels might still say they want peace despite a return to large-scale fighting, but in reality they may have got the war that they wanted after four years of ceasefire. Hopes had been high after the Norwegian brokered truce was signed in 2002 -- aid flowed in and most diplomats and analysts judged a two decade war that had killed more than 64,000 people to be over for good, with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) running a de facto state across a seventh of the island.
  • 82) Aug 20, 2006 5:29:48 GMT |  + Pakistani Menace in Sri Lanka
    Pakistani attempts in league with the Sinhala state establishment to subvert the role of India must be taken seriously. If unchecked, Indian strategic installations in South India stand to be targeted in new terrorist attacks. The LTTE need not be embraced and loved, surely the larger interests of India demands some kind of accommodation with it in the long run to resolve not only the Tamil national question but also to rid the southern corridor of the Pakistani terrorist menace. more ...
  • 83) Aug 20, 2006 3:33:10 GMT |  + President's ire over Wimal's visits to army camps
    The country is once again faced with a bloody war and the horrors of war have now reached the south as well. Although several political elements, like the JVP, try to gain political mileage by pushing the country to the brink, it is the people that have to bear the consequences that come with a war. In a bid to draw the attention of the Head of State to the plight of children and women displaced by war, a front comprising of members from the United Socialist Party and the Alliance of Women for Peace and Democracy has been formed. more ...
  • 84) Aug 20, 2006 3:18:17 GMT |  + Jaffna back to the grave
    Jaffna city turned into a ghost town with the curfew clamped this week and the sound of artillery shells bursting everywhere brought back memories of the pre-ceasefire era when the town suffered heavy damages and casualties from a protracted war.With the beginning of the current hostilities and the resultant refugee crisis where thousands of civilians are displaced and living in hastily set up temporary shelters and relief items not reaching those most in need, Jaffna Government Agent K. Ganesh on Friday made a fervent appeal to the government asking for food and fuel supplies to be sent urgently to the Jaffna peninsula. more ...
  • 85) Aug 20, 2006 4:41:14 GMT |  + Suicide bombers -- weapon of choice for Sri Lanka rebels
    Long associated with sectarian violence in the Middle East, the suicide attack has been refined by Sri Lanka's secularist Tamil Tiger rebels into a sophisticated weapon of war.Spearheaded by the Black Tigers suicide squad and their naval wing, the Black Sea Tigers, the rebels have for years assassinated political and military figures in their fight against the Sinhalese-dominated state."There is no doubt about it, they have perfected the art of the suicide bomb," said one Western diplomat.
  • 86) Aug 20, 2006 3:14:05 GMT |  + Veil off Rajiv's aborted Tiger plan
    Rajiv Gandhi had asked M. Karunanidhi to meet Tamil Tiger leader V. Prabhakaran in a jungle to negotiate a settlement at the peak of the Indian intervention in Lanka, the Tamil Nadu chief minister disclosed today.The revelation takes the wraps off a 17-year-old non-starter that could have prevented Rajiv’s assassination, changed the course of Indian politics and raised the possibility of lasting peace in Lanka, now back on the brink of civil war.Karunanidhi said the initiative could not make headway as Vaiko, who was then in the DMK, made a clandestine visit to the same jungle, Vavuniya, in northern Lanka.
  • 87) Aug 20, 2006 2:02:19 GMT |  + MDMK district secretary arrested for pro-LTTE speech
    MDMK's South Chennai district Secretary Manimaran was today arrested on the charge of making "an inflammatory speech, in support of the outlawed LTTE".A police release said Manimaran's speech was in a fashion that could "hinder" the sovereignty and unity of the country.He was arrested under various sections of Unlawful Activities (Prevention Amendment) Act 2004 and IPC section 153 (b) (committing any act prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious, racial or regional groups), police sources said.
  • 88) 13:52 GMT, Aug. 20, 2005 |  + After killing of Sri Lankan minister, clamour for war grows in Colombo
    Following the assassination of Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar last week, there is a distinct beating of war drums in Colombo ruling circles. Virtually every political party immediately blamed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and joined together on Thursday to ratify a one-month extension to the state of emergency imposed by President Chandrika Kumaratunga after the killing. In the course of the parliamentary debate, speakers vied with each other in hailing Kadirgamar, denouncing the LTTE and provocatively demanding revisions to the current ceasefire, which has been in place since February 2002. The media and political establishment has dismissed the LTTE’s denials of involvement and fallen into line with the assertions of the police and military that it carried out the assassination. more ...
  • 89) 13:51 GMT, Aug. 20, 2005 |  + Sri Lanka keen for early truce talks with Tamil rebels: Norway
    Sri Lanka's government is keen to have early talks to salvage a truce with Tamil Tiger rebels after both sides agreed to a review of the ceasefire, peacebroker Norway said. Norway stepped up efforts to arrange the first high-level talks in 30 months between Colombo and the Tigers as the ceasefire came under renewed pressure following the assassination on August 12 of the foreign minister. "The government is keen to have the talks as soon as possible," said Norwegian embassy spokesman Tom Knappskog on Saturday. "We are in consultations with the parties to finalise a date and a venue." The rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) said Friday the truce talks would be held in Oslo "in a couple of weeks."
    - Tigers, Sri Lanka agree to first high-level talks in 30 months - AFP
    more ...
  • 90) 13:48 GMT, Aug. 20, 2005 |  + Sri Lanka, Tamil rebels agree to first formal talks in more than 2 years
    Sri Lanka's government and Tamil Tiger rebels have agreed to hold talks to review a tenuous, three-year-old cease-fire - the first formal meetings between the sides in more than two years. But actual peace negotiations remain stalled and the prospects for reviving them were as uncertain as ever following last Friday's assassination of the country's foreign minister, the latest in a series of political killings that have plagued Sri Lanka in recent months. Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Vidar Helgesen said Friday that the government and Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam had agreed to hold the talks in the coming weeks, although the exact timing and venue were still being worked out. more ...
  • 91) 22:53 GMT, Aug. 20, 2004 |  + Counter proposal - Is thy name procrastination?
    Proposals for an Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA) submitted by the LTTE, have gained currency in the political circles and is the talk of the town. It is in this context the words of wisdom and circumspection recently said by His Highness Bishop of Mannar Rev. Rayappu Joseph, gains significance: "ISGA is the realistic beginning and the basis one could think of in the stalled peace process. Tigers are not going to accept, and one cannot expect them to do so the so-called 'counter' proposals, said to be in the making by the government. The Tamil people think and rightly so, that the government is procrastinating under the guise of a counter proposal. Instead of a counter proposal which will delay the process, the government can put on the negotiating table what it thinks is acceptable to the Tamil people". more ...
  • 92) 20:57 GMT, Aug. 20, 2004 |  + Vaiko to accompany Lankan MPs' delegation for talks with PM
    MDMK chief Vaiko today said he would accompany a delegation of Sri Lankan members of Parliament during their proposed meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh next month to seek India's participation in the peace process in the neighbouring island nation. Two Sri Lankan MPs - Senadhi Rajah and Chandrasekaran - had met him recently and invited him to be present when the 22-member delegation held discussions with Singh at Delhi, Vaiko told reporters here. The MDMK's general council last month had asked the Centre to change its policy, vis-a-vis the Sri Lankan Tamils issue and help in the success of the ongoing peace process by contributing its share. more ...
  • 93) 20:51 GMT, Aug. 20, 2004 |  + Two Tigers killed in ambush north of Batticaloa
    Mr. Bawa, a senior member of the Liberation Tigers from the Amparai District and an LTTE rehabilitation affairs official were killed in an ambush near a Sri Lanka army camp at Kayankerni, 36 kilometres north of Batticaloa, Friday around 2.15 p.m. Mr. Bawa was riding a motorbike with Mr. Yoga, an LTTE official in charge of rehabilitation work, when gunmen ambushed them triggering a claymore mine and opening fire at Pullaavi junction in Kayankerni, an area controlled by the Sri Lankan military. A female cadre travelling with them was seriously injured. She was earlier believed dead. Mr. Bawa was formerly head of the LTTE political division for the Amparai District. more ...
  • 94) 10:40 GMT, Aug. 20, 2004 |  + Murder convict said organizer of Sri Lanka conference in Oslo
    A man convicted of murder is the joint organiser of a conference on Sri Lanka in Oslo, the Norwegian multicultural newspaper Utrop said in its online edition Friday. The conference, which begins Friday, brings together Sinhala nationalist hardliners and Sinhala Buddhist extremists from around the world. The Norwegian, the joint organizer of the Sinhala nationalist conference, was convicted for murdering an immigrant restaurant owner in Oslo and sentenced to preventive detention for ten years in 1997, according to Utrop. The murder-convicted Norwegian man, 40, runs an IT company and website from a Salvation Army's apartment in Oslo, which is a preventive detention facility. It is called R-Senter and run from his preventive detention apartment. more ...
  • 95) 11:34 GMT, Aug. 20, 2003 |  + Hakeem gives ultimatum to Ranil
    Rauff Hakeem, leader of the SLMC and the North-East Muslim MPs’ Forum, threatened to boycott the "peace talks" unless the Muslims were accepted as a separate delegation at the next round of talks between the government and the LTTE, a spokesman for the party said yesterday. He added that future support to the government would be conditional on whether or not authority is delegated to the SLMC to administer the predominantly Muslim areas of the North and East as the SLMC had the mandate of the majority of Muslims in the North and East. more ...
  • 96) 11:04 GMT, Aug. 20, 2003 |  + Tamil Tigers leave for crucial Paris talks on Sri Lanka peace offer
    Sri Lanka's top Tamil Tiger leaders left here Wednesday for Paris to attend a crucial meeting that will decide the future of the island's faltering peace bid, officials said. Twelve members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) boarded a flight for Bangkok en route to Paris, officials said. The delegation had travelled Tuesday from rebel-held territory aboard government military helicopters to Sri Lanka's only international airport in Colombo. The Tigers are to meet with their legal and constitutional experts behind closed doors in Paris beginning Thursday in a week-long meet arranged by peace broker Norway using the good offices of the Sri Lankan and French governments.
    - Top Tamil Tiger rebels leave for Paris for crucial meeting - AP
    more ...
  • 97) 11:02 GMT, Aug. 20, 2003 |  + Nervous Sri Lanka garment workers eye looming China
    A giant stuffed panda on the garment factory floor is hardly an obvious way to spur production. But at Sri Lanka's L.M. Apparels (Pvt) Ltd, the cuddly toy sits in front of the production lines as a grim reminder of the Chinese competition the island faces. "China will beat the hell out of everybody," said Ashroff Omar, who heads an association of industry groups drawing up a strategy for the garment sector. The last day of December 2004 is the date that looms in his mind and in the minds of 300,000 Sri Lankans directly employed in the industry that accounts for more than 50 percent of the Indian Ocean island's export earnings. more ...
  • 98) 11:01 GMT, Aug. 20, 2003 |  + Sri Lanka president warns of threats to peace process
    Sri Lanka's president said on Wednesday that a breakdown in human rights, including a string of killings, in the north and east was a threat to the island's efforts to end two decades of civil war. The government and Tamil Tiger rebels have been sticking to a truce for the last 18 months, but a string of political killings blamed on the Tigers prompted warnings in the last month from the United States and human rights watchdog Amnesty International.
    - Tamil Tigers leave for crucial Paris talks on Sri Lanka peace offer - AFP
    more ...
  • 99) 17:29 GMT, Aug. 20, 2002 |  + Jaffna cine film distribution to be streamlined

    The Indian Tamil Movie Industry & Eelam Tamils

    "We should make a concerted effort to stamp out all activities that will destroy our cultural and other pristine values," said Mr.Ilamparuthi, Political Head of the LTTE in Jaffna district delivering keynote address at the augural event of the JDCFDA. Mr.Ilamparuthi further said that in past some elements in the peninsula had been working in connivance with evil forces to destroy the cultural values of Tamils. " If we allowed such forces to continue their anti-social activities it would not only ruin our cultural values but also the liberation of our peoples," stressed Mr.Ilamparuthi. more ...
  • 100) 17:10 GMT, Aug. 20, 2002 |  + EPDP told to disclose weapons' details
    Defence Secretary Austin Fernando has written to the Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP) leadership seeking full information on the number of weapons in their possession and the number of weapons with the breakaway groups. Defence Secretary Fernando told the Daily News yesterday that the EPDP has informed the Government that a number of weapons owned by the EPDP are now in the possession of one of their splinter groups. more ...
  • 101) 17:05 GMT, Aug. 20, 2002 |  + First Sea Movement of LTTE Successful - SLMM
    The Head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, Major General Trond Furuhovde, said Tuesday that the first sea movement of the LTEE members between Mullaithivu and Vaakarai, this weekend has clearly demonstrated the parties’ determination and willingness to find solutions on complicated matters. "The sea movement, as challenging it is, can form the very symbol of commitment and confidence of the Parties," Mr.Furuhovde said in a statment issued by the SLMM, Tuesday. more ...
  • 102) 13:44 GMT, Aug. 20, 2002 |  + Sri Lanka's (im)possible dream of peace
    With peace talks between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tiger rebels starting next month, most Sri Lankans believe this is where the hard bargaining starts - but still hope and pray that the talks will not break up and end in yet another cycle of violence. In the wake of the August 14 announcement that peace talks would begin in Thailand in mid-September, there has been no shortage of signs of hopefulness that the decades-old ethnic conflict in this South Asian island nation may be near an end. more ...
  • 103) 13:23 GMT, Aug. 20, 2002 |  + North-East doctors strike over pay discrimination
    More than three hundred resident medical officers working in the Northeast government hospitals and dispensaries, Tuesday, went on a strike, demanding that they also should be paid special mission allowance now being paid for non-resident doctors from other provinces. Resident doctors serving in Jaffna, Vavuniya, Trincomalee, Kantalai, Muttur, Kinniya, Batticaloa, Kalmunai and Ampara areas did not report for work Tuesday as a protest against the discrimination shown by the line ministry of health in paying special mission allowance. more ...
  • 104) 12:12 GMT, Aug. 20, 2002 |  + President rules out fresh elections in Sri Lanka
    "I shall not dissolve the present parliament unless the party which presently commands the confidence of the house loses its majority," President Chandrika Kumaratunga said in a letter to Parliament Speaker Joseph Michael Perera. "A general election could cost almost a billion rupees (dlrs 10.4 million) which our country can ill afford ... (and) the dissolution of parliament could have unexpected and unforeseeable effects on the peace process," said the letter, which was read aloud by Perera in Parliament. more ...
  • 105) 12:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 2002 |  + TNA accuses 'PA playing dual role'
    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Monday accused the main opposition People’s Alliance playing a dual role regarding the present peace process brokered by the Norwegians. "The People’s Alliance should come forward to tell its clear stand on the peace process now being taken forward by the United National Front government," said Mr.R.Sampanthan, leader of the Tamil National Alliance parliamentary group participating in the debate of no confidence motion against the Interior Minister John Amaratunge.
  • 'Last chance to find peace' -Chandrasekaran
    more ...
  • 106) 19:35 GMT, Aug. 20, 2001 |  + Thermobaric warfare and humanitarian concerns
    What have the Americans training Lankan soldiers to say about the Kumaratunga government buying weapons that have been banned by their own country? What has Britain that banned the LTTE as 'terrorist' to say about a British based company selling forbidden weapons to Kumaratunga? What has Japan with lingering memories of Hiroshima and Nagassaki yet bankrolling this war to say about the use of such destructive weapons ? The Tamil people have for long been at the receiving end of patronising lectures by the international community about what is best for them. It is now the Tamil peoples turn to ask of the international community what it intends doing about the usage of thermobaric devices against them. The use of such weapons should be viewed from a humanitarian perspective and not a military angle. The long suffering Tamils expect the civilised world to listen and respond positively to their humanitarian plea. more ...
  • 107) 17:08 GMT, Aug. 20, 2001 |  + From Bad to Worse
    Left with little choice, those countries who don't yet have travel warnings in effect against Sri Lanka immediately followed suit -- the country's erstwhile colonial ruler, Britain, leading the way. Only 400,000 people visited Sri Lanka last year, down 36,000 from the year before. The numbers are almost certain to fall again now. The Tigers know they will be held directly to blame, but they understand too that much of the misery from further economic depression will inevitably increase resentment of the government. It is on no reckoning the greatest tragedy to befall Sri Lanka in the past two decades that their key to their prosperity will remain lost as long as the conflict rages. more ...
  • 108) 13:09 GMT, Aug. 20, 2001 |  + Tamil politics and rank opportunism
    Tamil politics of aligning with one side and then with the other is all about playing second fiddle to the two major parties and clinging to office. The JVP, an infant in parliamentary politics compared to some of the Tamil parties, realises the essential hollowness of such games and is at least trying to move out. The Tamil parties should not be allowed to perpetrate such gross fraud on the Tamil people. Tamils both here and in the diaspora should put a stop to such unconscionable manipulation to remain in office at all costs. The only way this can be done is by holding Tamil parliamentarians on a tight leash. This has to be essentially a democratic exercise. more ...
  • 109) 10:53 GMT, Aug. 20, 2001 |  + Opposition plans massive rally, urges president's resignation
    The main opposition United National Party has launched a campaign to mobilize support of the people for its massive protest rally scheduled to be held in Colombo on August 23 Thursday, opposition party source said. Senior leaders of the UNP have been attending awareness meetings in several towns in the country to get more people to Colombo to attend the proposed rally, organised by The Alliance for Democracy organizes the rally, the sources said. more ...
  • 110) 10:52 GMT, Aug. 20, 2001 |  + Opposition moves to impeach Sri Lankan president over IMF deal
    Sri Lanka's main opposition Monday moved to impeach President Chandrika Kumaratunga on charges of violating the constitution and cited her deal with the IMF as an abuse of power. The main opposition United National Party (UNP) circulated to other political parties a draft impeachment motion listing nine counts of "intentional violation of the constitution," "misconduct" and "abuse of power." Kumaratunga is accused, among other things, of entering into a memorandum of understanding with the International Monetary Fund in March without obtaining prior approval from her cabinet of ministers. more ...
  • 111) 10:51 GMT, Aug. 20, 2001 |  + Jaffna students urge Colombo to stop bombing
    The Jaffna University Students Union (JUSU) appealed to international community "to intervene and safeguard the lives of Tamil students and civilians in the northeastern province from the continuing reprisal aerial attacks by the Sri Lanka Air Force". The JUSU in a statement issued Sunday said "aerial attacks targeting civilian positions such as schools and residential areas in northeast, particularly in Vanni and other Tigers controlled region are taking place almost daily. These indiscriminate aerial attacks have caused deaths and destruction to lives and properties of Tamil civilians". more ...
  • 112) 13:28 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + It's over: Russia - Unlikely anyone survived sub blast
    Grim Russian officials admitted yesterday all 118 sailors trapped for a week in a mangled submarine at the bottom of the Barents Sea were probably dead, even as a British mini-sub and Norwegian divers joined the effort to reach the sunken vessel in the Arctic depths. more ...
  • 113) 13:27 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka opposition accuses police of frame up
    Sri Lanka's main opposition Sunday accused the government of trying to frame its leaders on murder charges and arrest them ahead of crucial parliamentary elections in October. Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the government engineered the return to the country of a fugitive police officer and had "scripted confessions" implicating him and several other opposition leaders. "The script has been written by the CID (police Criminal Investigations Department) but the play is not going according to plan," Wickremesinghe told reporters here as several of his aides were questioned by police. more ...
  • 114) 13:12 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Farmer shot, refugee girl missing
    A farmer was killed in Vanthaarumoolai, 22 kilometers north of Batticaloa, around noon Sunday when he was hit by gun fire from a Sri Lanka army camp nearby. Meanwhile, a young girl has been reported missing since August 17 in Valvettithurai in Jaffna. The parents of the missing girl, Kandasamy Manju, 18, sought the assistance of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Jaffna today to find their daughter. Manju and her parents were displaced from the village of Vannaankerni in Palai in the southern sector of Jaffna in April due to the war. more ...
  • 115) 13:08 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka MPs scramble to grab duty-free cars
    Sri Lanka's legislators had rushed to snap up permits allowing them to import luxury cars duty-free, hours before the 225-member assembly was dissolved, parliamentary officials said Sunday. Among the car-crazed members of parliament were five who had been legislators for barely two weeks, officials said. Sri Lankan MPs enjoy a host of parliamentary privileges, including two free landlines with free local and international calls and part of their cell phone bill paid for. more ...
  • 116) 13:05 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + School damaged in air raid
    Ampalavan Pokkanai School in Puthukudiyiruppu in the north-eastern Mullaithivu district was damaged in an air raid by Sri Lanka Air Force's newly acquired Mig-27 jets on 15 August, the Voice of Tigers (VoT) radio said Saturday. At the time of the incident, the school was closed for holidays and 40 students who were attending a private tuition class were present in the school premisses. Two students and a teacher sustained injuries, the radio said quoting principal of the school. more ...
  • 117) 13:01 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + SANATH GUNATILAKE OUSTED ?
    It is reported that presidential media advisor Sanath Gunatilake hadbeen removed from his position and all official facilities given to himremoved. It is said that he was heard telling some of his close friends that he has already received death threats. more ...
  • 118) 12:54 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka poll campaign off to violent start
    At least one man was killed in an election campaign-related clash as political parties braced for more violence ahead of Sri Lanka's October poll, officials said Sunday. Unidentified men attacked members of the leftist JVP, or People's Liberation Front, while they put up posters at Colombo's Kirulapone area on Saturday, police said. more ...
  • 119) 12:48 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Chandrika's Credit Card War
    While lot of 'gas' is emanating from the Colombo scene, like that from a newly opened soda bottle, and palanquin-carriers such as Varadaraja Perumal and his ilk have been pushed to work overtime, dusting Chandrika Kumaratunga's sandals for the 'peace drama' she is preparing, it seems pertinent to peep behind the peace mask of the President of Sri Lanka. Well, Chandrika Kumaratunga's treasury coffers are empty. And now, she is pursuing a credit card war on Tamils, while parading the international scene as a peace-seeker. more ...
  • 120) 15:08 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Cessation of hostilities if elected -Ranil
    The United National Party (UNP) will bring about a cessation of hostilities agreement with the Liberation Tigers if it comes to power said party leader Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, addressing a press conference Sunday at the opposition leader's office in Colombo. He said that the UNP will discuss constitutional reforms aimed at resolving the ethnic conflict in the island with the Buddhist clergy, the opposition, the Tamil parties and the Liberation Tigers and reach a consensus if it were to be elected. more ...
  • 121) 13:42 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka opposition accuses police of frame up
    Sri Lanka's main opposition Sunday accused the government of trying to frame its leaders on murder charges and arrest them ahead of crucial parliamentary elections in October. Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the government engineered the return to the country of a fugitive police officer and had "scripted confessions" implicating him and several other opposition leaders. more ...
  • 122) 13:40 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Resolving problems is not our main issue
    There is the PTA which has been in force through a period spanning three presidential and two general elections. But who has spoken against it? If at all, candidates say a few words for the sake of courtesy and nothing more. Who has said they would see that it is abolished or at least suitably modified so that its useless and more obnoxious facets are removed? It is the same with the Tamil political detainees who have staged hunger strikes, sent petitions and tried to make people speak to the establishment on their behalf, so that they are either tried or released. But nothing has worked. more ...
  • 123) 13:30 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka fighting kills another 12
    Security forces shot dead at least 12 Tamil Tiger rebels in fresh fighting in the island's northern and eastern regions, the government said Sunday. Troops killed five members of the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Jaffna on Saturday while another seven were shot dead in Trincomalee, the government's Special Media Information Centre said. It said three soldiers were also wounded in the clashes. more ...
  • 124) 12:37 GMT, Aug. 20, 2000 |  + Sri Lankan opposition parties criticise snap election move
    Opposition parties in Sri Lanka have criticised President Chandrika Kumaratunga's decision to call a snap general election on the 10th of least a month earlier than expected. They say the relatively brief eight-week campaign will benefit the government, as its rivals will not be able to gear up quickly. more ...
  • 125) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Lanka tightens security as Govt. plans rally
    No details available. more ...
  • 126) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + India: Bofors to boom in BJP's poll call
    No details available. more ...
  • 127) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Tamil Nadu: A three-cornered contest
    No details available. more ...
  • 128) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + TIGERS SHIFT TO GENEVA
    No details available. more ...
  • 129) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + 'It's Jayalalitha who's the central electoral issue'
    No details available. more ...
  • 130) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Govt replaces Tamil Trinco Youth Affairs Deputy
    No details available. more ...
  • 131) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Who is weeping for our refugees?
    No details available. more ...
  • 132) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Australia ships illegal migrants back to China
    No details available. more ...
  • 133) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + UN Fights to Save Children From War
    No details available. more ...
  • 134) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + 40,000 feared dead in quake
    No details available. more ...
  • 135) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + NUGGETS : News and notes from Colombo
    No details available. more ...
  • 136) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + COUNTER IMPACT - Editorial
    No details available. more ...
  • 137) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + South Asia land mine seminar concludes
    No details available. more ...
  • 138) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + EPDP protests rights violations
    No details available. more ...
  • 139) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + One killed, three wounded in Colombo
    No details available. more ...
  • 140) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + India: It's our business, asserts India
    No details available. more ...
  • 141) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Lanka tightens security as Govt. plans rally
    No details available. more ...
  • 142) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + India: Bofors to boom in BJP's poll call
    No details available. more ...
  • 143) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Tamil Nadu: A three-cornered contest
    No details available. more ...
  • 144) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + TIGERS SHIFT TO GENEVA
    No details available. more ...
  • 145) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + 'It's Jayalalitha who's the central electoral issue'
    No details available. more ...
  • 146) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Govt replaces Tamil Trinco Youth Affairs Deputy
    No details available. more ...
  • 147) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Who is weeping for our refugees?
    No details available. more ...
  • 148) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + Australia ships illegal migrants back to China
    No details available. more ...
  • 149) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + UN Fights to Save Children From War
    No details available. more ...
  • 150) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + 40,000 feared dead in quake
    No details available. more ...
  • 151) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + NUGGETS : News and notes from Colombo
    No details available. more ...
  • 152) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + COUNTER IMPACT - Editorial
    No details available. more ...
  • 153) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + South Asia land mine seminar concludes
    No details available. more ...
  • 154) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + EPDP protests rights violations
    No details available. more ...
  • 155) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + One killed, three wounded in Colombo
    No details available. more ...
  • 156) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1999 |  + India: It's our business, asserts India
    No details available. more ...
  • 157) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1998 |  + Lankan officials question captain, officer of bombed ship
    No details available. more ...
  • 158) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1998 |  + Sri Lanka stocks touch new lows, worse to come
    No details available. more ...
  • 159) 11:11 GMT, Aug. 20, 1998 |  + A classic war of attrition
    No details available. more ...
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