Human Chain Protest Against "State Terror"

Place: Puthukudiyiruppu | Courtesy: TamilCanadian
| Date: 19970704

A massive human chain demonstration condemning the "state terrorism" of the Government of Sri Lankan took place today across the Tamil town of Puthukudiyiruppu. The hungry, homeless, bedraggled Tamil people of the Vanni flocked together in huge numbers and held hands forming a chain that spanned several miles. They chanted slogans decrying a government which they accused of crippling them deliberately.

They shouted that all the actions taking place in Tamil areas - referring to indiscriminate bombing, food and medicine embargoes and denial of the right to education were all symbols of "state terror". The protest - organised by the Confederation of People's Committees began at 9am and went on till evening, when a public meeting took place addressed by the Union of NGOs, welfare groups for the displaced and Catholic and Hindu priests. A memorandum was later handed over to the organisation RED BARNA for the attention of the UN secretary general regarding the current desperation of the Tamil population of Vanni. Another document was handed to Mullaitivu officials for the attention of Sri Lanka's president. There are some half a million Tamils who have been presently homeless as a result of the Chandrika-government's successive military operations in the Tamil homeland.