Periya Pullumumalai massacre: 23 killed, 21 disappeared

Place: Periya Pullumumalai | Courtesy: TIC
| Date: 19861111

At least 20 Tamil civilians were shot and killed and several houses and shops were set on fire when security forces went on a rampage on 11 November 1986 at Periya Pullumumalai, a village in the eastern Batticaloa district.

The security forces also took into custody three Tamil women whose dead bodies were subsequently discovered with gunshot injuries. They had been raped before being shot.

Twenty one others who were captured by the security forces went missing .

Following the violence, over 350 families fled the village and went to Batticaloa town.

The newspapers in Colombo subsequently reported that an inquiry into the incident was held by three Senior Army officers, headed by the Joint Chief of Staff; however, the outcome of this inquiry had not been published, although 35 witnesses reportedly testified.
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