SL Government orders 38 NGOs out of Batticoloa

Place: Batticoloa | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970925

No less than 38 NGOs serving in army-controlled Tamil parts of Batticaloa district have been ordered by the Chandrika government to cease all humanitarian operations.

This immediately follows a government order banning NGOs from assisting people in LTTE administered areas of Batticaloa. The only two agencies now allowed to function in LTTE held parts are the ICRC and the French medical team, MSF. But even these have been strictly ordered not to undertake any activities other than health services. This winding up of NGO activities by Colombo signals a shift towards an even harsher policy against the Tamil civilian population. The measures have alarmed independent observers who are aware that the food distribution network and medical facilities for Batticaloa are already inadequate to cater to the needs of the displaced.