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June 04, 2020 - Memory of the Day

In Gotabaya’s Lanka: Many fear the rise of majoritarian sentiment in Sri Lanka

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Gary Anandasangaree

Important Incidents

  • 1997 | 9 SL Paramilitary forces killed in Batticoloa
    LTTE forces took on a well-armed contingent of Sri Lankan paramilitary police in Valaichchenai on Monday, killing nine. There were no LTTE casualties.
  • 1987 | India airdrop of supplies to Jaffna
    New Delhi authorised a forced airdrop of supplies on a beleaguered Jaffna
  • Innocent People Killed

  • 1996 | Thuraisingham [ M from Mannar ]
    Killed by an unknown person in the army controlled area of Mannar.
  • Thirukural - திருக்குறள்

  • Kural: 720 | அங்கணத்துள் உக்க அமிழ்தற்றால் தங்கணத்தர்
    அல்லார்முன் கோட்டி கொளல்.
    Ambrosia in the sewer spilt, is word
    Spoken in presence of the alien herd.
    - 72 72
  • Jun 04 TamilCanadian News Archives

  • 1) Jun 04, 2016 11:23:06 GMT |  + Sri Lanka's focus on LTTE affects its attention to ISIS: US report
    Sri Lankan security services' focus on a possible LTTE resurgence has affected the government's attention to emerging terror threats like its nationals joining ISIS, according to a US report on global terrorism. The US State Department's terrorism report for 2015, released yesterday, also said that although the Sri Lankan government maintained a comprehensive counter-terrorism stance, counter-terrorism cooperation and training with the US last year was limited. The report said the Sri Lankan government maintained a strong military presence in post-conflict areas and continued to voice concern about the possible re-emergence of pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) sympathisers. more ...
  • 2) Jun 04, 2016 10:25:45 GMT |  + US accused of turning a blind eye on Sri Lanka's 'back-pedalling'
    Nevertheless, US is apparently more concerned in strengthening its trade relationships with Sri Lanka's present administration that has demonstrated a western bias unlike its former regime. Recalling a recent bilateral event “US-Sri Lanka Partnership Dialogue” hosted by US State Secretary John Kerry as recently as February 2016, the Oakland report quotes the Sri Lanka Foreign Minister describing the post Mahinda Rajapaksa relationship with the Obama administration as a “veritable renaissance.” "As Sri Lanka’s largest export market, the US could instead put pressure on the government to stay true to the promises it made through the UN Resolution for a fair and international war crimes process, but thus far has chosen not to," says the latest Report. more ...
  • 3) Jun 04, 2015 19:15:55 GMT |  + ‘‘There is a window of opportunity’’
    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian and well-known Constitutional lawyer M. A. Sumanthiran says that his party emerged to voice the grievances of the people of the North and East but was ready to expand its activities to other parts of the country and would be involved in national politics. Mr. Sumanthiran who is based in Colombo and plays a vital role in the TNA as a bridge between the North and the South says though there are certain obstacles there is a window of opportunity for true reconciliation and long lasting peace. - See more at: more ...
  • 4) Jun 04, 2015 13:26:06 GMT |  + Origins and tragedy of the Sri Lankan civil war
    “It is equal to living in a tragic land/ To live in a tragic time,” said Wallace Stevens in the poem “Dry Loaf”. It is about an attempt to portray a bucolic scene — “That was what I painted behind the loaf,/ The rocks not even touched by the snow” — while the exercise is transformed at every moment by the incursion of history: “It was the soldiers went marching over the rocks/ And still the birds came, came in watery flocks,/ Because it was spring and the birds had to come.” more ...
  • 5) Jun 04, 2015 13:25:17 GMT |  + After the World’s First Female Premier, Sri Lanka Struggles For Equality in Politics
    Sri Lanka elected the world’s first female prime minister in 1960 but four decades later the island nation is still struggling to achieve equal representation for women in politics. Fresh electoral reforms, which include combining the proportional representation and first-past-the-post system, promised by its new government could be the answer to the female shortfall. Though women’s rights campaigners say the changes are not legally binding and fail to introduce a quota system, which they argue is essential to achieve equality in Parliament. In 1931, Sri Lanka became the first country in Asia to give women the vote. more ...
  • 6) Jun 04, 2015 13:24:25 GMT |  + Britain moves to deport Tamil torture survivor
    UK immigration officials have detained Janahan Sivanathan, a 22-year-old Tamil asylum seeker and political activist from Sri Lanka. Janahan is being held at the Morton Hall detention centre in Lincolnshire while the government tries to deport him. Supporters say that Janahan was “horrendously tortured” as a school student during the war in Sri Lanka, after he was rounded up and held captive for ten days. His lawyer filed a fresh claim and submitted new medical evidence on 1 June. However his case will not be heard in court until 15 July. The Home Office’s own guidance says that victims of torture should only be detained in exceptional circumstances. more ...
  • 7) Jun 04, 2015 13:22:19 GMT |  + House prices may stay high in Canada: Here's why
    A friend of mine sold her Toronto house because prices were so high. She didn't want to get caught in the downdraft. If you've been listening to all the warnings from foreign banks about a Canadian house price crash, that sounds smart. But before you congratulate my chum on her forethought, you should know she made that decision several years ago. Of course, since then Toronto house prices have only continued their dramatic rise. Although Toronto and Vancouver lead the way with soaring real estate, prices in many other Canadian cities continue to rise. more ...
  • 8) Jun 04, 2015 13:21:32 GMT |  + Toronto home prices soar: ‘No relief’ to meet pent-up demand
    Toronto home prices are surging, with no end in sight of satisfying the “pent-up demand.” Sales in the area climbed 6.3 per cent in May to 11,706 from a year earlier, the Toronto Real Estate Board said today, while the average price for all types of homes rose 11 per cent to $649,599. The average price for a detached home in the so-called 416 area code now tops $1.1-million, up more than 18 per cent from a year earlier, the realtors group said.
  • 9) Jun 04, 2015 13:19:03 GMT |  + Plantation Community: A status revisit
    Disenfranchisement of the Indian Origin plantation workforce in the year 1948 after independence stalled the development of the ‘plantation community’ (PC) in contrast to other communities in the country. Memoirs and research papers on labour movement and Trade union struggle of Plantation workforce is not new and many have attempted to describe the disenfranchisement of the PC and its impact for years. Basic human needs were at a distant dream for many decades until it became an eventuality rather than addressed through a concerted efforts by way of Political power and development imperative. more ...
  • 10) Jun 04, 2014 15:57:34 GMT |  + Sri Lanka again rejects devolving police powers to ease tension with Tamils
    Sri Lanka on Wednesday again rejected devolving police powers to the provinces as requested by new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and required by the constitution as a means to ease tension with minority Tamils. Sri Lanka agreed with India in 1987 to devolve powers, including over police and land, to a regional level as a means to improve relations between Tamils and majority Sinhalese. A war between the military and Tamil rebels, seeking a homeland in the north and northeast, lasted a quarter of a century and killed more than 100,000 people before it ended in 2009.
  • 11) Jun 04, 2014 15:57:02 GMT |  + Sri Lanka offers lessons on how not to manage water
    Angry paddy farmers blocked major roads in the Minneriya and Girithale areas in Sri Lanka’s North Eastern Polonnaruwa region last month, complaining the government had not released enough water for their rice to grow; they claimed they had lost 50,000 hectares of crops, or 1.75 million kg. Ananda Edirisuriya, who took part in the protests, accused the Irrigation Department of failing to notify farmers of impending water shortages. “We need to know in advance if there is going to be a drought and how wide the impact is. Right now what we get is that when the drought is at its worst, the officials come and tell us that there is no water,” he told IRIN. “By then it is too late, we have already planted our crops.” more ...
  • 12) Jun 04, 2014 15:23:28 GMT |  + Toronto: Privacy breach at Rouge Valley hospital involves thousands of new mothers
    A major privacy breach at a Scarborough hospital is being investigated by Ontario's privacy commissioner after the personal information of thousands of new mothers was leaked by hospital employees who were being paid by outside companies, according to the institution's spokesman. As many as 8,300 patients had their name, address and phone number turned over to private companies selling Registered Education Savings Plans by two staff members at Rouge Valley Centenary hospital, according to David Brazeau, the hospital spokesman. more ...
  • 13) Jun 04, 2012 19:19:50 GMT |  + How times change in Sri Lanka, and how they don't
    Rajapaksa, who was elected president in 2005, has a long and alarming record of intolerance to criticism, according to CPJ research. Journalists have been attacked, assaulted, abducted, and killed during his administration, CPJ research shows. In a 2008 letter to Rajapaksa, CPJ voiced concern about government officials repeatedly calling journalists "traitors" in public. At least nine journalists have been murdered in the Rajapaksa era, all of them unsolved, CPJ research shows.
  • 14) Jun 04, 2012 15:53:04 GMT |  + As UNCA Pushes Anti-Press Move, Sri Lanka Says ICP Faces Jail
    As UN Correspondents Association officials Giampaolo Pioli and Lou Charbonneau of Reuters have proceeded against Inner City Press, they were told that their campaign could set anti media freedom precedents. Now, it has. Today a major pro-government newspaper in Sri Lanka, the Sunday Observer, quotes with approval the indictment drafted by Reuters' Charbonneau against Inner City Press. more ...
  • 15) Jun 04, 2012 15:41:26 GMT |  + Canadian 'psycho killer' Magnotta held in Berlin
    Luka Rocco Magnotta has been known to use different names Police in Berlin have arrested the Canadian porn actor wanted for the murder and dismemberment of his lover. Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, was reportedly picked up in a cybercafe in Berlin's Neukoelln district. An Interpol notice says Mr Magnotta is suspected of killing Jun Lin, a 33-year-old Chinese student, in Montreal. Body parts were posted to political parties in Canada. more ...
  • 16) Jun 04, 2012 14:33:50 GMT |  + War on terror revisited:The Aturugiriya Affair
    "Had they quietly raised the issue with us and sought a clarification without playing politics with national security, the Aturugiriya fiasco could have been averted. Even ex-LTTE cadres were brought in for operations along with a valuable input from civilian informants. We were successful due to many reasons such as training from Pakistani instructors. We also accommodated troops from other fighting battalions to engage in operations behind the enemy lines, though the Special Forces and Army Commandos spearheaded the campaign." more ...
  • 17) Jun 04, 2012 14:16:02 GMT |  + Body identified: Bodyguard of Tiger political wing man
    The body found outside a leading school in Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4 on Friday has been identified as of the one time bodyguard of former LTTE Batticaloa political wing leader Kaushalyan. The victim was identified as Kanapathipillai Udayakanthan, 38, a resident of Kallaru, Batticaloa. He was identified by his father. He served as the body guard of Kaushalyan in the 2000 – 2004 period and thereafter fled to Britain and settled down there with his family there.
  • 18) Jun 04, 2012 13:34:50 GMT |  + Sri Lanka not holding out for another war hero
    Right now, Sri Lanka does not need another war hero. It needs men and women who can manage the economy, honestly make an effort towards reconciliation between the majority Sinhala and the minorities and have a clear vision to restore shattered democratic institutions, restore freedom of expression and bring back the judiciary and law enforcement authorities to their former standards. Rajapakse's team is failing in those areas. The need for change is strong and apparent among Sri Lankans. Could Fonseka be the catalyst that brings together a visionary team that would bring about that change? more ...
  • 19) Jun 04, 2012 13:31:39 GMT |  + Sri Lanka Looks to Restore War Zone Property
    Sri Lanka is to bring in special property laws to protect the rights of hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the island’s Tamil separatist war, a justice ministry official said Sunday. The measure could see absentee owners, or their heirs, looking to reverse decades of possession by other people in both the conflict-wracked north and east of the country and elsewhere. “The intention is to help people reclaim property they may have lost during the years of fighting,” ministry spokesman A.R.A. Hafeez said.
  • 20) Jun 04, 2012 13:23:29 GMT |  + US Shifting Bulk of Warships to Asia-Pacific
    U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the United States will shift the bulk of its warships to the Asia-Pacific region in the coming years as part of a new military rebalancing to guarantee a strong and continued U.S. presence in the region. The U.S. defense secretary will now go on to Vietnam and India. On the latter stop, he is expected to discuss ways to deepen the defense partnership with New Delhi. more ...
  • 21) Jun 04, 2012 9:17:07 GMT |  + TESO meeting should help create Eelam: Karunanidhi
    The Tamil Eelam Supporters Association (TESO) conference slated for August 5 in Villupuram should help create a separate Eelam for Tamils in Sri Lanka, TESO chairman and DMK president M. Karunanidhi said on Sunday. Addressing a public meeting in connection with his 88 birthday, Mr Karunanidhi said that Tamils were discriminated against in Sri Lanka and living without self-respect in their country. more ...
  • 22) Jun 04, 2012 9:15:05 GMT |  + Kerala: 150 Sri Lankans held while trying to sail to Aus
    Marine Enforcement officials took into custody 150 Sri Lankan nationals of Tamil origin, who were on their way to Australia, from a fishing boat off the Kollam coast, police said on Monday. The group including 19 women and 22 children were taken into custody in Kollam on Sunday night. On interrogation, it was found that they had been brought to Kollam by a racket involved in arranging illegal passage to Australia. They had been detained in the armed reserve camp of the Kerala police and were being questioned
  • 23) Jun 04, 2012 9:14:17 GMT |  + Eaton Centre shooting: Victim mourned as police launch massive search for gunman
    As investigators continued a manhunt Sunday for the suspect in the shooting rampage at the Eaton Centre, friends and family of the young man gunned down gathered at a downtown home to mourn him. Groups of young women in brightly-coloured head scarves idled around the compound as the sun set; older women could be seen inside. They didn’t talk much, simply hugged each other and asked for privacy. more ...
  • 24) Jun 04, 2012 9:10:24 GMT |  + French police closing in on ‘Canadian Psycho’
    French authorities are closing in on the fugitive suspect in a grisly Montreal killing who has gained worldwide notoriety as the “Canadian Psycho.” Using cellphone signals along with witnesses and video surveillance, police in Paris zeroed in on a series of apartments, hotels and bars across the French capital where people reported seeing Luka Rocco Magnotta. The man who once had a blog entry posted under his name entitled How To Completely Disappear And Never Be Found has apparently left breadcrumbs scattered across Paris. more ...
  • 25) Jun 04, 2011 4:35:09 GMT |  + Sri Lanka under renewed pressure over violations
    Sri Lanka came under renewed pressure this week at the UN Human Rights Council over video footages detailing violations allegedly committed by soldiers during the country's civil war. A UN investigator authenticated some of the footage early this week, while at the end of the week, a documentary by Britain's Channel 4 detailing the serious abuses was screened at the sidelines of the Human Rights Council. Sri Lankan officials attending the screening angrily refuted the video, describing the disturbing footages as fake, and condemned Channel 4 for concluding that war crimes had been committed. more ...
  • 26) Jun 04, 2011 4:29:39 GMT |  + Sri Lanka Defense Symposium
    Remarks earlier this week by the U.S. Embassy’s Defense Attaché at a conference in Colombo reflected his personal opinions. They do not reflect the policy of the United States Government. The United States declined invitations to participate in this conference, and our Defense Attaché attended to observe the proceedings as part of his normal duties. The United States remains deeply concerned by the findings of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Sri Lanka. We are committed to ensuring that there is a credible accounting of, and accountability for, violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law in Sri Lanka.
  • 27) Jun 04, 2011 4:23:27 GMT |  + Jaya buries Karunanidhi's legacy
    The AIADMK government on Friday scrapped many of the erstwhile DMK government's flagship programmes including the health insurance and Kalaignar housing schemes and replaced them with an ambitious social and green agenda that promises more welfare measures under a different banner. Plans unveiled in governor Surjit Singh Barnala's customary address at the start of the inaugural assembly session of the new regime revealed the government's intention to carry out a thorough review of projects undertaken by the DMK-led administration as well as steer a different course on crucial issues such as infrastructure, environment and education.
  • 28) Jun 04, 2010 21:08:02 GMT |  + Sri Lanka taps Bollywood glitz to boost post-war image
    Sri Lanka is hoping to use the glitz of a Bollywood awards ceremony to emerge from the devastation of a quarter century war and re-build its image among global travelers as a serene, sun-bathed Indian Ocean island. "IIFA is a very good vehicle to help us re-build our image post-war," Dileep Mudadeniya, managing director of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, told Reuters.Some 300,000 Tamil civilians were displaced by armed conflict, and subsequently detained in government camps, Amnesty International said in a report last month."We hope that the event will help us get international exposure, and double the number of Indian tourists who visit Sri Lanka, to 200,000 by the year 2012."Dileep Mudadeniya, managing director of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, told Reuters.
  • 29) Jun 04, 2010 21:04:43 GMT |  + Father of victim in Channel 4 photo identifies son as LTTE member
    The father of a victim in the photos released by Channel- 4 in mid May identified one of them as his son as a member of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), arrested by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in Mu'l'livaaykkaal between 18 and 19 May 2009. The father told TamilNet that the LTTE combatants could not have been arrested in April 2009 as it was reported earlier as he had met his son on 11 May in 2009. A mother and her daughter have earlier identified another victim in the photo as 40-year-old Thuraichamy Harikrishanan, a native of Vavuniyaa, an ex-member of LTTE. more ...
  • 30) Jun 04, 2010 20:56:14 GMT |  + Kohona heads UN team
    Sri Lanka’s permanent representative to the UN Dr. Palitha Kohona is to head a UN delegation to investigate Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs of the occupied territories, UN officials said. The Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs of the occupied territories will visit Egypt from 8 to 11 June, Jordan from 11 to 16 June, and Syria from 16 to 19 June 2010.
  • 31) Jun 04, 2010 9:46:42 GMT |  + Alston wants foreign probe
    Philip Alston, Special UN Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions in his annual report to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council (HRC), has said that there is a need for an independent international inquiry in Sri Lanka. “In this case also there is a need for an independent international inquiry,” he said. “While the Council rejected this proposal a year ago, there is now a great deal of new evidence which would warrant effective action.” In many instances, domestic commissions of inquiry had only resulted in “comprehensive impunity,” Philip Alston said. “Overall, the track record of such inquiries is remarkably poor,” he added.
  • 32) Jun 04, 2010 9:35:18 GMT |  + Lanka seeks partnerships with India in infrastructure,services
    Ahead of his visit to India next week, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa today said there was an immense scope to boost the "irreversible" bilateral ties and sought partnerships in infrastructure, manufacturing and services sector between the two neighbours. "The relationship between Sri Lanka and India has been anchored in a rich heritage and is irreversible...We are now adding new spice to our relations with India and the world, with new and varied business opportunities," Rajapaksa said inaugurating a business forum organised by the Indian and Sri Lankan Chambers of Commerce as part of the IIFA awards ceremony here.
  • 33) Jun 04, 2010 1:03:08 GMT |  + India’s consulate diplomacy in Lanka
    In a step that can irk its Tamil Nadu partners, the UPA government is moving towards balancing its approach between the Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, aimed at addressing the view that New Delhi’s interests in the island nation are Tamil-centric. The China factor, too, has triggered this change in mindset. New Delhi wants to delay the opening of its consulate in the Tamil-dominate Jaffna to coincide it with the inauguration of the consulate in the Sinhalese-majority Hambantota, 240 km south of capital Colombo. While there is an Indian High Commission in Colombo, the only Indian consulate in Lanka is at Kandy — another Tamil-dominated area of plantations.
  • 34) Jun 04, 2010 0:32:39 GMT |  + Sri Lanka must invest in rights protection
    As the Sri Lankan government celebrates the first anniversary of its historic triumph over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), it is increasingly clear that the battlefield victory will prove Pyrrhic unless the legitimate grievances of Sri Lanka's minority communities are recognized and addressed. By failing to reach out meaningfully to the Tamil-speaking minority, and by cracking down on opposition voices and any kind of dissent in Sri Lanka, the government is throwing away a once-in-a-generation opportunity. But it is not too late for President Mahinda Rajapaksa's government to change course and begin to build a truly multiethnic society. Indeed, the country's future depends on his doing so.
  • 35) Jun 04, 2010 0:30:59 GMT |  + Still no peace moves: CBK
    Warning that the country would head to chaotic situation if all the Sri Lankans did not get political and economic concessions, former President Chandrika Kumaratunga said, that although the current government had successfully ended the war, the first step towards peace had not been taken. “If all the Sri Lankans do not get political and economic concessions there will be chaotic conditions in the country. At present the political power, economic power are in the hands of a few, if this situation is not changed for all the Sri Lankans to enjoy political and economic privileges there could be an atmosphere of war,” the former President said addressing a function held to commemorate the completion of 22 years for provincial council system in Colombo.
  • 36) Jun 04, 2010 0:29:58 GMT |  + MR to seal bilateral deals with India
    The first official tour by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to India after the obliteration of the LTTE will result in the signing of several bilateral agreements mainly on defence and trade and economic promotion between the two countries, cabinet spokesman Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said. Addressing the weekly cabinet news briefing at the information department yesterday, Minister Rambukwella said the three day official tour next week would focus on further strengthening of the existing defence pacts between India and Sri Lanka and continuation of them.However, Minister Rambukwella dismissed the possibility of signing a new defence pact adding the bilateral agreements on defence co-operations between the two countries are sufficient enough to provide a healthy and ample protection to both countries in all fronts.
  • 37) Jun 04, 2010 0:28:20 GMT |  + Offshore detention faces High Court challenge
    It's a nightmare scenario for a government trying to justify its stance on offshore detention in an election year. Four new cases, involving at least 13 Afghani and Sri Lankan asylum seekers classified as "offshore" arrivals, have been filed in the High Court, and if any of them are successful, the Christmas Island detention centre could become obsolete. The cases have already delayed some deportations, effectively rendering the whole legal philosophy for processing people offshore - that is to deny them full judicial review in mainland courts - redundant. more ...
  • 38) Jun 04, 2010 0:27:02 GMT |  + Foreign Policy: Listening To M.I.A's Music And Politics
    In the much-discussed cover story of this weekend's New York Times Magazine, Lynn Hirschberg profiles M.I.A., née Maya Arulpragasam, the British-by-way-of-Sri-Lanka musician whose third album comes out later this summer. It's an interesting piece (even if its subject doesn't think so), not least because it's the first celebrity profile I've read that begins with a thorough parsing of Sri Lankan dissident politics. The subject comes up because a frequent touchstone in M.I.A.'s music is her father's resume: He was as a founder of the Eelam Revolutionary Organization of Students (EROS), a militant group with ties to the Palestinian Liberation Organization that helped lay the groundwork for the modern Tamil statehood movement before being superseded by the more violent Tamil Tigers. more ...
  • 39) Jun 04, 2010 0:26:35 GMT |  + Indo –China battle for regional supremacy
    Last week we focused on some Vesak reflections and words of wisdom from other Holy Scriptures on the process of a just and lasting resolution of conflicts. This hallowed time-tested process involves a change of perception to accommodate the viewpoints of other parties, dialogue with an open mind and a win-win solution instead of the worldly way of a win-lose solution. For such a process to work, the leaders especially need to experience inner spiritual liberation so that they would be free to act sacrificially and sincerely instead of the deceitful way of seeking personal gain or glory. The Holy Scriptures of all religions show clearly that the leaders of those religions first practised and preached the precepts of servant leadership.
  • 40) Jun 04, 2010 0:19:43 GMT |  + Southern heat? Biggies give Lanka event a miss
    After being sucked unwittingly into the vortex of the Tamil-Sinhala conflict, the IIFA Awards in Colombo saw the seeds of another clash being sown on its opening day. Salman Khan, who’s been the face of this year’s event, lashed out at superstar Amitabh Bachchan for giving the awards a miss despite being the brand ambassador. “Mr Bachchan is the brand ambassador of the event, he should have been present here. Besides, we’re doing a lot for the Sri Lankan Tamilians, building houses for them and rehabilitating them,’’ Salman said after lending a hand to construction of houses by an NGO on the outskirts of Colombo on Thursday.
  • 41) Jun 04, 2009 16:19:51 GMT |  + Sri Lanka: War-Wounded Patients Receive Post-Operative Care and Rehabilitation
    “As the Vavuniya hospital was overcrowded, the Ministry of Health established a post-operative care unit in the Ayurvedic Hospital, which MSF has been supporting since the beginning of May,” said a Sri Lankan doctor* who is part of the MSF emergency team. “It’s a separate space where war-wounded patients receive the complete medical care they need, from small surgery or daily dressings, up to rehabilitation.”
  • 42) Jun 04, 2009 16:16:43 GMT |  + Sri Lanka doctors 'to be tried'
    A group of doctors who worked in Sri Lanka's rebel-held war zone are being held on suspicion of collaborating with Tamil rebels, the government says. The doctors could be in detention for a year or more before being tried. With journalists banned from the conflict zone, they became an important source of news about the fighting during the final bloody months of war. Last month the Sri Lankan government defeated Tamil Tiger rebels fighting for a separate homeland.
  • 43) Jun 04, 2009 16:14:38 GMT |  + U.N. ready to support Sri Lanka war inquiry - Pillay
    The United Nations stands ready to support an inquiry into abuses in Sri Lanka's civil war, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said on Thursday. "I believe that accountability is a prerequisite for the attainment of justice and reconciliation for all Sri Lankans and, thus, a foundation for lasting peace," Pillay told the forum. Pillay, who is an ethnic Tamil from South Africa, said the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the military both needed to held responsible for killing and mistreating civilians in the last throes of their 25-year conflict. Human rights groups including Amnesty International have been calling for an outside inquiry as recommended by Pillay. more ...
  • 44) Jun 04, 2009 14:49:09 GMT |  + Australians in Sri Lanka refugee camps
    Sri Lanka has identified six foreign nationals, including Australians, among tens of thousands of war displaced civilians held in state-run camps in the island's north, a minister said on Thursday. Three Australians and one each from Britain, the Netherlands and Norway had crossed over to government-held areas after escaping from the war zone in the island's northeast after the defeat of the Tamil Tiger rebels last month. The family of the British national, a woman identified as Danilvany Gnanakumar, has already been in touch with the British High Commission in Colombo to secure her release.
  • 45) Jun 04, 2009 14:46:58 GMT |  + Sri Lanka seizes ship with supplies for war-hit civilians
    Sri Lanka's navy Thursday seized a foreign-owned ship loaded with medical, food and other supplies for war-hit civilians, saying the vessel had entered its territorial waters illegally. The ship, the Captain Ali, was carrying hundreds of tonnes of food, medicine and other supplies for Tamil civilians caught up in the decades-long conflict, he said. A London-based group called Mercy Mission to Wani had arranged the transport of the supplies at a time when Tamil Tiger rebels were cornered in a strip of coastline in the island's northeast and using tens of thousands of civilians as cover. more ...
  • 46) Jun 04, 2009 11:27:19 GMT |  + Weapons that won the War: Untold story
    Sri Lankan Armed Forces’ yesterday marked their unprecedented triumph over the LTTE with a striking show of fighting forces and military assets ranging from Czechoslovakian-built RM 70 mobile multiple launch rocket systems, movable Indian radar (Indra Mark II) to a fleet of Israeli, US and locally made Fast Attack Craft (FACs) built with Japanese collaboration. Also on display were the Multi Sensor Integrated System (MSIS) mounted on fighting vessels and armoured fighting vehicles, mostly of Chinese origin and a range of artillery pieces acquired from China. Israeli-built MSIS with night vision and radar capability acquired at the tail end of the offensive had facilitated naval operations against the LTTE. more ...
  • 47) Jun 04, 2009 11:24:21 GMT |  + Tamils rally on Hill in plea for civilians
    Two weeks after the Sri Lankan government declared victory against the Tamil Tigers, Canadian Tamils rallied on Parliament Hill to press the Canadian government for more help. Through chants, drumming and speeches, Tamils called for the United Nations and non-governmental organizations to intervene for Tamils in refugee camps. Suzanne Lefort, of the RCMP, called Wednesday’s demonstration loud but “pacific.” She estimated 3,500 people attended. There were no traffic disruptions as there were in previous Ottawa protests, which blocked Wellington Street and a section of the Transitway.
  • 48) Jun 04, 2009 11:17:21 GMT |  + South Asia media associations condemn attack on Sri Lanka scribe
    Two prominent media associations of South Asia on Thursday expressed shock at the kidnapping and beating of a prominent Sri Lankan journalist and asked Colombo to resolve issues relating to freedom of the media. Condeming the incident, the South Asia Media Commission (SAMC) and South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) said it was a "blatant violation of freedom of expression and independence" of media. Poddala Jayantha, the General Secretary of Sri Lanka Working Journalists' Association and a member of Free Media Movement, received injuries on his head, chest and leg while he was returning from work.
  • 49) Jun 04, 2009 10:33:18 GMT |  + China to help rebuild Lankan economy after LTTE war
    As Sri Lanka works out ways to accelerate development after defeating the rebel LTTE, China has pledged its full cooperation in reconstruction of the Island nation's economy after 30 years of ethnic war. "Prevalence of peace will strengthen the economy of Sri Lanka and China will continue to be a part of the economic reconstruction of the Island country," Deputy Director General of the Asian Affairs, Commerce Ministry, China Liang Wentao said.
  • 50) Jun 04, 2009 10:29:55 GMT |  + Investigating War Crimes in Sri Lanka Illusion and Reality
    The international human rights community and particularly the Tamil diaspora in Europe and North America need a reality check. For a start, the large Tamil diaspora in the United States should enter into negotiations with credible human rights NGOs and law firms to assess the possibility of seeking civil damages and bringing prosecutions. The Alien Tort Statute (ATS) and the Torture Victim Protection Act are two options in the United States. Similar assessments must be carried out in all countries of Europe and elsewhere in the world. Caution, meticulous legal work, and collaborations with credible human rights organisations and law firms, is what will win the day, and eventually win the peace.
  • 51) Jun 04, 2009 5:04:15 GMT |  + Tamils for Obama: U.N. is Hopeless and Useless, Should be Dismissed After Recent U.N. Human Rights Council Event
    According to Tamils for Obama, the United Nations' Human Rights Council shocked much of the world on May 27 when it stated that it blamed the Tamil Tigers for all of civilians death in Vanni this year and failed even to mention atrocities by the Sri Lankan government. The London Times reported online that "Western diplomats and human rights officials were shocked by the outcome at the end of an acrimonious two-day special session to examine the humanitarian and human rights situation in Sri Lanka…"
  • 52) Jun 04, 2009 4:26:25 GMT |  + Statement from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on the Tamil demonstration in Ottawa
    We believe that efforts must continue by the global community to bring justice to the peace that is being proclaimed so loudly. Canada, with its long history of engagement on this issue and as the host of the largest population of Tamils outside South Asia, must not stay silent. The Liberal Party of Canada will continue to work to ensure a democratic Sri Lanka, where the rights of all are protected and cherished.
  • 53) Jun 04, 2009 4:23:36 GMT |  + 19 Sri Lankan refugees rescued
    Nineteen Sri Lankan refugees from Mannar and Vavuniya, including five of a family, were rescued by Indian naval personnel today from the fifth isle near here in two separate operations, naval officials said. R N Sharma, Naval area commander, told reporters here that they received information from fishermen here about a refugee family of five members lying unconscious in a boat off the fifth isle. Naval personnel then proceeded ed to the spot and rescued them early this morning. They were given first aid at the naval office here before being handed over to police, he said.
  • 54) Jun 04, 2009 3:05:33 GMT |  + Vanni IDPs live under appalling condition: Sri Lankan Chief Justice
    "Vanni IDPs sheltered in transit centres in Cheddiku'lam cannot expect justice under the Sri Lanka’s law. Law of the country does not show any interest on these IDPs. I openly say this. The authorities can penalize me for telling this," said Sri Lanka's Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva when he addressed a public meeting which followed the ceremonial opening of a court complex at Marawila in Negombo district Tuesday. These transit centres are described as internment camps by human rights activists.
  • 55) Jun 04, 2008 14:59:55 GMT |  + ‘Death to America ’ whose wish – SL Govt. or a Minister’s?
    According to information circulating among the Diplomatic circles in Colombo, the report to be submitted to Washington State Department by the United States Ambassador in Sri Lanka, on the protest campaign ‘Death to America’ organized by the Sri Lanka – Palestine Solidarity Movement, last Friday has started with the name of President Rajapaksa. The Sri Lanka Palestine Solidarity Movement organized the protest march ‘Death to America’ last Friday. Today, with regard to this protest march there would arise three questions for the American State Department and the American Embassy in this country.
  • 56) Jun 04, 2008 14:45:12 GMT |  + SLA mortar base neutralised in artillery fire - LTTE
    A key Sri Lanka Army (SLA) camp with its mortar launchpad at Ezhuthumadduvaa'l in the Northern Front was targeted by Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) artillery guns Wednesday morning from 10:00 a.m., LTTE officials in Vanni told media. Claiming that the mortar launchpad was neutralised in the attack, the Tigers said that the SLA had suffered heavy casualties in the artillery barrage. Ezhuthumadduvaa'l camp of the SLA is located 3 km northwest of Mukamaalai Forward Defence Line.
  • 57) Jun 04, 2008 10:47:55 GMT |  + Sri Lanka can't achieve 2008 inflation target - Central Bank
    Sri Lanka's central bank conceded on Wednesday that it will fail to meet its 2008 inflation target, blaming external pressures on domestic prices. It had targetted inflation of between 10 percent and 11 percent by end of 2008, levels which financial markets have long factored in as unachievable. "We will not be able to achieve 10-11 percent target by end of the year," Nandalal Weerasinghe, the chief economist and director of the economic research department at the central bank told Reuters. "We have been passing through the external shocks to domestic prices, unlike India or some other countries. They pass much less than ours.
  • 58) Jun 04, 2008 10:21:10 GMT |  + No talks without Norway – LTTE
    The LTTE yesterday ruled out the possibility of having peace talks with the government without the participation of Norwegian facilitators. LTTE Peace Secretariat Head, S. Pulidevan said while the organization had been in close contact with key Norwegian figures such as Erik Solheim and the Norwegian Ambassador, it would wait for the facilitators to be granted access to Kilinochchi to further discuss issues relating to future peace talks with the government.
  • 59) Jun 04, 2008 10:04:51 GMT |  + NORWAY: Talking Peace, Exporting Weapons
    Peace builder Norway is the world's seventh largest exporter of weapons and ammunition, according to recent figures. The Czech Republic, the main importer of Norwegian ammunition, exports to countries such as Sudan, Angola, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, to name a few. The U.S. exports weapons to a large list of countries that Norway would not, including Colombia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. Weapons exports to Sri Lanka from the U.S. and other NATO allies continued even during Norway's peace negotiation efforts there. One major challenge with ammunition that ends up in undesirable places is that it is often even more difficult to trace than guns, as companies do not engrave enough information on the casings.
  • 60) Jun 04, 2008 9:58:16 GMT |  + Two civilians injured in shelling in Vavuniya.
    Shelling by the Sri Lanka military, since 12.00 noon today, towards the civilian settlements in Nedunkerni, Senaipulavu, Olumadhu and Paddikudiyiruppu has so far injured two civilians. The injured were admitted to the Nedunkerni hospital and have since been transferred to larger hospitals for further treatment. Srivisvanathan aged 30 of 2nd Milepost in Nedunkerni and R .Rasalingam aged 43 of Paddaipirinthakulam are the two injured civilians.
  • 61) Jun 04, 2008 2:53:40 GMT |  + Railway blast injures 17 in Sri Lanka
    At least 17 people were injured in a blast by a railway track in the Sri Lankan capital on Wednesday, the military said. The explosion in Wellawatta, a suburb of Colombo, comes amid daily land, sea and air attacks in a bloody civil war that has killed more than 70,000 people. Doctors said 17 people were admitted to hospital. "All of them were out of danger," said Dr. Wilfred Kumarasiri, director at the Kalubovila Teaching Hospital.
  • 62) Jun 04, 2008 1:50:51 GMT |  + Obama seals Democratic nomination
    Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois sealed the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, a historic step toward his once-improbable goal of becoming the nation's first black president. Hillary Rodham Clinton maneuvered for the vice presidential spot on his fall ticket without conceding her own defeat. Obama's victory set up a five-month campaign with Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, a race between a 46-year-old opponent of the Iraq War and a 71-year-old former Vietnam prisoner of war and staunch supporter of the current U.S. military mission. more ...
  • 63) Jun 04, 2007 16:33:37 GMT |  + EU urged to invite Tamil Representatives - Press Release by LTTE human-rights spokesperson
    We wish to draw attention to the upcoming EU parliamentary public hearing at Brussels on Post -Tsunami reconstruction and human rights situation in Sri Lanka on 5th June 2007. A public hearing like this on Post - Tsunami evaluation along with assessments of human rights record and humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka without the participation of Tamil representatives could not be a useful and comprehensive exercise. EU development committee should invite Tamil representatives to such an important hearing. The Sri Lankan government which has committed serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws has been invited to present its defense while the victims have been kept out from presenting their case.
  • 64) Jun 04, 2007 16:28:29 GMT |  + Government may send down-graded team for Brussels meeting
    The government is likely to send a down graded team to Brussels for tomorrow’s European Parliament’s Development Affairs Committee open session, on the basis that the committee has allowed independent rights groups to make representations at the meeting, a highly placed source told Daily Mirror. He said the government was of the opinion EU Development Affairs Committee was acting beyond its mandate by calling human rights groups and foreign lobbyists to make representations at the June 5 meeting on development issues.cThe government had earlier decided to send a high level delegation led by Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe for the much awaited event.
  • 65) Jun 04, 2007 14:55:53 GMT |  + War-weary Tamils face India hardship
    "Our boat was packed with people and it almost overturned during our perilous voyage," recounts Reshmi, a 22-year-old teacher from Sri Lanka. She was among those who had just landed on Indian shores seeking refuge from the conflict in Sri Lanka between the military and Tamil Tiger rebels. The distance was short but the sea was rough. They had to hide from patrolling naval ships in the Palk Straits which separate northern Sri Lanka from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Like Reshmi, more than 18,000 Tamil civilians have braved this dangerous journey to reach the safety of Tamil Nadu over the last 18 months. While many refugees reach safety in Tamil Nadu, some perish at sea. more ...
  • 66) Jun 04, 2007 14:27:07 GMT |  + Red Cross condemns the killing
    The Geneva-based Red Cross has strongly condemned the killing of two Sri Lankan Red Cross volunteer workers who had been abducted. The two local volunteers, who were in the capital to attend a training program, were abducted on Friday, Director General of the Sri Lanka Red Cross (SLRC) Neville Nanayakkara said. The International Committee of the Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross, the Red Crescent Societies and the Sri Lanka Red Cross said they condemn the killings and have called on the Sri Lankan government to carry out a full investigation. more ...
  • 67) Jun 04, 2007 14:03:27 GMT |  + Killing of Red Cross staff ahead of EU meet worries Lanka
    The killing of two Tamil Sri Lanka Red Cross (SLRC) workers in Colombo, four days before a meeting of the European Parliament's Development Committee in Brussels on Tuesday, has been a major embarrassment for the Sri Lankan government, already receiving international flak for human rights violations. The Colombo media has reported that at the Brussels meet, several international human rights groups are going to make critical remarks against the Sri Lankan government for the forcible displacement of thousands of Tamils in the war-affected North-East, and abduction of Tamils in Colombo city in the past year.
  • 68) Jun 04, 2007 11:59:30 GMT |  + Missing top Sri Lankan may be dead, says family
    A respected Sri Lankan academic who disappeared from Colombo six months ago and was believed to have been seized by a pro-government Tamil group has probably been killed, his distraught family said Monday. After hoping against hope all these months that S. Raveendranath, who headed the Eastern University of Sri Lanka when he went missing Dec 15 last year, was alive a key family member now said that they feared the worst. Amid media reports that the breakaway Karuna group of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) had murdered him, Raveendranath's doctor son-in-law M. Malaravan told IANS over telephone: 'Now I don't even have one percent hope of seeing him alive.'
  • 69) Jun 04, 2007 8:35:15 GMT |  + Sporadic clashes in Sri Lanka after heavy fighting
    Sri Lankan government troops and Tamil Tiger rebels were engaged in sporadic clashes in the north of the island Monday, the day after fierce battles left scores of fighters dead, official sources said. The latest upsurge in fighting also came ahead of a planned visit to the island Tuesday by key donor Japan's special peace envoy, who will be discussing what future there is for the country's tattered peace process. Violence has been concentrated at front lines in the north that separate a de facto mini-state run by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)-- who have been fighting for a separate homeland for the island's minority ethnic Tamils since 1972 -- and government-held areas.
  • 70) Jun 04, 2007 8:29:39 GMT |  + Air battles: India to help Sri Lanka
    The "rise of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) air power in Sri Lanka is of concern to India also." Emphasising this, Defence Minister A.K. Antony said in Singapore on Sunday that India "will give Sri Lanka reasonable support for that." Commenting on his talks with Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama here on Saturday, Mr. Antony said he had conveyed India's willingness to extend "whatever possible help." He said the message to Sri Lanka was that "we are with you" on the issues of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and unity of the island-state. At the same time, India expressed its preference for a "political solution" in Sri Lanka.
  • 71) Jun 04, 2007 8:28:43 GMT |  + Tamil civilian toll in May at the hands of GoSL operated forces
    Forty nine Tamil civilians were killed and another twenty nine disappeared during the month of May in the hands of the Sri Lankan Government operated forces. White-van gang abduction continued in Jaffna and contributed to the majority of deaths and disappearance there. University students in Jaffna face the brunt of these attacks with four students remaining missing after abduction by GoSL operated forces. more ...
  • 72) Jun 04, 2007 8:27:14 GMT |  + MEDIA-SRI LANKA:Building Ethnic Harmony With Community Radio
    In this tea-growing hill country, about 150 km from Colombo, a state-run community radio station is creating harmony among the country's Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim ethnic groups by broadcasting from the villages and opening up the airwaves to people's participation. ''People all over Sri Lanka are talking about peace, but this community radio has been doing it from the beginning,'' P. Pavitheran, an announcer at the Kothmale Community Radio (KCR) told IPS.
  • 73) 08:39 GMT, Jun. 4, 2006 |  + Co-Chairs to pull out unless govt. delivers on Oslo deal

    Ltte Delegation leave Killinochchi to Oslo: <1> |<2> |<3> |<4>

    The Co-Chairs will withdraw from Sri Lanka’s peace process unless the government and the LTTE recommit to the agreements reached during peace talks from 2002 including the Ceasefire Agreement, top level diplomatic sources said. A withdrawal will also result in all development aid except humanitarian assistance being halted, these sources said. They said the Co-Chairs have come to the end of their patience and the statement issued after the Tokyo Conference tantamounts to giving notice to both parties, the diplomatic sources said. Netherlands Ambassador Reynout S. Van Dijk said the human rights situation in the context of reports submitted by the SLMM is a matter of serious concern and should be addressed effectively.Referring to the Kayts massacre the Ambassador said there were no political consequences for those who failed to perform their duties despite an order by the magistrate."We expect the government to come with good answers why allegations of SLMM are untruthful and the government has to be transparent or held accountable," he said. more ...
  • 74) 07:38 GMT, Jun. 4, 2006 |  + 'But LTTE will not pull out of peace process'
    The LTTE is deeply disappointed. It has its implications for international recognition of our people's legitimate struggle for self-determination. I think the European Union ban is extremely harsh, unfair, untimely and one-sided, unlike the Donor Co-chairs declaration, which is a well-crafted, well balanced statement censoring both the parties for the escalation of violence. In a conflict situation where both the principal parties or protagonists are equally blamed for misconduct and serious breaches of truce obligations, penalising one party harshly while condoning the other with gentle admonitions (EU Presidency calling on the GoSL to curb violence in government controlled areas) is unjustifiable and unacceptable. The ban is biased towards the state actor and therefore one-sided. more ...
  • 75) 06:59 GMT, Jun. 4, 2006 |  + Tamil Tiger rebels in jailbreak
    Police in Sri Lanka say eight Tamil Tiger rebels have escaped from a jail in Batticaloa in the east. Prison staff told police the rebels were taking a morning wash when they pulled out a grenade. However, one senior police official said there had been several jail escapes and officers were investigating whether the rebels had inside help. Violence between rebels and the army has escalated this year, with more than 200 people killed in the past month.
    - Eight Tamil Tiger rebels escape from Sri Lanka jail - Reuters
    more ...
  • 76) 06:57 GMT, Jun. 4, 2006 |  + Foreign pressure pushing Sri Lanka to talks as war fears recede
    Stepped up international pressure encouraged Sri Lanka's warring parties to resume talks this week amid hopes of a new power-sharing deal, officials and diplomats said. Sri Lanka's government is set to open two days of talks with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Oslo, the capital of peace broker Norway, after their main foreign financial backers warned them to scale down violence. Norway called the meet to discuss the safety of Scandinavians monitoring a troubled truce, but it also signals that the peace process is not "completely dead", government spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said on Sunday. "It may be a second or third-level meeting, but the important signal is that the peace process is not completely dead," Rambukwella said. "There is hope, the doors are not shut and the parties are talking to each other." more ...
  • 77) 06:55 GMT, Jun. 4, 2006 |  + EU to ban renegade Sri Lanka rebel faction too-diplomat Reuters
    The European Union is poised to blacklist a group of breakaway rebels locked in a bitter feud with the island's Tamil Tigers, a senior diplomat said on Sunday, similar to a new terror ban against the mainstream group. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who were banned by the 25-nation bloc last week amid a rash of violence that many fear could rekindle a two-decade civil war, accuse the military of helping a band of former comrades led by a commander called Karuna. The feud is seen as the biggest obstacle to jumpstarting stalled peace talks, which the Tigers have pulled out of indefinitely, and averting a slide back to full-blown war. more ...
  • 78) 06:41 GMT, Jun. 4, 2006 |  + Unquiet flows the river of political intransigence
    Despite all the accusations and shortcomings, the LTTE today represents the political demands of the Sri Lankan Tamils that the government, supported by sections on the international community, is trying to ignore. This is not the place to analyse the reason how, despite all these so-called ‘democratic’ forces, the LTTE has come to represent Tamil opinion. Perhaps putting the question this way itself might be taken as a crypto-LTTE position. If so, the question could be phrased in the manner a young, rather naïve student of mine once asked: “If the LTTE was not on the scene what would happen to the Tamil demands?” The pattern of tragedy throughout time and space has been to overlook the obvious for solutions and insist on the non-existent. more ...
  • 79) 04:58 GMT, Jun. 4, 2006 |  + US: Tigers have ‘legitimate goals, unacceptable methods’
    Reiterating the United States’ opposition to the Liberation Tigers’ use of arms, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard Boucher, also said the US recognises the Tamils’ “legitimate desire … to govern themselves in their own homeland.” Furthermore, “they (Tigers) need to focus their vision on how to achieve their legitimate goals through a legitimate process of negotiation [rather than arms],” he said. Boucher made his government’s strongest endorsement yet of the legitimacy of the Tamil demand for self-rule in a press conference and in a speech to the American Chamber of Commerce in Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 1. more ...
  • 80) 13:24 GMT, Jun. 4, 2005 |  + Sri Lanka opposition leader defends truce agreement
    Sri Lanka's main opposition leader has maintained that despite government's claims, the truce agreement he entered with the Ail Tigers three years ago was not the cause of violence and murder in the country. Addressing a public rally in the north central town of Anuradhapura on Friday, Ranil Wickremesinghe said President Chandrika Kumaratunga, who had criticized the Norwegian backed agreement, could have abrogated it if she did not like it. "It has been 14 months since she took over, they have had time to cancel it if she did not like it," Wickremesinghe said, referring to Kumaratunga's firing of his government and holding snap elections in April 2004. Wickremesinghe's government signed the Norwegian backed truce agreement with the Liberation Tigers of Ail Eelam (LTTE) in February 2002, bringing to an end hostilities that had accounted for over 64,000 deaths since the mid 1980s. more ...
  • 81) 10:22 GMT, Jun. 4, 2004 |  + Chandrika uses Karuna in long-term plan against Tamils
    While raising and preserving regional consciousness is the destabilising tool in the east, in the north it appears to be by pumping luxury consumer goods, without laying the foundation for a more stable economy. This has created a nascent consumerism as well as a new segment of population – young men with money, cell phones and motorbikes, whose activities have begun to irk the conservative residents of Jaffna and the ‘disciplinarians’ among the LTTE. There were incidents where anti-social activity by some of them was ‘disciplined’ by the Tigers. The government also possibly realises that rehabilitation of the IDPs is an effective way of diluting the militancy of a population: hence the moves by Kumaratunga to retain the ministry dealing with rehabilitation and resettlement under her, which will be used as a weapon against the Tigers rather than be given to her ministers to earn for themselves cheap political popularity. more ...
  • 82) 10:15 GMT, Jun. 4, 2004 |  + Using human rights to trap Tigers on sole representation and ISGA
    The other explanation is that these human rights workers are a bunch of international humbugs whose only agenda is to promote the interests of their masters that are the group of rich and powerful nations whose objective is to build up as negative a picture as possible of the LTTE before peace talks begin (if they do). What irks Sri Lanka and its backers is that the LTTE is going to press for the establishment of the ISGA at the talks, which will be difficult to counter on moral grounds. Therefore no stone is left unturned to try knocking down and challenging the Tigers’ claim of being the guardians and sole representatives of the Tamils. Accusing the LTTE of human rights violations against its own people is one such. more ...
  • 83) 09:59 GMT, Jun. 4, 2004 |  + Karuna Facing Defector's Dilemma
    There are two books adjacently placed in my study, since their titles share an affinity. The first is ‘The Oldest Profession – A History of Prostitution’ (1993 print) of an English translation of a German language original by Lujo Bassermann. The second is, ‘The Second Oldest Profession – Spies and Spying in the Twentieth Century’ (1988) by Phillip Knightley. An entertaining suggestion has been made about the origins of these two oldest professions. Tens of thousands of years ago, one cave dweller, fired by his libido, crept into an archetypal brothel [oldest profession]; his neighbor – fired by jealousy – followed him [second oldest profession] to the same spot and later blackmailed him. It need not be highlighted that the second oldest profession also extensively uses the charm of the oldest profession in enticing prospective defectors, and even black-mailing their weak-spirited opponent counterparts (as experienced by the RAW official Unnikrishnan in 1987) to gather ‘intelligence.’ more ...
  • 84) 09:53 GMT, Jun. 4, 2004 |  + TN, Sri Lanka fishermen reach agreement
    An agreement has been reached on many issues concerning fishermen during the talks between leaders of the Indian and Sri Lankan Fishermen's Association at Mannar in Sri Lanka. Arulanandham, president of the Singaravelar Fishermen's Welfare Association, Rameswaram, who was among the leaders of the 21-member delegation, told reporters here yesterday that the recent talks were mediated by the Alliance for Release of Innocent Fishermen (ARIF) and there was free exchange of views between the fishermen of both countries. more ...
  • 85) 21:13 GMT, Jun. 4, 2003 |  + Monks hit out at President, PM
    The Jathika Sangha Sammelanaya (JSS) yesterday accused President Kumaratunga "of playing petty politics when the country was facing a big crisis". Addressing the media after meeting the President on Tuesday evening the Secretary of the JSS Ven. Aturaliye Ratana Thera alleged that the President seemed more keen on gaining personal political victories than resolving national issues. The Thera charged that the President and the Prime Minister by refusing to discuss contentious issues regarding the Interim Administration in the North and the East, were clearing the path for the LTTE to have its way. more ...
  • 86) 20:47 GMT, Jun. 4, 2003 |  + Tigers to handle foreign cash from Tokyo meet
    Tamil Tiger rebels will play a "critical role" in the allotment of foreign aid money despite their planned boycott of a crucial donors conference in Tokyo next week, a senior minister said here Wednesday. The rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) will be involved in deciding how to spend aid pledged at the two-day donors meeting being hosted by Japan on Monday and Tuesday, Constitutional affairs minister G. L. Peiris said. The Tigers have said they will not attend the Tokyo meeting as part of their protest against alleged slow delivery on the promises made during six rounds of peace talks since September. Peiris, who is also the government's chief peace negotiator, said the LTTE's absence would have an impact, but played down its effect on the amount of aid the country can expect. more ...
  • 87) 20:41 GMT, Jun. 4, 2003 |  + 'Record rice harvest' for Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka's record-breaking rice crop for 2002-3 is the result of the peace process, the Agriculture Ministry says. In an interview with the state paper, the Daily News, Ministry Secretary Dhanesena Hettiarachchi said the harvest for the Maha season - the main growing season in Sri Lanka - was 1.93 million metric tonnes, a 15% increase on the year before. The reason, he said, was that the ceasefire with the Tamil Tiger rebel force had freed up paddy in the North and East of the country which had been lying unused and inaccessible for 20 years. more ...
  • 88) 12:37 GMT, Jun. 4, 2003 |  + New diplomatic push to revive Sri Lanka peace talks
    European diplomats have launched a fresh bid to restart Sri Lanka's stalled peace process ahead of a crucial aid pledging conference in Tokyo next week, officials said. Heads of mission from the British High Commission and the Dutch and Swedish embassies were travelling to the rebel-held north Wednesday to urge the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to end their talks boycott. Officials said the initiative was part of a European Union (EU) effort to help revive the process deadlocked since the LTTE announced on April 21 they were pulling out of the Norwegian-backed negotiations. more ...
  • 89) 12:25 GMT, Jun. 4, 2003 |  + LTTE Replies to Prime Minister
    Having given careful study to the contents of your communication, the leadership of the LTTE is of the opinion that you have failed to address the central issue raised by us. Instead, you have attempted to provide clarifications to some elements of your proposal for a development structure and called for a comprehensive and substantial dialogue with the LTTE for further clarifications. we wish to assure you that we are prepared to resume negotiations if you reconsider your position and offer us, for our consideration, a draft framework for an Interim Administrative structure along the lines proposed by our leadership. We hope that you will consider our suggestion favourably.
  • Tamil Tigers reject talks offer - BBC
  • Tamil rebels reject proposal - CNN
    more ...
  • 90) 16:27 GMT, Jun. 4, 2002 |  + Can Sri Lanka’s new government be trusted?
    As every conflict resolution effort has proved, the greatest impediment to peace is the lack of trust between the protagonists. The involvement of the Norwegian government in Sri Lanka's imbroglio was a direct consequence of this truism. The resumption of Oslo's initiative soon after the ruling United National Front (UNF) came to power last December was quite deliberately marked by a series of conciliatory statements and goodwill gestures by both the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers. more ...
  • 91) 15:44 GMT, Jun. 4, 2002 |  + "LTTE too taking risks with peace" -TNA
    "There must be no assumption that it is only the government of Sri Lanka which is taking risks; it must be realized that even the LTTE is taking risks when it is engaged in the peace process," said Mr.Rajavarothiam Sampanthan, the leader of the Tamil National Alliance parliamentary group when moving an adjournment motion Tuesday in the Sri Lankan parliament. He appealed to the international Community on behalf of the Tamil National Alliance not to take any step that would prejudice the legitimate struggle of the Tamil people for equality of this country. more ...
  • 92) 15:42 GMT, Jun. 4, 2002 |  + Buddhist monk wants STF out of school
    The Ven. Miragalle Dharmalankara Thero, the principal of a Sinhala school in the Ampara district, said Tuesday he has complained to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) that the Special Task Force, an elite counter insurgency unit of the Sri Lankan security forces, should vacate his school. "The Sri Lanka army occupied my school in 1987. Then the STF moved in. I have been requesting all the government that came to power since 1987 to pull out the troops from the school. But nothing was done. This is why I am complaining to SLLM now. It is a great wrong perpetrated on the children of this school. If anyone says that the troops should remain in the school, then his head has to be examined," the priest said in a letter faxed to the press in Batticaloa Tuesday.
  • SLA bars IDPs returning by sea more ...
  • 93) 17:31 GMT, Jun. 4, 2002 |  + Sri Lankan Buddhist monks support Norway peace bid
    Sri Lanka's powerful Buddhist leadership has come out for the first time to "unequivocally" support Norway's attempts to broker peace as the government is set to lift a ban on Tamil Tiger guerrillas. Sri Lanka's Buddhist hierarchy came together to sign a joint statement pledging their support for the peace bid and seeking international support for the reconstruction and reconciliation efforts of the new government. more ...
  • 94) 13:27 GMT, Jun. 4, 2002 |  + Sri Lankan army backs peace
    Sri Lanka's army commander says the military fully supports the current peace process with Tamil Tiger rebels. Lieutenant General Lionel Balagalle said he expects the status quo to remain until a final political settlement, at which point issues such as rebel disarmament could be discussed. Asked about the army's failure to vacate public buildings on time in accordance with the cease-fire agreement, General Balagalle said they may not have stuck to the exact timings.

    Sri Lankan Army and History

  • SLA builds large camp in Jaffna
  • SLA threats stop war-dead remembrance
  • SLA refuses to vacate Hartley College
  • SLA holds Valaichchenai temples
  • Kalkuda residents seek return of church, temples and homes
  • 'Strategic’ camps to remain despite ceasefire terms - Army chief

  • more ...
  • 95) 12:48 GMT, Jun. 4, 2002 |  + 'Ranil's government is incapable of addressing and redressing the core issues behind the Tamil question'
    We have already clarified our position with regard to the Tamil right to selfdetermination. We hold the view that the Tamils have the right to both internal and external aspects of selfdetermination. The Tamils would examine a proposal for a fully autonomous Tamil homeland with a system of selfgovernment in realisation of their inalienable right to internal selfdetermination. But if Sri Lanka denies the right to internal selfdetermination and continues to subject the Tamils to genocidal oppression they will certainly attempt to realise it externally by struggling for secession, political independence and statehood. Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe's theory of one nation, one country and one people is the very negation of the core demands of the Tamils for a homeland, national identity and the right to selfdetermination. more ...
  • 96) 10:24 GMT, Jun. 4, 2002 |  + LTTE in a fix over interim govt offer
    Informed sources from the North East of the country say that the LTTE hierarchy has been holding informal meetings with a cross section of society from North Eastern areas about the feasibility of letting the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), consisting of a coalition of Tamil political parties, all who are at present in adherence with the LTTE, control the interim administration from 'outside', while the LTTE merely 'show the way'. more ...
  • 97) 10:20 GMT, Jun. 4, 2002 |  + Monitors, Tamil Rebels to Discuss Entry to Sri Lanka's Northern Islands
    The head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) supervising ceasefire between the government and separatist Tamil Tiger rebels, retired General Trond Furuhevede, will meet rebel leaders this week in the rebel- held town of Kilinochchi to discuss their demand of entering islands off Jaffna peninsula, SLMM officials said. The government has declared these islands off jaffna peninsula "military zones" and refused the entry by Tamil Tiger rebels. more ...
  • 98) 10:15 GMT, Jun. 4, 2002 |  + Parliament to debate TNA motion on cease-fire agreement
    The adjournment motion submitted to the Speaker by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is scheduled to be taken up for a three-hour debate in the parliament Tuesday morning. The motion urges the United National Front government to take immediate steps to fully implement the confidence building measures embodied in the cease-fire agrement signed by the government and the Liberation Tigers in order to ensure that the objective of the agreement of finding a negotiated solution to the ongoing ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka is fulfilled.
  • Islamic group threatens journalist more ...
  • 99) 20:30 GMT, Jun. 4, 2001 |  + Help free our fishermen, Jayalalitha tells Wickremesinghe
    The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Ms. Jayalalitha, today urged the Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lanka, Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, to take up with his Government the issue of ill- treatment of Indian fishermen taken into custody by the Sri Lankan Navy. During a meeting with Mr. Wickremesinghe at the secretariat, Ms. Jayalalitha impressed upon him the need to immediately set free the fishermen who had strayed into Sri Lankan waters by accident. Asked whether his party, the UNP, supported the revocation of the ban on the LTTE, he said the UNP would back any move that would help start negotiations between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government again. The UNP did not want to derail the process and would come out with its views only when the substantive issue was taken up for discussion. more ...
  • 100) 16:20 GMT, Jun. 4, 2001 |  + Rape and Murder of Sarathambaal - File closed!
    t comes as no surprise and everything is true to form to learn from newspaper reports that the Human Rights Commission which investigated the rape and murder of Sarathambaal Saravanabhavanantha Kurukkal has decided to close the file for lack of evidence. Likewise the CID too has thrown in the towel saying there are no suspects. Apparently to both the HRC and the CID it looks though Sarathambaal was never raped and murdered, but she simply committed suicide! Contrary to what the HRC and CID say, local residents claim that the naval ratings who raped Sarathambaal have all been transferred from the island to prevent identification, interrogation and arrest. This is a familiar and thinly disguised ploy unashamedly used by the top brasses of the armed forces to shelter perpetrators of crimes from the long arm of the law. more ...
  • 101) 14:35 GMT, Jun. 4, 2001 |  + Growing rift imperils Sri Lanka coalition
    A RIFT in Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition widened on Sunday over a pledge which a key Muslim ally said President Chandrika Kumaratunga had made ahead of a possible parliamentary confidence vote later this month. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), which holds the balance of power in the hung Parliament, said Kumaratunga had back-pedalled on a promise to create a separate administrative district for minority Muslims in the country’s east. ‘‘It was the President who said arrangements for the new district would be finalised by the end of May. That deadline has not been met,’’ said the SLMC’s R. Sinnalebbe, a lawmaker of Kumaratunga’s Peoples’ Alliance (PA). more ...
  • 102) 14:31 GMT, Jun. 4, 2001 |  + This Is My Moon
    Cesar Montano gives a prize-winning performance in the Filipino drama, "Reef Hunters" (5 p.m.). ... A French coming-of-age movie, "The Other Girls" (7:15 p.m.), focuses on a 15-year-old girl who takes a hairdressing course. ... Stephen Frears' latest film, "Liam" (9:30 p.m.), is a tragic coming-of-age tale set in 1930s Liverpool. Well-cast, handsomely produced but sometimes heavy-handed, it ends up using anti-Catholicism to condemn anti-Semitism. Broadway Performance Hall: Brazil's documentary about social injustice, "Chronically Unfeasible" (5 p.m.), made enough impact in South America to generate political debate. ... A film from Sri Lanka, "This Is My Moon" (7:15 p.m.), follows an army deserter who wreaks havoc when he returns to his village with a Tamil woman. ... A teenage Milan transvestite's autobiography inspired the German-Brazilian-Italian co-production, "Princesa" more ...
  • 103) 14:26 GMT, Jun. 4, 2001 |  + EPDP cashes in on demand for computer education
    . This is a town where almost everybody you meet has been displaced in the ethnic conflict at least once, and sometimes as many as 16 times. People are bent double under the uncertainties of not knowing when, if ever, the war will end. Every bit of construction bears the scars of the conflict. Some buildings have escaped with pockmarks, while others, like the library, are just shells. However, the TULF said it was wary of the political motive behind this and all other development activities that the EPDP was initiating as a partner in the Kumaratunga Government. ``He (Mr. Devananda) has been given unlimited resources to do whatever he wants. No one can ask any questions about how he spends the money. It's like the iron curtain. He will obviously use the funds to win over the people,'' said Mr. Anandasangaree. more ...
  • 104) 14:23 GMT, Jun. 4, 2001 |  + Wickremesinghe to support Sri Lankan Govt.
    Opposition leader in Sri Lankan Parliament and UNP President Ranil Wickremesinghe today said his party would support any efforts by the Sri Lankan Government to bring peace in strife-torn north and eastern provinces of the island republic. "UNP will support any talks between Sri Lankan Government and LTTE to solve the ethnic issue," he told reporters after meeting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha here. He said he had apprised Jayalalitha of his talks with the Prime Minister A B Vajpayee during the meeting. more ...
  • 105) 14:22 GMT, Jun. 4, 2001 |  + Sri Lanka puts off mass ordination of monks
    Sri Lankan authorities have put off a mass ordination of Buddhist monks amid a poor response to a call to take up saffron robes and protect the religion, officials said Monday. Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake had earlier taken out newspaper advertisements calling for 1,000 young men to enter priesthood to coincide with the arrival of Buddhism in the island about 2,500 years ago Tuesday. "We have 671 who have volunteered to become monks," a spokesman for the Prime Minister said. "We will have a ceremony tomorrow to hand them over to temples, but the ordination itself will take place later." more ...
  • 106) 14:21 GMT, Jun. 4, 2001 |  + Sri Lankan commandos kill 16 in raid on Tiger base
    Elite police commandos raided a major jungle base of separatist Tamil Tiger guerrillas in eastern Sri Lanka Monday, killing at least 16 rebels, official sources said. The Special Task Force (STF) commandos launched the attack in the jungles of Kanjikudichchiaru overnight in a search-and-destroy operation, the sources said. They said the bodies of 11 members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were recovered by troops while another five were also said to have perished in the morning gunfight. more ...
  • 107) 15:13 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Indian mission plays cupid for Lankan Tamil brides
    The vicious war being fought in Jaffna peninsula between the Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tiger rebels is changing life in Colombo. You can't switch on air conditioners, you can't have a party with lights. The government has placed the country on a "war-footing." But, for the island's minority Tamils, life had changed long before. more ...
  • 108) 15:01 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Lull before the storm
    It is stalemate in Jaffna, according to 'censored' Colombo. It is more than a month since the strategic Elephant Pass fell to the LTTE but the Tigers have failed to capture Jaffna. The army has been pushed further north, closer to Jaffna city, but the final assault from the Tigers has not yet come. They seem to be prowling around Chavakkacheri, 20 km east of Jaffna city. more ...
  • 109) 14:56 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Peace Ploy - Sri Lanka seeks a tactical ceasefire, not peace
    The battle for Jaffna ebbed this week, and apart from sporadic clashes between the Liberation Tigers and the Sri Lanka Army (SLA), the battlezones have been quiet. But it is clear, judging from reports emmanating from the northern peninsula that both sides are gearing up for a major engagement. more ...
  • 110) 14:55 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Tamil Nadu embraces Eelam
    Amongst a local media frenzy over developments in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu's people and leaders are exerting their increased influence in Delhi to support the Eelam Tamils and their freedom struggle, writes S Nadarajah. more ...
  • 111) 14:54 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Tigers prepare for new Jaffna offensive
    The Liberation Tigers are massing their units in the Jaffna peninsula for a new offensive thrust, amidst consolidation in newly captured areas, reports from the northern peninsula said. The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) meanwhile has rejected an LTTE call for surrender and is vowing to fight on till the last man. President Chandrika Kumaratunge vowed there will be no surrender and no retreat from Jaffna, the capture of which in 1996 was a personal triumph for the Sinhala leader. more ...
  • 112) 14:52 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Tamil Rebels Said Put On Defensive
    Sri Lanka's military on Sunday said it has put Tamil Tiger rebels on the defensive in the country's northern Jaffna Peninsula after killing at least 200 guerrillas and knocking out some of their heavy artillery. ``This explains the calm on part of the terrorists. They may be trying to regroup, but it looks like we have given them a good beating,'' Defense Ministry spokesman Brig. Palitha Fernando told reporters. more ...
  • 113) 14:46 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + SRI LANKA: THE BATTLE FOR JAFFNA
    The dramatic advance of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) into the Jaffna peninsula, the heart of the Tamil area, is a shattering blow for Sri Lanka's President Chandrika Kumaratunga and raises concerns of regional instability for India. The immediate danger is massive bloodshed, with upwards of 25,000 Sri Lankan troops still in Jaffna city and the risk of renewed ethnic violence in the rest of the country if they are killed in large numbers. more ...
  • 114) 11:54 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Indian Tamil leader suggests separation in S.Lanka
    The head of India's Tamil Nadu state has suggested that Sri Lanka separates along the lines of the Czech and Slovak Republics or grant more rights to minority Tamils to end ethnic strife. more ...
  • 115) 17:39 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + SRI LANKA: SUICIDE BOMBERS - Ultimate Sacrifice
    Faced with harassment and economic deprivation, young Tamils are ready to give up their lives . International bodies such as the United Nations children's organization Unicef have for years expressed concern at child conscription by both the Tigers and the Sri Lankan army. But LTTE sympathizers deny that force is involved. "It is a people's movement and struggle and that is why young men and women join in without coercion," says Vasundhara, an economics lecturer in the Eastern Province University. more ...
  • 116) 16:29 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Sri Lankan 'plan' for Tiger defeat
    Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga says the security forces have a clear operational plan to defeat Tamil separatist guerrillas in the northern Jaffna peninsula. more ...
  • 117) 16:28 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + India's ruling coalition partner suggests Sri Lanka's partition
    A powerful partner in India's coalition government Sunday called for the separation of Sri Lanka along the lines of the Czech and Slovak republics to end the island nation's bloody civil war. Muthuvel Karunanidhi, chief minister of southern Tamil Nadu state, whose DMK regional party is an influential partner in the Indian government, said Colombo should alternatively offer more rights to minority Tamils. more ...
  • 118) 15:57 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Proposed Tamil rally put off in birthday gift to Karunanidhi
    A rally planned by a Tamil Nadu political party here as a gesture of solidarity with the "Eelam Tamils" of Sri Lanka was cancelled Saturday just as it was shaping up to be an event of great controversy. The cancellation came as a birthday gift to Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi, who turned 77 today. more ...
  • 119) 15:53 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Empower Tamils or give Eelam
    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, striking a harder posture on the Sri Lanka Tamils issue last night, called upon the island Government to either grant more powers to its Tamils or establish a separate Eelam. more ...
  • 120) 15:49 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Norwegian killed in Sri Lanka
    Norway's ambassador to Sri Lanka believes the murder of a Norwegian in Negombo has nothing to do with the country's peace brokering role in Sri Lanka's civil war. The man was killed during a burglary. The victim died of strangulation after being bound and gagged by thieves who broke into his home. more ...
  • 121) 15:28 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Civilian casualties evacuated as Sri Lankan fighting eases
    First aid workers are taking advantage of a lull in the fighting to evacuate the worst casualties from the recent escalation in Sri Lanka's ethnic-based civil war. Nearly all are civilians who said they were seriously injured by government shelling when the military launched a series of strikes against the rebel Tamil Tigers, which ended Tuesday last week. more ...
  • 122) 15:26 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Israeli weapons to boost Sri Lanka anti-Tiger drive
    Sri Lanka is buying Israeli gun boats and air craft and introducing other modern weapon systems to boost its battle against ethnic Tamil rebels, press reports here said Sunday. more ...
  • 123) 15:21 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + Sri Lanka's tough laws condemned
    Sri Lanka's opposition politicians have criticised the government for assuming sweeping new powers after heavy losses inflicted on the army by the rebel Tamil Tigers. more ...
  • 124) 02:09 GMT, Jun. 4, 2000 |  + DMK chief's formula for solving Sri Lankan crisis
    In a dramatically major shift in the DMK's approach to resolve the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, the party president and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Mr. M.Karunanidhi, tonight said Sri Lanka should either agree for a `territorial separation' on the lines of the Czech and Slovakia republics or grant more rights to the Tamils to enable a ``permanent solution'' to the ethnic strife there. more ...
  • 125) 11:11 GMT, Jun. 04, 1999 |  + Torture in Custody - Report
    No details available. more ...
  • 126) 11:11 GMT, Jun. 04, 1999 |  + India: Pawar Weans away 45 Congress MLAs
    No details available. more ...
  • 127) 11:11 GMT, Jun. 04, 1998 |  + Heavy casualties in Kilinochchi
    No details available. more ...
  • 128) 11:11 GMT, Jun. 04, 1998 |  + Transport restriction in Vanni
    No details available. more ...
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