Thousands attend May day rallies n Vanni

Place: Vanni | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19980501

Several thousands of Tamils today attended the international May day celebrations in LTTE-run areas of Akkarayan, Visvamadu, Puthukudiyiruppu and Mullaitivu (in Vanni).

At the rallies, petitions and memorandums were released to Government officials and NGOs denouncing the Sinhalese government for waging a war and restricting food and medicine to Tamils living in the region. People marched with floats depicting knife wielding Sinhalese soldiers killing Tamil civilians. Other floats carried models showing Sri Lankan war planes bombing Tamil homes with people in it. Yet other floats showed the various self-help schemes the people have undertaken in the region to survive the repression unleashed by the Sinhalese government.


A record number of Tamils attended the May day celebrations in LTTE-run Mannar areas. Several marchers carried placards condemning the Sinhalese government for waging a war on the Tamil people. People shouted slogans branding the Sri Lankan government as a racist government. Thousands of men and women of all ages, workers, employees and school students took part in two separate processions that stretched for miles. One from Pooneryn to Jeganthan colony for homeless. The other from Thatchana Maruthamadu Junction to the district's sports ground. The marchers affectionately carried portraits of the Tamil Eelam's national leader, V Prabahkaran, at the head of each procession. The highlight of the celebrations were the various sports events, especially the 25 mile-long marathon and a 60 mile-long cycle race.