500 Jaffna Tamil women stage sympolic fast

Place: Jaffna | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970922

The Women's Union of Jaffna - formed to trace the whereabouts of 750 Tamil civilians who disappeared after military arrest - have expressed grief and dismay that the Sri Lankan government does not intend carrying out legal proceedings against military offenders.

The women's union also points out that the government's so-called "human rights task force" never materialised, and neither are there any signs of the promised "human rights commission". Jaffna is therefore left without any means to check human rights violations committed by the government's Sinhalese security forces, which continue to be on the increase. When the women's union asked for a personal meeting with the Sinhalese president she point-blank refused. Meanwhile Jaffna's martial law administrator stepped up his threats against Tamil civilians, saying they would be "severely dealt with". In desperation, the women's union held a fast in the Nallur Kandasamy temple premises last Friday (19th September). Over 500 women participated in this symbolic gesture. Ironically, the venue was the same place LTTE martyr Lt. Col. Thileepan died when he fasted unto death exactly ten years ago against the atrocities committed by the IPKF against the Tamil people.