"Police made me drink my own blood" - Torture victim

Place: Vavuniya | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970510

A Tamil man presently in a Colombo jail is filing for wrongful arrest after undergoing excessive torture at various Sinhala police stations. He was arrested in November while staying at a Vavuniya hotel.

Local police beat him on the head with iron rods then kicked him in the face as he squirmed on the ground. He was then ordered to drink the blood that poured from his nose and mouth.

A month later Rajendran Mahendran - who is 33 - was transferred to Borella police station (Colombo) where the torture continued. Officers squeezed his testicles in an iron device and denied him treatment even as pus leaked from his ears. He was later taken to Colombo magistrates court where he was remanded for an indefinite period.

Mahendran is a father of three from Karainagar. He says not even the scant legal formalities relating to arrest and detention under the country's draconian emergency regulations was observed. Sri Lanka claims that Tamils are treated as equals in law.