School books stopped at Vavuniya

Place: Vavuniya | Courtesy: TamilNet
| Date: 19970220

Military authorities in Vavuniya have confiscated all the school books that were destined for Tamil children in Kilinochchi.

The books are presently locked in army camps along with other restricted items, like writing paper and stationary. Kilinochchi's education authorities have been trying to negotiate with the military top brass for the release of the books but say they have hit a wall of arrogance and indifference. The Sinhala commander in charge told them sarcastically, "We are currently reading these books. They will be released only after our acquiring a degree of proficiency in them." All the books are in the Tamil-language. Incidents like this clearly demonstrate that the government's policy towards Tamils is not driven, as they claim, by benevolence.