Military operations affect 12,500 Tamil students

Place: Mullaitivu | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970824

Sri Lanka has stopped Tamil students in Mullaitivu from obtaining school uniforms, textbooks and exercise books, which are supplied free to schools in Sinhala areas.

Funds for purchasing school furniture or doing building repairs are also not provided to Tamil areas. In many parts, children are having to sit on the bare ground under trees to receive their education. Also, more than 75 school buildings have had to be converted into welfare centres for the displaced and the Sri Lankan military shells school buildings even while classes are in progress. Sri Lanka hopes that by such deprivation of essentials and terror-tactics, the morale of the Tamil people can be broken. This is the essence of Sri Lankaâs military strategy. But the governmentâs measures are rather consolidating and unifying the Tamil people as never before and convincing them further of the need for liberation. Under these circumstances, the determination among the ordinary people to evict the Sinhalese armed forces from Tamil lands is, without doubt, at its highest ever.