SL Army steps up harrasment in Jaffna

Place: Jaffna | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19980531

The Sinhalese armed forces who occupied major parts of Jaffna peninsula in 1996, have recently stepped up harassment of Tamil civilian population under their control.

In Jaffna town army round-ups have been intensified with arbitrary arrests and intimidation of people. Cyclists are now ordered to dismount at every army-check point and threatened with questions as to why they came to the town and the duration of their stay. Elsewhere in Neervely, Atchuvely, and Kopay (Valigamam East), the Sinhalese armed forces have begun house to house checks and collecting information about families. The operation normally starts at 5 AM and goes on till late evening. Meanwhile, the Sinhalese navy has taken control of the Jaffna islands after the recent move of land-troops to Elephant pass. All boats with or without passengers found in the island waters are scrutinised by the navy with unprecedented intensity. Boat-passengers are forced to disembark in the naval bases of Karainagar, Nainativu and Kayts where they are kept waiting for hours. Long gruelling interrogation by naval personnel is the norm.